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jimmy kimmel monologue

Expulsion Looms for George Santos, McCarthy Says “F**k You” to Trump & The Golden Bachelor Finale

Tonight was the season finale of “The Golden Bachelor” on ABC, the House is expected to vote tomorrow on whether or not to expel George Santos, a new Donald Trump movie is in the works called The Apprentice and he will be played by Sebastian Stan, according to the Washington Post former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy lashed out at Trump to complain about his lack of support, and Jimmy and Guillermo slip on their tights to help Santa figure out which kids this year have been naughty and which have been nice.

jimmy kimmel Eddie murphy

Eddie Murphy on Iconic Celebrity Filled Photo, $100,000 Bet with Richard Pryor & New Christmas Movie

Eddie talks about his love of reality shows, realizing his age while filming Beverly Hills Cop 4, an amazing photograph he took with a bunch of legendary stars in 1990 at a tribute to Sammy Davis Jr., meeting Frank Sinatra, having dinner with Lola Falana, the rumor that Stevie Wonder isn’t actually blind, his new movie Candy Cane Lane, his favorite holiday movies, the gifts he gets from his kids, his $100,000 bet with Richard Pryor, and daring Dick Cavett to do crazy things in the 80s.

jimmy kimmel monologue | the smoking chair

Kimmel: Republicans DESPERATE to Smear Biden, Pence’s Comma Controversy & Kiss or Mariah Carey!?

Today is the day known as Giving Tuesday, the U.S. Forest Service has an idea for how to save money this holiday season, 40 members of Congress have announced plans to retire at the end of their terms, Hunter Biden may be headed to testify in front of the House Oversight Committee, Fox News is so desperate to smear Joe Biden they are literally grasping at straws, Mike Pence is getting caught up in a controversy about a comma, and we positioned ourselves right in front of the world famous Hollywood Bowl for a new game we like to call “The Poll at the Bowl” where we guess whether fans are there to see Mariah Carey or Kiss.

missing and murdered indigenous women and girls | The Smoking Chair


A shocking Thanksgiving special. Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Eli Ankou fights for the cause of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in North America.

Trump Yells About Golden Showers, Biden Turns 81 & Kelce Brothers Face Off on Monday Night Football | Jimmy Kimmel Live Monologue | The Smoking Chair

Kimmel: Trump Yells About Golden Showers, Biden Turns 81 & Kelce Brothers Face Off on Monday Night Football

The Kansas City Chiefs & the Philadelphia Eagles go head to head on Monday Night Football and the Kelce Brothers face off, President Joe Biden pardoned two turkeys in honor of Thanksgiving, we play a game in honor of his 81st birthday, the MAGA troops rallied in Iowa to see their Orange Jesus in the flesh, and Guillermo goes full-on Formula one at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

jimmy kimmel monologue Fight Almost Breaks Out in the Senate

Kimmel: Fight Almost Breaks Out in the Senate, a MAGA White House Doozy & Mike Pence’s New Book

Next week is set to be the busiest Thanksgiving travel week ever, Republicans are literally fighting each other, former MMA fighter Markwayne Millin got into it with the President of the Teamsters union and Bernie Sanders had to step in the middle of it, 63% of Gen-Z-ers say they have a best friend at work, former VP Mike Pence has a new book, we are getting more information about what another MAGA White House might look like, there are new details about Melania Trump’s life in the White House, Chuck E Cheese is getting rid of the creepy animal robots that come to life and play music, and we play a round of a new game called Gimme Five!

jimmy kimmel monologue | MAGA's Scariest Creatures Rally for Trump & Drag Queen Trixie Mattel Reads Ted Cruz’s Book to Kids

Kimmel: MAGA’s Scariest Creatures Rally for Trump & Drag Queen Trixie Mattel Reads Ted Cruz’s Book to Kids

The SAG-AFTRA strike has come to an end after 118 days, “The Golden Bachelor” had their Women Tell All special and there were some serious gas issues, Republican Presidential candidates took the stage for a debate in Miami and Vivek Ramaswamy took aim at Nikki Haley and her daughter, Ron DeSantis is trying his hardest to come off as somewhat human, Trump held his own event about 30 minutes down the road and all the scariest creatures from Trumpland were on the bill, he shared and deleted shirtless photos of the judge presiding over his fraud trial in New York, and we help Ted Cruz sell some books with an assist from Trixie Mattel of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

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