A bombastic figure on the far right who rose to prominence as a policy adviser and speech writer, Steven Bannon entered the White House determined to implement Trump’s campaign promises. “Bannon’s War” details how the former Breitbart News editor also engineered the sweeping executive order that restricted Muslims from entering the United States, and held such sway over the former president that Time magazine dubbed him “Manipulator in Chief.” He left the White House in August 2017 amid fallout from Trump’s remarks about the violence that erupted during protests in Charlottesville, Va. but continued to promote the president and his agenda.

I sometimes look at the long ribbons of texts I’ve gotten from Steve Bannon and wonder whether they couldn’t tell the whole story all on their own.

There are certainly enough of them. He says he has five phones, two encrypted, and he’s forever pecking away, issuing pronunciamentos with incontinent abandon—after midnight; during commercial breaks for his show, War Room; sometimes while the broadcast is still live.

Full Story: AMERICAN RASPUTIN | The Atlantic


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