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First over-the-counter birth control pill to hit U.S. stores in 2024

The push to make an oral contraceptive available without a prescription predates Bidenโ€™s presidency. But the issue took on fresh urgency when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, particularly as conservatives openly questioned the legal precedent establishing the right to privacy for birth control access. Within weeks of the ruling, a contraceptive maker, which had spent more than six years studying consumersโ€™ ability to use the product correctly without a doctorโ€™s supervision, applied to the FDA for over-the-counter approval.

sexy girl | https://unsplash.com/@dainisgraveris

Making medication more accessible through telemedicine

During the Covid public health emergency, the federal government took several steps to make it easier to access health care via telemedicine. Most of those measures have ended. But one of the regulations that Biden held in place allows many controlled substances like Adderall for ADHD treatment, testosterone for gender-affirming care and buprenorphine to treat opioid use disorder to be prescribed without first having an in-person visit. In-person-visit requirements have traditionally been used to prevent fraud and abuse.

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The Cost-Effective Wisdom of Universal Basic Healthcare

Explore the cost-effective wisdom of universal basic healthcare in this article. Discover how preventive care, reduced emergency room visits, and societal equality contribute to long-term savings and improved public health outcomes.

benefits of universal basic healthcare

The Economic Impact of Universal Basic Healthcare: A Cost-Saving Revolution

Explore the potential economic impact of Universal Basic Healthcare in the United States. Despite logistical challenges, recent studies project annual savings of $500 billion, challenging the notion that UBH is a financial burden. Discover how administrative efficiency, preventive care, and negotiating power could revolutionize the nation’s healthcare system, leading to a healthier population and substantial cost savings for American taxpayers.

Universal Basic Healthcare: A Prescription for Crime Reduction

Universal Basic Healthcare: A Prescription for Crime Reduction

Explore the transformative impact of universal basic healthcare on crime reduction. Discover how comprehensive healthcare addresses mental health, substance abuse, and economic stability, creating a society where preventive care and empathy flourish, fostering a safer, more secure community for all.

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Understanding Late-Term Abortions: A Complex Medical Decision

Explore the complexities of late-term abortions, delving into the medical scenarios where these decisions become necessary. This article sheds light on the sensitive considerations surrounding severe fetal abnormalities and maternal health risks, emphasizing the importance of compassionate communication, support, and informed decision-making in navigating these challenging situations.