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13 BRUTAL Truths Men Must Learn AND Accept by Age 30!

To live the best life possible, except some specific truths. Not facing reality or facts because it’s uncomfortable to hear or you don’t want to face it is not a way to live. I am going over brutal truths that every guy over 30 years old needs to accept and deal with.
13 BRUTAL Truths Men Must Learn AND Accept by Age 30!


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Nobody owes you anything. You need to go out and make life happen. If you’re waiting or expecting somebody to knock on your door, it will never happen. Don’t waste your life waiting. Being lazy will not allow you to realize your potential. Hard work beats talent.

Good looks don’t equate to being a good person. You need to be with somebody with character and integrity who is beautiful on the inside and outside. Our society has gotten messed up, allowing prettier, popular people to do horrible things.

Health is the most valuable asset. You need to protect your health and do everything that you can to protect it. You can’t drink in excess or smoke. Don’t do drugs. Exercise every day.

Time is your most valuable resource. You need to invest it wisely. How you invest your time daily will determine where you end up in life. Engaging in unproductive activities will not allow you to achieve things you should or could. Invest your time into self-improvement, work hard, make new friends, and progress to success.

Past failures don’t dictate your future successes. When you fail, you may be scared to try again. Or perhaps you grew up poor. In both cases, you will either (1) allow your circumstances to define your future or (b) choose to move forward despite the situation.

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Actions speak louder than words. It doesn’t matter what you say you’re going to do; it’s what you do.

There’s no such thing as perfect timing. Many guys are paralyzed with worry when they need to jump in and figure it out. If you’re somebody that’s planning and making sure that everything is perfect, you’re never going to do it. You’re always going to be perpetually fearful of taking action. Good enough is done. Failure is part of the success equation, so if you’re not failing, you’re not trying. And if you’re not trying, you’re not striving. It’s about better choices and direction each time you try, equating to a higher chance of success.

Money will not buy you happiness. I have been broke, and I can tell you that money will not fundamentally make you happy. Money can make solving problems less of a problem, but not make you feel happy or fulfilled.

Not everyone will like you. However, if everyone does like you, there’s a problem. If you’re somebody everybody loves, you probably haven’t been honest, or you are a people-pleaser. Understand that when speaking your mind and truth, you are being who you are, which may ruffle some feathers. As long as you’re true to yourself, you are a man of honor, integrity, and character. If you’re trying desperately to be liked or loved, you’ll sometimes lose yourself. People can also take advantage of you if you let them. Teach people how to treat you.

Loser friends make you a loser too. That’s how other people will perceive you because you’re the sum of your five closest friends.

You are going to die. Nobody has figured out a loophole, and you never know when it could come. Make sure you’re living your life that is true to you and how you want to live. If you died tomorrow, would you be happy with what you did? Do not wait for later because you never know if it will happen. Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

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