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Indiana Lawmaker Walks Back Remark on Nazism Impartiality

Republican Sen. Scott Baldwin told The Indianapolis Star he should have chosen better words when he said during a committee hearing at the Indiana Statehouse Wednesday that a bill he filed would require teachers to be impartial in all of their teaching, including during lessons about Nazism, Marxism and fascism.

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A National Strategy for the “New Normal” of Life With COVID

After previous infectious disease threats, the US quickly forgot and failed to institute necessary reforms. That pattern must change with the COVID-19 pandemic. Without a strategic plan for the “new normal” with endemic COVID-19, more people in the US will unnecessarily experience morbidity and mortality, health inequities will widen, and trillions will be lost from the US economy. This time, the nation must learn and prepare effectively for the future.

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Ashli Babbitt as the 21st-century Horst Wessel: Symbolic martyr to the fascist cause

Ashli Babbitt, the 35-year-old QAnon supporter and Trump superfan who was killed in the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, is already far more famous in death than she ever was in life. Her fate reminiscent of a famous 1963 episode of “The Twilight Zone,” “He’s Alive,” in which Adolf Hitler’s ghost returns from the grave to teach a young neo-Nazi named Peter Vollmer how to manipulate a crowd. Hitler explains that exploiting the death of an obscure follower transforms that individual into a heroic martyr. “This is an act of friendship,” says the spectral Führer. “We are allowing him to serve the cause.”

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Best Trump Documentaries

2022 will surely bring forth the most fascinating documentaries covering Donald Trump — as more facts are discovered and disclosed through the release of books and the J6 Capitol Attack investigation. But, here is our most highly recommended documentaries to date. These documentaries, collectively, portray the true story of America’s most wanted man.

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Smoking Chair Girls

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Hamler, K.J. – Den (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for K.J. Hamler, WR, Denver Broncos (6/23) Advice: KJ Hamler caught a touchdown every 10 receptions as a rookie but really didn’t flash much until the end of the season. Fantasy managers are hoping for much more in his sophomore campaign. Primarily playing in the slot, Hamler caught just five passes for plays of 20-plus yards (two were catch-and-runs), not exactly what the world was hoping for from a guy with sub-4.3 speed. Not only should Hamler reprise his roles in the return game, but he should also be a fixture in three-receiver sets and have a handful of standout weeks. It’s only enough to make him worth drafting late in deeper formats and in leagues that reward special-teams yards, but Hamler will have some streaming appeal as a high-upside flex. Bank on finding him off waivers during the year. (

An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does it Matter?

During the Soviet era, Russian intelligence cast a wide net to gain leverage over influential figures abroad. (The practice continues to this day.) The Russians would lure or entrap not only prominent politicians and cultural leaders, but also people whom they saw as having the potential for gaining prominence in the future. In 1986, Soviet ambassador Yuri Dubinin met Trump in New York, flattered him with praise for his building exploits, and invited him to discuss a building in Moscow. Trump visited Moscow in July 1987. He stayed at the National Hotel, in the Lenin Suite, which certainly would have been bugged. There is not much else in the public record to describe his visit, except Trump’s own recollection in The Art of the Deal that Soviet officials were eager for him to build a hotel there. (It never happened.)

Trump returned from Moscow fired up with political ambition. He began the first of a long series of presidential flirtations, which included a flashy trip to New Hampshire. Two months after his Moscow visit, Trump spent almost $100,000 on a series of full-page newspaper ads that published a political manifesto. “An open letter from Donald J. Trump on why America should stop paying to defend countries that can afford to defend themselves,” as Trump labeled it, launched angry populist charges against the allies that benefited from the umbrella of American military protection. “Why are these nations not paying the United States for the human lives and billions of dollars we are losing to protect their interests?”

Televangelist Pat Robertson says Trump lives in an ‘alternate reality’ and should move on from election loss

Televangelist Pat Robertson, a prominent conservative backer of Donald Trump, said Monday that the President is living in an “alternate reality” and should “move on” from his 2020 election loss.

“With all his talent, and the ability to raise money and draw large crowds, the President still lives in an alternate reality,” Robertson said Monday on “The 700 Club.” “He really does. People say, ‘Well he lies about this, that and the other.’ But he isn’t lying. To him, that’s the truth.”

The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics

Every week political cartoonists throughout the country and across the political spectrum apply their ink-stained skills to capture the foibles, memes, hypocrisies and other head-slapping events in the world of politics. The fruits of these labors are hundreds of cartoons that entertain and enrage readers of all political stripes. Here’s an offering of the best of this week’s crop, picked fresh off the Toonosphere. Edited by Matt Wuerker.

Here’s what the officers testifying said they want the Jan. 6 committee to investigate

Rep. Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the House select committee, asked the four officers testifying at the hearing today what they want the committee to uncover in their investigation.

DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone asked the committee to investigate the organizing of Donald Trump’s “stop the steal” rally and the “violent political rhetoric” leading up to and during the event.

He said that “the time, the place, and the circumstances of that rally, that rhetoric, and those events to me leads in the direction of our president,” referring to former President Trump, “and other members” of Congress and the Senate.

He called for the committee to conduct “an investigation into those actions and activities which may have resulted in the events of Jan. 6,” and whether or not there was “a collaboration between those members, their staff, and these terrorists.”

