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On The Issues (OTI)

crime statistics in america

Universal Basic Income and the Debate on Removing Basic Income During Incarceration

Explore the intriguing intersection of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and criminal justice, as we delve into the concept of removing basic income for incarcerated individuals. Discover how this controversial approach aims to serve as a negative punishment, deterring potential criminals, while also addressing ethical concerns and potential consequences. Uncover the complexities surrounding the relationship between UBI and the criminal justice system in the pursuit of a fair and effective societal framework.

important issues to american voters

Understanding the Pulse of American Voters: Top 20 Issues Shaping the Nation’s Agenda

Delve into the heart of American voters’ concerns with our in-depth exploration of the top 20 issues shaping the nation. From climate change to healthcare, our article provides thoughtful analysis and internal links to comprehensive discussions on each issue, offering a nuanced perspective on the key considerations influencing voters across the United States.

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