Here are the Top 20 most current articles, videos, and interviews relating to Andrew Yang and his views on society and the economy. Andrew Yang is a philanthropist, business man, and entrepreneur. His economic policies are considered conservative and are in line with the famed conservative economist Milton Friedman as well as current day world famous economist, Harvard’s Gregory Mankiw.


Andrew Yang is a big fan of Sen. Kamala Harris as a candidate, but more importantly, as a person … and says they bonded early, when he was a political unknown.

The former presidential candidate joined us on “TMZ Live” Wednesday and heaped tons of praise on Joe Biden‘s running mate, telling us what separated Kamala from the pack. (8/12/2020)


The former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang told Business Insider that the US was past due to implement a four-day workweek to better accommodate American workers.

As health experts say that life as we know it may not return until next year, Yang told Business Insider in an interview that a four-day workweek could be more imperative than ever.

“It would help get us off of this hamster wheel that we’re on right now, where we’re all sort of racing against the clock in service of this like giant capital-efficiency machine,” Yang said. “And the race is driving us all crazy.”

“All of the key drivers that make your business a more successful business will improve as a consequence of this strategy,” Andrew Barnes, a cofounder of the nonprofit platform 4 Day Week Global, told Business Insider.

Two company founders agreed with Barnes’ assessment, saying that not only would a company reap the benefits of such a policy, but employees would have a better work-life balance. (8/10/2020)



In February, quixotic Democrat Andrew Yang dropped out of the presidential race after failing to stoke enough excitement for his Freedom Dividend, a form of universal basic income that would send $1,000 monthly checks to every American. Yang argued this payment was necessary to offset the coming displacement as automation and self-driving vehicles eviscerate common service and manufacturing jobs. (8/10/2020)


NYU professor Scott Galloway joins Andrew for a wide-ranging discussion on updating our antitrust framework to deal with Big Tech, making higher education more accessible, and the crisis with men in America. (8/6/2020)


Andrew Yang’s nonprofit, Humanity Forward, is joining with a group called The $1K Project to give $1,000 a month for three months to struggling families in the US.

Yang’s nonprofit pledged to match donations to the $1K Project up to $1 million.

“If people want to give to a struggling American family, they can do so in this way, and they’ll know exactly who’s receiving the donation,” Yang told Business Insider.

As a presidential candidate, Yang campaigned on a promise of a $1,000 “freedom dividend” for every US adult, a form of universal basic income. (8/3/2020)



If you can detach yourself for a minute from the tragedy of Covid-19, the massive toll in human lives from the disease and the economic devastation wrought by the initial response to the virus around the world, it has brought about some interesting phenomena. One of those is that some ideas that were seen as heretical by mainstream politicians and establishment figures just a few months ago are now being widely embraced. (7/27/2020)


From grocery stores and factories to meatpacking plants and food delivery, the pandemic is turbocharging the rise of robots and automation, Andrew Yang tells CNN Business. (7/27/2020)


Author and talk show host Karen Hunter hosts a crossover episode between Yang Speaks and the Karen Hunter Show. Karen and Andrew discuss how to fix the economy, the “myth of laziness,” police reform, the 2020 election, and reopening our schools during COVID. (7/16/2020)


In 2017, Andrew Yang was considered a long-shot presidential candidate, most well-known for founding Venture For America: a successful nonprofit that partners recent college graduates with jobs at startups in mid-sized cities. But by January 2020, Yang’s presidential bid had outlasted those of several members of the United States House of Representatives, a few governors and multiple U.S. Senators. (6/29/2020)


Yang Speaks is Andrew Yang’s new podcast where he discusses ideas on moving the country forward and shares conversations with leaders in tech, sports, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and politics. Find the latest episodes here on YouTube or on (6/22/2020)


Dutch historian, philosopher, and Utopia for Realists author Rutger Bregman joins Andrew to talk about the barriers to implementing Universal Basic Income and why Rutger thinks the US will be the first country to implement it. Rutger goes in-depth on a cynical view of human nature that pervades Western culture and why he sees us moving to a more hopeful view of who we can be. (6/18/2020)


Powerhouse entrepreneur Mark Cuban debates Universal Basic Income with Andrew; they also talk sports, building companies, and why Mark didn’t run for president. (6/11/2020)


Founder and CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey has created our present. Now, he talks with Yang about our future and breaks a massive announcement. (5/21/2020)


Yang goes off on how elites running our country don’t have “street smarts,” and how we should reopen our economy. Van Jones joins to talk about elitism in the US, how to fight for change when you’re part of the “establishment,” and who’s actually in charge in the White House. (5/17/2020)


In July 2018, an unknown entrepreneur named Andrew Yang joined Sam Harris’ podcast to talk about Universal Basic Income and his longshot run for president. Almost two years later, that entrepreneur returns the favor, now having inspired millions around the ideas needed to move our country forward. In round two of the podcast that started it all, Sam Harris joins Yang Speaks to discuss how far Andrew Yang’s movement has grown, the 2020 election, and how Coronavirus has accelerated the arrival of our future. (5/11/2020)


Andrew Yang sits down with Tucker Carlson to discuss the urgency of responding to the transformation of the 21st century economy as a result of automation. (3/1/2020)


Andrew Yang is an American entrepreneur, the founder of Venture for America, and a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. (2/19/2020)


Saagar Enjeti pays tribute to Andrew Yang’s candidacy. (2/12/2020)


The Fox news host praises Andrew Yang in other one of his policies to reduce corruption in Washington D.C. (2/9/2020)


“I’ve always been attracted by the NIT / UBI idea because of its simplicity. It really takes the government out of people’s lives. I can see it working. At least I think is worth thinking about.” (1/26/2020)

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