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Eggplant Tacos

Eggplant | Olive Oil | Onion | Lemons | Garlic | Jalapeño | Cumin | Paprika | Chili Powder | Black Pepper | Seasoned Salt

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Smoking Chair Girls

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Uber & Air Bnb

Sebastian Maniscalco on how interesting and weird the experience is in Ubers and Air BnBs.

Five takeaways from gripping officer testimony at the first January 6 hearing

The House select committee investigating the January 6 attack at the Capitol held its first hearing on Tuesday with harrowing testimony from four officers who shared their stories of being attacked by the rioters.

The three-hour hearing was the opening act for the committee that’s preparing to investigate all of the circumstances surrounding the January 6 insurrection, including the role played by former President Donald Trump. But the first hearing was focused squarely on the violence officers faced at the hands of a mob of Trump supporters.
Here are five takeaways from the committee’s first hearing:

Fields, J. – Chi (QB)

Could Justin Fields be the second-best (or even THE best) QB in the 2021 draft class? (5/11) Advice: Fields could be a starting-caliber Fantasy option as soon as he is the starter. Think of guys like Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, or Jalen Hurts in recent years doing so. Fields wasn’t as prolific a rusher as those guys in college, but he’s got all the physical tools to be a plus rusher. If Fields was going to start from Week 1, I would probably rank him as a top-12 QB for Fantasy. (
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The Best Restaurants In Las Vegas, 2021

Ready for the ultimate escape for a few days of pure fun in America’s Sin City? No matter where you live Las Vegas is just a flight away. And fortunately, they offer many of the world’s best dining options. Here are some of our favorites.

Donald Trump won’t let his election fight go. Democrats shouldn’t let him

Over the weekend, Donald Trump held a huge indoor rally in Arizona, called “Rally to Protect Our Elections,” which in all likelihood will end up being a super-spreader event since so many of his followers are anti-vaccine and anti-mask. They showed up in great numbers, dressed in their flamboyant MAGA gear, excited and thrilled to be in the presence of their leader.

Lindsey Graham points to GOP’s reality under Trump: It’s a hostage situation

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham’s relationship with former president Donald Trump has contained multitudes. He was arguably Trump’s biggest critic on the 2016 debate stage, saying that nominating Trump would deservedly destroy the party, but he later became one of Trump’s biggest Senate allies. All the while, he seemed to want to make clear that this was a marriage of convenience rather than true conviction — the price to pay for getting things done.
On Sunday, though, Graham (R-S.C.) described the relationship between Trump and the GOP in starker terms: as something akin to a hostage situation.

Hawaiian Island Cafe

I just moved to the island about a month ago. After quarantine was over and I got my car, I was able to take my first drive around the island. I came across this place when I was looking for a spot out of the blue. I am so happy I did! Even though I live on the other side of the island, I will be back! I have also recommended this place to anyone who asks for a good place to eat.

Barkley, S. – NYG (RB)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants (6/23) Advice: Saquon Barkley is expected to be fine coming off last year’s torn ACL, and he should be ready for training camp. If he’s healthy as expected then Barkley should once again be considered a first-round draft pick in all Fantasy leagues, and he will likely be selected in the first five overall picks. Last year was a disaster for Barkley, who appeared in just two games and suffered a torn ACL in Week 2. However, he should return in time for training camp, and he still has the potential to be the No. 1 RB in all Fantasy leagues in 2021. Remember, prior to 2020 Barkley scored at least 20 PPR points in 16 of his first 29 games and failed to score at least 13 PPR points just five times over that span. He should remain the focal point of the Giants offense, and hopefully he’s healthy for all 17 games this year. (
ADP: 1.01 — 1.08
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Born: February 9, 1997, Bronx, New York, NY

What Mike Fanone Can’t Forget

Mike Fanone—wiry, bearded, his arms and neck covered in tattoos—nursed a Modelo at the bar and took it all in again. It had been four months since the day Fanone nearly died defending the Capitol—the day a self-described redneck cop who voted for Donald Trump was beaten unconscious by a mob waving Thin Blue Line flags and chanting “U.S.A.” The day Fanone, a narcotics officer with the D.C. metropolitan police department (MPD) who’d planned to spend his evening shift buying heroin undercover, voluntarily rushed to defend the seat of American democracy and wound up in hand-to-hand combat with a horde hellbent on unstealing the election. The day Fanone was dragged down the Capitol’s marble stairs, beaten with pipes and poles, tear-gassed and stun-gunned. The day he pleaded for his life as they threatened to shoot him with his own gun, telling the rioters he had kids, until they relented and spared him.

The Full Story of Trump and COVID-19 | NowThis

THE FULL STORY OF TRUMP & COVID: More than 7 million Americans have suffered from COVID-19, including Pres. Trump. Emmy winner Jeffrey Wright narrates the documentary detailing how four years of Trump’s actions brought America to this moment (warning: distressing images).

Sex and Cannabis | Ask a Scientist Ep. 2

When combining sex and cannabis, picking the right strain is important. If the effects are too heady, it might be difficult to enjoy the moment. Too sedating, and it might be hard to stay awake.

Crowder, J. – NYJ (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Jamison Crowder, WR, New York Jets (6/23) Advice: At the time of publication, Jamison Crowder remains with the Jets, but there’s a chance he could be released or traded prior to training camp because his cap charge is a team-high $11.4 million, including a non-guaranteed $10 million base salary. The Jets also drafted his potential replacement in rookie receiver Elijah Moore, as well as adding Corey Davis and Keelan Cole this offseason. Now, if Crowder remains in New York, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him still be the Jets’ top slot receiver — and top receiver overall, like he was in 2020 despite appearing in just 12 games. He scored at least 11 PPR points in seven of those outings, and he’s a better Fantasy option in PPR. We’ll see how Crowder does with new quarterback Zach Wilson, but Crowder should be worth drafting with a mid-round pick in PPR and a late-round selection in non-PPR leagues. And even if Crowder changes teams, his Fantasy value will likely be the same given his ability to be one of the top slot receivers in the NFL over the past two seasons. (
ADP: 7.01 — 11.10
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Born: June 17, 1993, Monroe, NC

Kahuku Farms

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this farm!! This place has been on my list for years. I finally convinced my friend who’s never gone, to travel with me all the way to Kahuku. It was a 45 minute drive from where we lived. We would make the day out of it with scenic stops and pictures. Not much to do due to Covid, but we were able to stop at China mans hat and Laie Point. It was nice to enjoy nature’s beauty without the influx of tourists.

Cole Sr., K. – NYJ (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Keelan Cole, WR, New York Jets (6/23) Advice: There was a stretch in 2020 when Cole looked like the Jaguars’ No. 1 receiver, and it’s not out of the question he could be that for the Jets in 2021. But it’s pretty unlikely, given the presence of Denzel Mims, Corey Davis and Jamison Crowder. Cole will likely be just a role player for the Jets, and is not worth targeting outside of deeper PPR formats. (

McCarthy starts hedging on Trump’s culpability for Jan. 6 attack

For months, Republicans and their allies have struggled to find someone politically satisfying to blame for the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. For a brief period, many in the GOP liked the idea of blaming Antifa, which didn’t make any sense. Some conservatives also tried blaming the FBI, which also didn’t work.

Much of the party has become heavily invested in blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), though the claims struggled under scrutiny. Yesterday, the blame game was extended to those who protested Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation in 2018, though I’ll confess to being somewhat baffled by the argument.

Of course, Republicans could hold Donald Trump and his most rabid followers responsible for their own actions, though it’s obviously a sensible step most of the party will not take.

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