Cramer’s lightning round: DocuSign is ‘revolutionizing’ the way we buy

Kratos Defense: “… it’s at $25 and I’m sticking with it.”

Mckesson: “I think they’re doing great. … that stock’s time has come.”

Spirit Airlines: “My favorite is Southwest, LUV, and then United for when we start going overseas.”

Kimball: “I don’t want to be in that group. Frankly, I don’t mind At Home.”

Cisco Systems: “… I’m fine with it.”

SiteOne Landscape Supply: “I like Tractor Supply, SiteOne Landscape Supply’s fine with me too, … Lowe’s and Home Depot are really inexpensive, even though they’ve run a lot.”

DocuSign: “… I love it.”

CVS Health: “Let’s just go buy it.”


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