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Hawaii Collection: Wood Prints

The Hawaii Collection WOOD PRINTS Bring nature inside and turn any piece of artwork into a beautiful wood print. The grain of the wood comes

Best Golf Courses In Las Vegas

Las Vegas golf holidays are synonymous with great golf courses played by the rich and famous; Dean Martin and the Rat Pack through to Tigers Woods and peers. Las Vegas golf courses have it all, with a range of course designers from Jack Nicklaus, Rees Jones, Pete Dye and Tom Fazio to name but a few – from lush green parkland to stark desert courses This entertainment mecca has a surprisingly wide choice of golf to choose from.

Sanders, E. – Buf (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Buffalo Bills (6/23) Advice: After an impressive but short stint with the 49ers in 2019, Emmanuel Sanders joined the Saints, but he was unable to find his footing in New Orleans. That’s not all that uncommon for WRs coming over to the Saints during the Drew Brees era and dealing with a timing-based passing system. Josh Allen and the Bills should be a much better fit for Sanders’ skill set in 2021 — specifically on improvised plays off schedule and in the deep passing game. He won’t cost much in drafts due to the competition around him and that makes Sanders a priority flier in what should be one of the NFL’s best passing attacks. (
ADP: 10.02 — 17.04
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Born: March 17, 1987, Bellville, TX

Test Page – Waiver Wire Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Dominating your fantasy league is a week-to-week process, which means picking up those crucial free agents

Indiana Lawmaker Walks Back Remark on Nazism Impartiality

Republican Sen. Scott Baldwin told The Indianapolis Star he should have chosen better words when he said during a committee hearing at the Indiana Statehouse Wednesday that a bill he filed would require teachers to be impartial in all of their teaching, including during lessons about Nazism, Marxism and fascism.

The Vintage Whiskey & Cigar Bar Opens in South End

I’ve smoked six cigars in the past 28 years and after the first four, I swore I would never do it again. That is, until I ended up at a VIP/media preview of The Vintage Whiskey & Cigar Bar in South End, where I figured I would indulge in another stogie just for the experience of it all. Maybe it’s because I am extremely sophisticated as a 28-year-old, or maybe it’s because The Vintage’s house blend — by cigar curator Giannis Koutsoupias — is of some extraordinary cultivation, but at the point when I should have left, I ordered another.

You shouldn’t miss this massive bombshell in Trump’s ongoing election fraud lie

Unless you have been living on another planet for the past six months, you know by now that Donald Trump leaned on state and national officials in the final days of his presidency to force investigations into made-up claims of widespread election fraud in the 2020 race.

But the story keeps getting worse – as we learn more and more about the extremes that Trump-loyal officials were willing to go to in an attempt to overturn the election, with zero proof or evidence to do so.

The latest bombshell came Wednesday with the revelation that Jeffrey Clark, a top official at the Justice Department, composed a draft letter – which he urged acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and acting deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue to sign onto – that said the DOJ had “significant concerns that may have impacted of the outcome of the election in multiple States, including the State of Georgia.”

More Bogus Voter Fraud from Trump

Donald Trump falsely claimed that “John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, was quoted in WikiLeaks as saying, illegal immigrants could vote as long as they have their driver’s license.” Podesta said no such thing.


Despite the coronavirus crisis, 2020 wasn’t all bad thanks in part to Halsey. The pop superstar kept spirits high by posting some of the sexiest content on Instagram for her 22.4 million followers. Behold Halsey’s hottest ‘Grams of the year:

Lindsey Graham: Calls for Trump ally to resign over Georgia phone call

Calls have been made for Donald Trump ally Lindsey Graham to resign over his controversial Georgia ballots phone call.

Pressure has mounted on Senator Graham after an official corroborated the call in which he asked the state’s secretary of state about the possibility of throwing out legal ballots.

2021 NFL Mock Draft: QB Justin Fields lands with the Jets at No. 2 overall, Falcons select Florida TE Kyle Pitts at No. 4

Predicting the NFL draft is a fruitless yet satisfying endeavor. The draft never plays out how anyone hopes or dreams, but playing general manager for all 32 NFL teams creates a unique take on the proceedings. We see top prospects fall unexpectedly in almost every draft; we also see players who get picked way too high. It’s a fun exercise to try to predict every pick.

