The internet, social media, and the catchy text messages you get from your friend are full of bad information. There’s no way of telling who came up with it or how reliable it is. Here, we only get information from real MDs who graduated from medical school cum laude in the last 10 years. They’re unbiased and evidence-based, reflecting professional analysis and not non-professional opinions about Covid-19. Make us your trusted resource for knowing the difference between fake and real news on this pandemic to keep yourself, your friends, and your family safe through this pandemic AND future pandemics — so we can have a healthy and economically powerful nation again.



CLAIM: Children are ‘almost immune’ from the coronavirus.

QUICK ANALYSIS: There is no evidence-based source of reasoning to support this claim. Like adults, children are human — they have the same receptors on their mucosal linings that provide entry points to the virus. While immune systems do lose some strength with later age, this does not mean that children have ‘special’ strong immune systems that have ‘unique’ defenses — that’s simply idiocracy reflecting a lack of depth of understanding of the science at large. 

Children, thus far, are less likely to die or become seriously ill. That does not mean they are immune. It means they are more likely to have an asymptomatic infection, and thus would serve as better harbingers for spreading the disease and perpetuating the crisis. 

Furthermore, this coronavirus is exhibiting a strong effect on inflammatory and clotting/coagulation pathways. These effects can have effects on numerous organ systems that may go undetected only to be recognized at a later date. 

Real MDs Say: FALSE


CLAIM: We should go for herd immunity

QUICK ANALYSIS: There is no evidence-based source of reasoning to support this concept. In theory, a herd immunity would occur once there are enough members within the society with protective antibodies to prevent infection and spread. This would mean roughly 200,000,000 Americans would need to have been infected. With a 1% mortality rate, this would mean 2,000,000 Americans would die in the process. Additionally, 10-20% of those infected will suffer less-than-lethal outcomes leaving them with long-lasting morbidities as a result of stroke, heart attack, decreased kidney function, etc. The economics of such a plan must also be considered; willfully infecting 200,000,000 Americans comes at a cost that will be paid by taxpayers for costs such as testing, hospital stays, treatments, ICU days, PPE, etc, with a final price tag that would stretch into the trillions not to mention global economic fallout for being a nation of disease. 

Most significantly flawed is the negligent misunderstanding of the very cornerstone of herd immunity — lasting and effective immunity capable of preventing reinfection. To assume this as truth would be malpractice and completely reckless with no regard for human life. Recent studies are showing specific antibodies may wane as soon as 2-3 months after recovery, which is good reason not to put your eggs in this basket. 

Real MDs Say: Idiocracy

MORE INFORMATION: Covid-19, and The Long Road To Herd Immunity (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health)


CLAIM: Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates knew about the pandemic before it happen

QUICK ANALYSIS: Virtually any physician who attended medical school in the last decade has known that a global pandemic was our greatest and most relevant national security threat to be concerned about. Considering Dr. Fauci’s role in this world, and Bill Gates’ dedication to world health, it would be assumed they would also be aware of its inevitability.

Real MDs Say: True

MORE INFORMATION: We Were Warned (The Atlantic); Analysis: We Knew The Coronavirus Was Coming, Yet We Failed 5 Critical Tests (Kaiser Health News); Influenza Viruses and Pandemics (Stanford University, 2010)


CLAIM: We are testing too much, causing more cases

QUICK ANALYSIS: This has to be one of the most moronic statements ever made known to man. Colon cancer doesn’t go away if you stop doing colonoscopies. Breast cancer does not go away if you stop doing mammograms. HIV does not go away if you stop doing HIV tests. Terrorists do not go away if you stop looking. Testing and tracing is one of the most important mechanisms to defeating infectious disease outbreaks after the prevention methods of a mask, distancing, and sanitizing. It’s important because many people who are infected and contagious with COVID are asymptomatic and unaware (~20-40%). These individuals are what perpetuate this disease. There are only 2 ways to limit these people from spreading disease and renewing the viral life cycle in a new host: (1) diagnose and quarantine; or (2) behave in a manner which limits their ability to infect others (mask, distance). 

Real MDs Say: Idiocracy


CLAIM: The government and fake media are hiding the cure

QUICK ANALYSIS: With every single disease the best option is always prevention. Coronavirus is a highly infectious virus, spread through receptors on mucosal linings (lungs, nasal, etc.). It’s extremely small, with virions (viral infectious particles) measuring 50–200 nanometers; for comparison: flu virus virions measure 80–120 nanometers and Ebola virus virions measure 80 nanometers — meaning suspension in air and airborne spread should be assumed. When someone is infected and contagious (not necessarily sick), virions are expelled from people talking, breathing, coughing, and sneezing; into the air and onto surfaces where they may find their way to a new host. Therefore, it’s simple logic and standard practice that physical barriers and sanitation practices prevent this perpetuation of disease. It is quite simple to understand that basic logic means anything that provides a physical barrier (facial masks/coverings), surface sanitation (alcohol-based disinfectants), and dispersion of infectious particles (physical distancing, ventilation) are the most effective means of stopping transmission of disease. 

Real MDs Say: True

Infectious aerosols :  suspensions of pathogens in particles in the air

Particle size : the most important determinant of aerosol behaviour

0.125 μm : Virions (or “particles”) of coronaviruses are spherical particles between 0.06 micron and 0.14 micron in diameter, averaging about 0.125 micron, measured by electron microscope (Zhu et al, 2020). This means that coronavirus particles are smaller than PM2.5, but larger than some dust and gas particles (Figure 1).

5 μm or smaller : can remain airborne indefinitely under most indoor conditions; deposits in the lower respiratory tract

6–12 μm : deposit in the upper airways of the head and neck.
60–100 μm : the size of particles emitted by an average person that would fall to the ground within 2 m is , and these can be carried more than 6 m away by sneezing.

7–8 m : Plumes of aerosols are generated by sneezing or coughing; plumes contains the highest concentration of particles, which then dissipate in the air over time and distance, travelling up to 7-8 m.

infected : affected with a disease-causing organism

contagious : spread from one person or organism to another by direct or indirect contact

symptomatic : exhibiting or involving symptoms

asymptomatic : experiencing no symptoms or evidence of illness or abnormality

infectious dose : The amount of a pathogen that is required to establish an infection

duration of viral shedding : varies significantly and may depend on severity. Among 137 survivors of COVID-19, viral shedding based on testing of oropharyngeal samples ranged from 8-37 days, with a median of 20 days

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