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9 Ways How to Grill Like An Argentinian

One of summer’s greatest pleasures is barbecue grilling.

To make the most of your barbecue season, we invite you to discover Argentinian grilling.

Argentina takes beef seriously and they have mastered the art of grilling.

After three months in Argentina on our quest for authentic food, we shared and enjoyed many asados or Argentinian barbecues.

We also dined at several parrillas known as steakhouses where Argentine grilling is front and center.

By observing how Argentinians grill, we learned about the various Argentine grilling techniques and what make them so unique.

To further ground ourselves in the Argentinian grilling culture, we had the pleasure of meeting Francis Mallmann, Argentine celebrity chef.

According to Mallmann, grilling in Argentina isn’t just about the food, it is a ritual and ceremony.

To make your summer grilling remarkable, here are 9 ways to grill like an Argentinian.

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Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce

American Chili Powder | Ground Black Pepper | Kosher Salt | Ketchup | Yellow Mustard | Cider Vinegar | Worcestershire Sauce | Lemon Juice | Steak Sauce | Dark Molasses | Honey | Hot Sauce | Brown Sugar | Vegetable Oil | Onion | Garlic

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Etienne Jr., T. – Jax (RB)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Travis Etienne, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars (6/23) Advice: The Jaguars selected Travis Etienne 25th overall in the NFL Draft, and, while he should be a very good Fantasy player in the long run, this might not have been the best landing spot for his immediate value. Etienne figures to play plenty but will split time with James Robinson and is probably more of a fourth- or fifth-round pick in re-draft leagues. Obviously, there is huge upside here, because Etienne is a big-time playmaker in all facets of the game, averaging 7.2 yards per carry and 11.3 per reception over his four years at Clemson. The good news is that he’ll be lining up next to his college QB, Trevor Lawrence, and that combination could be especially fruitful in the passing game, which is likely where Etienne will have to make his primary impact, at least at first. Robinson figures to see most of the early-down work, with Etienne handling a lot of the third downs (and occasionally splitting out wide or lining up alongside Robinson in two-RB sets), and he can be a viable Fantasy starter in that role, maybe as a better Nyheim Hines. Etienne will cost a lot more than Hines on Draft Day — and in Dynasty leagues, he’s probably a top-five pick in most formats — because his upside is so much higher. Maybe it’s a situation where he starts out slow but eventually becomes the No. 1 RB for Jacksonville — and a league-winner for your squad. (
ADP: 2.01 — 15.12
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Born: January 26, 1999, Jennings, LA

Gallup, M. – Dal (WR)

Michael Gallup Fantasy Football Outlook (2021) (7/7) Advice: Gallup seems to be the consensus player on the outside looking in on this Dallas offense, but we shouldn’t completely write him off just yet. Through the first five weeks of the season when Dak was healthy, Gallup was the WR29 in all of fantasy football. This is while Cooper and Lamb were both top-15 options too. Gallup will be a bit boom-or-bust week in and week out, but he has the potential to be a matchup winner with his big performances. Based on last season’s ups-and-downs, Gallup’s going to have a depressed ADP that’s perfect for the type of role he can fill for your fantasy roster. As a FLEX option, you can plug him into your lineup and live with the boom-or-bust performances and it’s not going to significantly hurt your roster. Invest in this high-powered offense in Dallas if you can and Gallup’s price tag is a perfect way to do just that. (
ADP: 7.01 — 12.01
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Born: March 4, 1996, Atlanta, GA

QAnon: Are conspiracy theories becoming a deadly threat?

QAnon adherents distrust to the state and its elites. Some believers in the QAnon deep state conspiracy even call for violence. How real is the threat? Our guests: Theresa Locker (Vice), Felix Huesmann (freelance journalist), Jochen Roose (sociologist)

