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Recipes and professional tips for perfecting savory air-fried concoctions.

Super Bowl food Pizza Pot Pies With 4 Fun Fillings

You HAVE To Try This New Type Of Pizza: Pizza Pot Pies With 4 Fun Fillings

Everyone has their personal pizza preferences – deep dish, stuffed crust, thin crust, thick crust, the list goes on and on! But have you ever heard of pizza pot pie before? This fun, easy way to make pizza is super popular in and around Chicago, and we can see why! Pizza pot pie is a style of pizza that gets made upside down in a crispy, golden crust that’s baked in the shape of a bowl. Fill up a mixing bowl with plenty of cheese and your favorite toppings, seal the bowl with the pizza dough, and bake everything in the oven for an ingenious new take on pizza. Move over, deep dish – pizza pot pie is Chicago’s real claim to fame!

air fry frozen steak

Is it a Good Idea to Air Fry Steak from Frozen?

Indulge in the convenience of air-fried frozen steaks with our ultimate guide! Discover step-by-step instructions for achieving a perfect sear and juicy tenderness in minutes. Say goodbye to lengthy thawing and hello to a delicious, hassle-free dining experience. Your quick and easy path to a mouthwatering steak awaits!

air-fryer recipes

Exploring the Culinary Wonders of Air Frying: A Flavorful Journey

Discover the culinary wonders of air frying with our comprehensive guide! Explore the health benefits, time efficiency, and incredible versatility of this innovative cooking method. Plus, get inspired with a list of 52 delicious air-fried dishes, ranging from classic favorites to creative delights. Revolutionize your kitchen experience and indulge in flavorful, crispy goodness with every bite.