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Air Fryer Whole Chicken Recipes

Air fried chicken is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional fried chicken. The air fryer cooks the chicken to crispy perfection, using hot air to cook the exterior while keeping the inside juicy and moist. It’s a quick and easy way to enjoy a comforting meal, without the added grease and fat of deep frying. Plus, the air fryer helps to reduce the amount of oil needed, making it a more sustainable cooking option. Overall, air fried chicken is a tasty and guilt-free way to indulge in a classic favorite.
Air Fryer Whole Chicken Recipes
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Air Fryer Whole Chicken

If you have an air fryer, you need to try this rotisserie-style Air Fryer Whole Chicken. It will change the way you roast your chicken! It is so easy, comes out perfectly moist, and takes next to no effort to make. There’s no need to break out the baster, simply add the whole chicken to the air fryer and let it work its magic!

Full Recipe here.

There’s nothing better than a roasted chicken, and this air fryer chicken checks all the boxes. It’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It’s so easy to roast a whole chicken in an air fryer that you’ll wish you’d been doing it earlier!

You Won't Believe The Most Amazing Air Fryer Whole Chicken Recipe (So Juicy and Delicious!)

Air Fryer Whole Chicken! You end up with crispy skin and savory, moist, and delicious chicken, every time.


Air Fryer Whole Chicken

Air fryer whole chicken! Once you learn how to cook a whole chicken in an air fryer, you may not go back to cooking it in the oven ever again. It is easy to make, quick and the chicken turns out with crispy skin, juicy and delicious meat!

Printable recipe HERE.

Air Fryer Whole Chicken

The best use of your air fryer is making this rotisserie style air fryer whole chicken. The meat is juicy and the skin is extra crispy…you are going to love how easy it is!

Printable recipe HERE

I made Air Fryer Whole Chicken for lunch

Today I am making a simple and easy whole chicken in the air fryer for lunch. This is gonna be good!

Air Fry Whole Chicken Recipe

Air Fryer Fried Chicken

Crispy, juicy, and finger-licking good, this Air Fryer Fried Chicken is full of flavor! Perfectly golden brown on the outside and moist on the inside, this air-fried chicken is healthier, easier, and less messy to make than deep-fried chicken!

Full Recipe HERE

This air fryer fried chicken recipe will satisfy all your fried chicken cravings. It’s super crispy on the outside and will make your mouth water! After trying this chicken recipe, you won’t want to go back! It’s perfectly seasoned, and the buttermilk ensures the chicken is beyond tender.

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