Edmonds, C. – Ari (RB)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Chase Edmonds, RB, Arizona Cardinals (6/23) Advice: It appears Chase Edmonds will finally get his chance to be the lead running back for the Cardinals. The team only added James Conner as serious playing-time competition for Edmonds, but unless Conner plays like Superman, Edmonds should get a chance at the most work he’s ever had. Not only should that include plenty of passing situations (he averaged 3.3 receptions per game last year), but a healthy dose of the early-downs work as well. That could total close to 15 touches per week — more in games Conner misses due to injury. The main risk is whether or not Edmonds can handle it since he has four career starts and nine career games with 10-plus touches (six in 2020). The other issue is a lack of experience in goal-line carries — Edmonds literally has one career carry inside the 5-yard line (three catches, all for touchdowns). That combined with guys like Conner and Kyler Murray taking those touches from him will make touchdowns tougher to come by. At least his schedule outside of the NFC West isn’t that much of a deterrent. This all means Edmonds has a great shot at well over 1,000 total yards (he had 850 total in 2020), but not many scores. Running backs with that kind of outlook are usually reserved for Round 5 or 6. (
ADP: 4.02 — 7.10
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Born: April 13, 1996, Harrisburg, PA

Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Beef Hot Dogs | Poppyseed Bun | Mustard | Relish | Onion | Tomato | Pickle | Peppers | Celery Salt

Best Scotch

10 Smoky Scotches For The Scotch Connoisseur

In 1494, the King of Scotland ordered Friar John Cor to make aqua vitae, the water of life. And the most delicious distilled spirit ever created was born. Here’s today’s best scotches — and they deserve a spot on your shelf.

Trey Lance Highlights

North Dakota State QB Trey Lance
Sophomore 6’4 226 lbs

Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert & Jordan Love were all drafted in the 1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft. This year’s draft might have an even better quarterback class. Trevor Lawrence is viewed as the top overall player while Zach Wilson & Justin Fields are right behind him. NDSU QB Trey Lance will be joining them in the 1st round, especially after a great Pro Day performance. As a redshirt Freshman, Lance had one of the most impressive seasons in the history of college football. Not even 1st overall pick Joe Burrow did what he did. Lance threw for 2,786 yards & 28 TDs with ZERO interceptions while also running for 1,100 yards & 14 TDs. Lance’s ceiling is incredibly high. Some say he could be the best QB prospect since Patrick Mahomes.

Arizona ER Doctor Visibly Stunned By Video Of Trump Rally: ‘Dangerous And Stupid’

An emergency room doctor described the behavior of the people who attended a crowded, indoor rally for former President Donald Trump as extremely dangerous and stupid amid soaring COVID-19 case rates in the area.
“If you make a dumb decision about your own health, on one level you could say, ‘Well, it’s your life,’” said Dr. Murtaza Akhter, who works on the COVID-19 frontline with Valleywise Health in Phoenix. “But when it’s infectious disease that’s this contagious and affects so many people, you’re not just affecting yourself, you’re affecting everybody around you.”

Meet Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization CFO prosecutors are reportedly trying to flip

During the past several years of criminal investigations, Congressional inquiries, and political battles over Donald Trump’s taxes and business dealings, the one man most intimately familiar with them has remained out of the spotlight.

The mustachioed, press-shy Allen Weisselberg has served as the Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer for decades, as well as Trump’s personal bookkeeper. Now, he’s reportedly the subject of a wide-ranging inquiry from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Prosecutors are looking into “flipping” Weisselberg into cooperating with an investigation into Trump’s finances, according to the Washington Post. Weisselberg, 73, has loyally served the Trump family since the 1970s and is the only person not a member of Trump’s family to oversee his trust while he was president. Prosecutors are reportedly zeroing in on Weisselberg’s two sons, both of whom also have close ties to the company.

Sea Breeze Homes 2 homes, Views of Beautiful Bay, AC

The property is excellent in all ways. The Pham sisters are great hosts and can’t do enough for those staying here. Everything about this property was exactly as we had invisioned. Hats off to everyone responsible for this property.

Hawaiian Island Cafe

I just moved to the island about a month ago. After quarantine was over and I got my car, I was able to take my first drive around the island. I came across this place when I was looking for a spot out of the blue. I am so happy I did! Even though I live on the other side of the island, I will be back! I have also recommended this place to anyone who asks for a good place to eat.