Trump Turns Down COVID Vaccines & Ted Cruz Can’t Handle the Truth

Jimmy talks about the color of the year announcement, the Trump Administration passing on the chance to get an additional 100 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, everyone lying throughout the pandemic, half of Americans wanting to “wait and see” before they get the vaccine, YouTube taking down videos that claim the election was fraud, Trump’s terrible record in court and asking Ted Cruz to argue on his behalf in front of SCOTUS, a new product from MyPillow, and to commemorate the first night of Hanukkah we take to the street for a round of “Jewish Holiday or Prescription Medication!”

This Month In Science [beta] Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter NASA Rover lands safely on Mars. Texas regulators fail to prepare state energy for cold conditions

How Has President Obama Found Post-White House Life?

James Corden welcomes 44th President of the United States Barack Obama to the show, and the two recall some of First Lady Michelle Obama’s past adventures on the show. After, James asks the former president about what his life has been after his second term ended and what sense he gets from young people and how they feel about public service. And the “Promised Land” admits he hasn’t made his famous chili in nearly 20 years – he’s been a little busy for the kitchen.

Trump Reveals Extent of Pandemic Damage to Business Empire

Donald Trump’s empire has been hit hard by coronavirus closures, with revenue from his Washington and Las Vegas hotels down by more than half.

In his last financial disclosure form as president, Trump detailed the damage the pandemic has wrought, at a time when many tourism businesses are suffering from a lack of travelers. As president, the real-estate magnate resisted policies to slow the pandemic through mask-wearing, and insisted it remained safe for people to travel domestically.

Eddie Murphy returns to Zamunda in Coming 2 America trailer

It’s time to bow down to the Coming 2 America trailer.

Thirty-two years after Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall became movie royalty in Coming to America, Prince Akeem and his trusty friend Semmi reunite in the new look (watch above) at the long-awaited sequel.

Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker slams effort to audit the 2020 election results ‘absent credible evidence of fraud’

A GOP lawmaker in Pennsylvania is criticizing his party’s efforts to push a “forensic” audit of the 2020 statewide election results that saw President Joe Biden defeat former President Donald Trump.

In a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review op-ed that ran on Thursday, state Sen. Dan Laughlin of Erie County spoke out against an investigation of the election results, emphasizing that such a probe would be conducted “absent credible evidence of fraud” and would “only further the paranoid atmospherics, poisoning both parties.”

Two-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Washington trades up for QB; Bears, Saints target QBs in Round 2

We’re less than three weeks out from the actual draft and the closer we get to April 29 the more it feels like certain players will end up with certain teams. The top two selections feel as close to sure things as you’ll have this time of year, and the 49ers also appear set to take their quarterback of the future. After that, however, this draft feels, to quote Bruce Arians, color commentator, “wide-ass open.”


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A Hack Foretold

The government has known about the vulnerabilities allowed the SolarWinds attack since the birth of the internet—and chose not to fix them.

How To Make The Best Mojito


White Rum | Lime Juice | Simple Syrup | Mint | Soda Water

Haleiwa Beach House

This is my absolute new favorite restaurant on the entire island. I came on vacation and made the mistake of staying in a tourist tap in Waikiki. Stuck with mediocre food. I found the beach house restaurant and was so happy I did. Between the vibe this place has during sunset and the delicious food. I had the curry dinner it was delish. Wishing this restaurant the best of luck and we will be back once the lockdown is complete. If you’re on the island this is must eat at.

Agholor, N. – NE (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Nelson Agholor, WR, New England Patriots (6/23) Advice: Can Nelson Agholor turn his upstart 2020 with the Raiders into an even bigger season with the Patriots? The odds seem long. Despite posting or matching career-highs in yardage, yards per catch and touchdowns, Agholor is now part of a crowded receiving corps attached to a quarterback quandary. Cam Newton threw just eight touchdowns in 15 games last season and has been above 25 passing scores once in his storied career. It’ll either be him or Alabama rookie Mac Jones firing downfield. And if that doesn’t spook you, then Agholor’s prior five seasons with under 800 yards — and four with four or fewer scores — will. Expecting Agholor to somehow improve on his 11.1 PPR points per game in the Patriots offense feels farfetched. At best, Agholor is worth a pick after 120th overall as a bench receiver. (
ADP: 10.05 — 15.12
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Born: May 24, 1993, Lagos, Nigeria

Trump Decries “Cancel Culture,” Calls On Republicans to Boycott More Companies

Former President Donald Trump said “cancel culture” has run amok, so Republicans better start making their own cancelations. Trump issued a bitter message Saturday in which he stoked divisions over Georgia’s restrictive new voting law. It came a day after he urged a boycott of “woke companies,” including Major League Baseball for moving its All-Star Game out of Georgia. He later expanded the list of companies that he says supporters should boycott for opposing Georgia’s voting restrictions.

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Tucker Carlson’s Christmas Meltdown, Newsmax Requires COVID Vaccines & Trump’s Legal Woes

COVID cases in Los Angeles are up more than 100% in the last week and the Omicron variant is on the rise across the USA, companies are resuming Christmas parties and Newsmax employees must show proof of vaccination, Tucker Carlson is playing the victim in regards to people destroying religious symbols like Christmas trees and Laura Ingraham is lashing out at a totally non-political show – the live versions of “The Facts of Life” and “Diff’rent Strokes,” Hillary Clinton launched a MasterClass on “resilience” largely about losing to Donald Trump, the attorney general of New York plans to subpoena Trump about widespread fraud at his organization, Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin is offering tips to ward off the virus without a vaccine, drug companies are doing their best to cash in on the next generation of anti-vaxxers, and we open up our corona time capsule once again for “This Week in COVID History.”

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