For this mock draft, I’ve tried to fill an immediate and specific need for the team in question, and that’s what the “key change” function is for. Every team in the league was bad in a certain area last season, and here’s how that changes with the new addition in this draft.

Dolphin Excursions Hawaii

We had an incredible time today with Lexy and Mandy out on the boat. They navigated us to be able to see whales, then swim with turtles and dolphins. The trip felt very safe (Covid-related) and they were knowledgeable and helpful. I highly highly recommend it!!

Celebrity Snow Bunnies! Ashlee Simpson, Chelsea Handler and More Stars Who Love a Winter Wonderland

Stars on the slopes! Celebrities are getting into the winter spirit by heading to the mountains and channeling their inner snow bunny.

Some of your favorite celebs have traveled north for the winter in order to hit the ski slopes, try their hand at snowboarding or curl up by the fire in a mountain cabin. Whether they are getting in on the snow-filled fun alone or bringing their families, stars are all in on cold weather getaways.

Claim of Michigan Postal Fraud Is Moot

A video from a right-wing activist suggests that U.S. Postal Service employees backdated ballots in Michigan. The claim is unproven, but, even if true, no ballots in the state are accepted after Nov. 3, regardless of the postmark.


British-Ghanaian architect extraordinaire David Adjaye and luxury carmaker Aston Martin have struck up a partnership combining design forces for luxury homes and bespoke Aston DBX SUVs. This combo of ultra-luxe living and transportation will be available to five lucky future residents of Adjaye’s first major New York City residential tower at 130 William.

The Original Election Fraud Grifter Is Back to Claim His Kraken Crown—and His Money

Sidney Powell’s absurdist election lawsuits are dead, and the lawyers behind them are facing potential sanctions, but election fraud grifters are still raking it in—one online donation at a time.
Chief among this crew is Matthew DePerno, the Michigan attorney whose November 2020 lawsuit kicked off MAGA-world’s Dominion voting-machine audit craze.
DePerno’s claims in that lawsuit spawned numerous copycats, and they caught the attention of the Trump campaign. But the premier standard-bearers of those claims—such as Powell, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, and the right-wing website Newsmax—soon found themselves in the middle of billion-dollar defamation suits.

Bogus Voter Fraud Claims

With votes continuing to be counted in very close elections in Florida, Georgia and Arizona, President Donald Trump and some other Republicans have been crying foul, making false and misleading claims of supposed election fraud perpetrated by Democrats in an attempt to “steal” the elections.

Cramer’s lightning round: Centene is a long-term hold

Turtle Beach: “They actually did have earnings. It was kind of shocking. I can’t dislike it as much as I did. Let me delve into the earnings … we’re going to do some more work on it.”

DexCom: Medtronic has “made everybody a little more careful, and that’s the way I think you have to approach these stocks.

CBAK Energy Technology: “This stock has had a monster move. … [it’s] run up so much I just can’t recommend them here.”

Centene: “You just have to hold on for long term, because [CEO] Michael Neidorff’s doing a very good job.”

Metcalf, D.K. – Sea (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for DK Metcalf, WR, Seattle Seahawks (6/23) Advice: As the Seahawks offense sputtered in the second half of last season, so too did DK Metcalf’s stats. The gargantuan receiver averaged an unreal 20.6 PPR points per game (15.2 non-PPR) in the first half of the year before skidding to a paltry 12.5 PPR in the second half (7.5 in non-PPR). This despite no major drop-off in target volume (almost one target per game), but a definite drop-off in touchdowns (from eight to two). A playoff-game resurgence may have begun the healing process, but Metcalf simply must improve his consistency and quit dropping passes (11 last year) in order to become a Fantasy mega-stud. He obviously has the potential, he’s got the quarterback, his corresponding run game isn’t improved, and for this year, he’s got a pretty delightful schedule. Trust Metcalf as a No. 1 Fantasy receiver worth a pick beginning in early Round 3 in PPR leagues and the middle of Round 3 in non-PPR. (
ADP: 1.01 — 3.03
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