Johnson, D. – Pit (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers (6/23) Advice: Diontae Johnson is Ben Roethlisberger’s favorite target, which gives him WR1 upside in full PPR and makes him worth a borderline fourth-round pick. In non-PPR Johnson is more of a No. 3 WR because so far he hasn’t done much with all those targets. Johnson’s 923 receiving-yards total was the lowest for a wide receiver with at least 140 targets since Allen Robinson in 2016. If the efficiency improves, Johnson leaps into the top 12 receivers pretty easily, but for now Johnson’s value is closely tied to his reception total. (
ADP: 2.12 — 6.12
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Born: July 5, 1996, Ruskin, FL

The DOJ Won’t Defend Rep. Mo Brooks In Court Against Claims He Incited The Jan. 6 Riot

The Justice Department rejected a request by Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks for legal protection in court against a lawsuit linking him to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Brooks, former President Donald Trump and others were sued by Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., earlier this year. Swalwell alleges that Brooks and others named in the lawsuit helped incite a mob of Trump supporters on Jan. 6 during a pro-Trump rally.

The group later charged the U.S. Capitol building. Five people died that day.

Capitol Rioter Threatened to Shoot His Kids If They Snitched: Feds

Feds have previously unsealed criminal charges against dozens of people accused of storming the Capitol in a pro-Trump riot on January 6. Newly named among them are Nicolas Moncada, who was arrested by the FBI’s New York office, and Guy Reffitt, a Texan. Reffitt was allegedly a member of the militia group “Texas Freedom Force,” and threatened to shoot his children if they became “traitors” who turned him in.

Giuliani’s Obstruction Distortions

In an interview about the Mueller report, Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, distorted the facts in repeatedly making the case that there was “no obstruction” by Trump.

Jaylen Waddle Highlights

Alabama WR Jaylen Waddle
Junior 5’10 182 lbs

Alabama had two receivers drafted in the 1st round last year & it looks like they’ll have two more this year. Henry Ruggs & Jerry Jeudy were 1st round picks in 2020 while Heisman winner DeVonta Smith & Jaylen Waddle are projected to be 2021 1st rounders.

Alabama WR Jaylen Waddle battled through injuries last season & it’ll be interesting to see how he bounces back because speed is his best asset. It’s not his only one, but it’s his most important one. He’s one of the fastest players in all of college football. He draws comparisons to Chiefs star WR Tyreek Hill & Desean Jackson. His game changing speed will definitely be valuable in the eyes of NFL scouts.

Smith Jr., I. – Min (TE)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Irv Smith, TE, Minnesota Vikings (6/23) Advice: Irv Smith will be one of the favorite breakout candidates in the Fantasy Football industry this season. The 22-year-old will no longer share targets with Kyle Rudolph, which makes him draftable as early as Round 9 as a borderline top-10 tight end. While Smith took a small step forward in 2020, he could take a leap with consistent targets. Six times in his short career he’s received at least five targets in a game. In those games he averaged 11.6 PPR Fantasy points, which would have made him the No. 5 tight end in Fantasy last year. Don’t draft him that high, but he’s an excellent choice if you miss out on the top eight at the position. (


Find the perfect dessert recipe to impress any guest.

Allen, J. – Buf (QB)

NFL players who don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine will be required to stay in town during their team’s bye week and be tested for the virus every day. (5/31) Advice: NBC Sports’ Peter King reported on an unspecified team that had 65 of its 90 players vaccinated against COVID. That team would need another dozen players to get the jab before they can return to pre-COVID meeting and practice schedules. NFL teams with vaccination rates below 85 percent will have to keep running practices and meetings like they did in 2020. The Bills have become the most prominent vaccine-skeptical team, as Josh Allen and Cole Beasley have said they need to do more “research” before they sign up for the vaccine. Teams that can revert to pre-COVID practices will have distinct advantages over those who can’t. ( via
ADP: 1.05 — 5.03
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Born: May 21, 1996, Firebaugh, CA

Brevin Jordan Highlights

Miami TE Brevin Jordan
6’3 245 lbs

Coming out of Bishop Gorman, Miami TE Brevin Jordan was one of the highest rated players at his position & so far he’s lived up to the hype. He may not score many touchdowns, but he was a top target whenever a play was needed. The Hurricanes have not had consistent QB play during his first 2 seasons, which has played a role as to why his stats aren’t as impressive as one would think when watching him play. Now that D’Eriq King has transferred to The U, Jordan & the rest of the Miami offense are expected to take a big step forward next season.

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