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COVID-19 Disinformation Timeline: How Did We Get Here?

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About the Author: The author of this article is a lifelong observer of human behavior. After attending one of the Country’s most prestigious universities, majoring in fields of psychology and biological sciences, the author attended medical school and graduated (M.D.) cum laude in 2013. 

The evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. — what factors led to the U.S. being one of the worst countries at handling the outbreak, trillions of dollars wasted, and hundreds of thousands of American lives needlessly lost?

For proper context, consider a few articles:

Commonly Used Fallacies of Logic and Reasoning (get a copy of these workbooks or these workbooks as the perfect gift)

Who are people listening to? Who people trust shapes the way they think and the actions they take.

COVID-19 Timeline


Trump and the ‘New Hoax (, 3/3/20)

The Facts on Coronavirus Testing (, 3/10/20)

Trump’s H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Spin (, 3/13/2020)

Trump’s Spanish Flu Claims (, 3/25/2020)

Martial Law Isn’t ‘Imminent’ (, 3/25/2020)

Trump’s Faulty Testing Claims (, 3/26/2020)

Trump’s Spin on ‘Broken’ Testing (, 4/1/2020)

COVID-19 Face Mask Advice, Explained (, 4/6/2020)

The HHS Inspector General Report (, 4/7/2020)

Trump’s Snowballing China Travel Claim (, 4/10/2020)

FactChecking Trump’s Attack on the WHO (, 4/15/2020)

Video: Trump’s WHO Announcement (, 4/20/2020)

An April Filled with Repeats (, 5/1/2020)

Trump Wrong About Ventilators (, 5/1/2020)

Video: Trump Twists Fauci’s Words (, 5/4/2020)

Kudlow‘s Claim About COVID-19 Spread (, 5/5/2020)

Testing, By the Numbers (, 5/12/2020)

Trump’s Flu Shot Reticence (, 5/15/2020)

COVID-19 Isn’t Caused by Bacteria (, 5/27/2020)

Does Vitamin D Protect Against COVID-19 (, 6/8/2020)

Trump Misleads on H1N1 Swine Flu Testing (, 7/16/2020)

Herman Cain Died of COVID-19, Not Cancer (, 7/31/2020)

Trump’s Missteps on COVID-19 Mortality (, 8/12/2020)

Trump’s Talking Points (, 8/24/2020)

Politicians Have Died of COVID-19 (, 9/9/2020)

Timeline of Trump’s COVID-19 Comments (, 10/2/2020)

Trump Ad Lifts Fauci Praise Out of Context (, 10/12/2020)

Trump Distorts WHO’s Lockdown Comments (, 10/14/2020)

FactChecking Trump’s Immunity Claims (, 10/16/2020)


Video Wrong About Fauci, COVID-19 (, 2/3/2021)

U.S. COVID-19 death toll passes 450,000 (TheHospitalist, 2/4/2021)

No Evidence Vaccines Impact Fertility (, 2/26/2021)

Fauci and Paul, Round 2 (, 7/22/2021)

Pfizer CEO Got the COVID-19 Vaccine (, 8/6/2021)

Misinformation About Face Masks (, 8/13/2021)

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