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5 Vaseline Hacks to Be MORE Attractive! (WORKS 100%)

Vaseline practices I’m covering today are designed to make you more attractive. Dermatologists recommend these practices, which can be used on your body and skin. That said, I will go over my top five favorite Vaseline hacks that are guaranteed to make you more attractive. They are game-changers!
5 Vaseline Hacks to Be MORE Attractive! (WORKS 100%)
Game-changing uses of Vaseline

Did you know that Vaseline can make men more attractive? Women have used Vaseline in their skincare and beauty regimens for years, but dudes have been slower to adopt these practices. Still, the good news is that Vaseline is safe, effective, and affordable. With some simple Google searches, you’ll see exponential ways to use Vaseline.

Kissably soft lips

You never want to have chapped lips. Apply a small dab of Vaseline on your lips before you go to bed. When you wake up, your lips will be smooth and sexy. I never have chapped lips because this practice is part of my nightly grooming routine. 

Ward off under-eye crow’s feet and wrinkly skin

Use Vaseline around your orbital socket nightly, applying a thin layer to lock in your eye cream or serum. Vaseline will help these products penetrate better and prevent the skin from getting dried out. Also, in the morning, your skin will feel and look fantastic. 

Stop facial acne

Research has demonstrated that after three nights of applying Vaseline over the top of acne-affected facial areas, a dramatic reduction of acne and breakouts was experienced. Vaseline molecules are too large to get soaked in or absorbed into the body or pores. Vaseline sits on top, reducing acne and ensuring facial moisturize. The thin layer will help reduce bumps and breakouts as well as blemishes. 

Smell better longer

Your fragrance will project more by dabbing a small amount of Vaseline over top of your pulse points where the fragrance was applied. Vaseline provides a protective barrier, so the scent sits on top of the Vaseline instead of getting soaked into the body. Your scent will last longer as well. Wear fragrance by your head (closer to people’s noses) rather than on your wrists. Check out Pete and Pedro’s compliment-grabbing fragrances. 

Fresh cuticles and nails

Take a small amount of Vaseline and rub it over your cuticles and nails to keep them shiny, hydrated, and sexy rather than cracked and crusty. Also, invest in a men’s manicure kit with all the essential tools to keep your nails looking fantastic.

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