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Partisan For The People

Welcome to ‘Partisan For The People,’ an authoritative category within ‘Business.’ Here, we offer an in-depth exploration of matters concerning the economy and the policies that influence it. Our editorial content delves into topics of critical importance, including inflation, universal basic income, 4-day workweeks, healthcare, poverty, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Stay informed and empowered as we unravel the complexities of economic policies that shape our world. From dissecting the impacts of inflation to envisioning innovative solutions like universal basic income, we provide expert insights into pressing economic matters.

Whether you’re a business professional, an advocate for economic justice, or simply curious about the forces driving our economy, ‘Partisan For The People’ is your trusted source. Join us on this journey to understand, analyze, and engage with the policies that affect our financial well-being and the prosperity of society.

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Appeal to Belief Fallacy

Unraveling the Appeal to Belief Fallacy: Navigating the Perils of Popular Opinion

Dive into the intricacies of the Appeal to Belief fallacy, where the allure of popular opinion can cloud rational judgment. Explore real-world examples and understand the implications of prioritizing consensus over evidence. Uncover the importance of critical thinking in navigating the complexities of belief systems and fostering intellectual integrity.

income inequality universal basic income

Universal Basic Income: A Panacea for Addressing Income Inequality

Explore the transformative potential of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in tackling income inequality. Learn how UBI’s inclusive approach can level the economic playing field, alleviate poverty, stimulate growth, encourage innovation, and enhance overall social well-being for a more equitable society.

what is universal basic income?

What is Universal Basic Income? A Small Government Solution for Poverty Elimination

Explore the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI), a small government solution designed to eliminate poverty without wealth redistribution. This welfare alternative relies on a VAT on GDP, ensuring a direct link between economic productivity and the cash payments provided to citizens. Discover how UBI fosters individual initiative, rewards entrepreneurship, and simplifies the welfare system, offering a unique approach to address societal problems while minimizing bureaucracy and cronyism capitalism.

what is universal basic income

Unlocking Economic Potential: The Case for Universal Basic Income in America

Unlock the potential of Universal Basic Income (UBI) with this comprehensive exploration of 52 reasons why America should embrace this transformative economic model. From poverty reduction to environmental responsibility, discover the multifaceted benefits that UBI offers for individuals, communities, and the nation as a whole. Delve into the alphabetically organized list to gain insights into how UBI can address the challenges of the modern economic landscape and foster a more inclusive and resilient future for America.

The Economic Stimulus Potential of Universal Basic Income

PFTP: The Economic Stimulus Potential of Universal Basic Income

Explore the economic stimulus potential of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in this article. Discover how UBI can boost consumer spending, support small businesses, reduce poverty, and streamline government assistance, fostering a more inclusive and economically vibrant future.

The Economic Impact of UBI vs. Traditional Welfare Programs

PFTP: The Economic Impact of UBI vs. Traditional Welfare Programs

Explore the economic impact of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and traditional welfare programs in this comprehensive article. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each approach in addressing income inequality, work incentives, and administrative efficiency.

nomad definition

Universal Basic Income: A Path to Stability for Nomads of the 21st Century

Explore how Universal Basic Income (UBI) can offer stability and dignity to those facing economic hardship, as highlighted in ‘Nomadland‘ by Jessica Bruder. Discover how UBI addresses the challenges of economic instability and job insecurity, providing a path to a more secure and equitable future.

how to vote

Partisan For The People

Explore ‘Partisan For The People’ series – a deep dive into policies that pave the way for a stronger economy and a more prosperous society. From job creation to healthcare reform, discover a roadmap to a better future in this comprehensive article series.

daily fact-check

Unveiling the Truth: Your Daily Guide to Fact-Checking Current Events

Stay Informed and Accurate with Daily Fact-Checking Articles 📰🔍 | Get the truth behind the headlines. Explore our daily fact-checking articles to separate fact from fiction in the world of current events. Stay well-informed and make informed decisions. #FactChecking #CurrentEvents #NewsAccuracy

what is a fallacy

50 Days of Fallacy

Explore the World of Logical Fallacies: Uncover the 50 Most Common Errors in Reasoning in this Comprehensive Collection of Articles. Don’t be Fooled – Sharpen Your Critical Thinking Skills Today!

Universal Basic Income vs Welfare Comparative Analysis

Universal Basic Income vs. Welfare: A Comparative Analysis

Explore the comparative analysis of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and traditional welfare programs in the context of economic security, administrative efficiency, work incentives, poverty reduction, and stigmatization. Discover the advantages and drawbacks of each approach to inform the debate on social safety nets.

Big Oil's Unchecked Power in Gas Prices

The Gas Price Game: Big Oil’s Unchecked Power

Explore the hidden power of Big Oil companies in controlling gas prices, affecting consumers’ wallets and the environment. Discover the intricate gas price game and the need for policies to check their influence.