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If you’ve been on the hunt for a watch like no other, a watch that’s (nearly) as light as a feather with bold styling to match, you’ve found your next investment-level timepiece. The Zenith Defy Classic Carbon Watch arrives boldly on the scene to shake up the watch market, featuring full carbon fiber construction like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Lockett, T. – Sea (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Tyler Lockett, WR, Seattle Seahawks (6/23) Advice: If you’re looking for a steady, consistent Fantasy point contributor, then don’t look at Tyler Lockett. In each of his past two seasons he’s had three monster games (at least 26 PPR points), three or four good games (between 16 and 21 PPR points) and at least eight disappointing games (12 or fewer PPR points). In 2020 he actually had 47% of his total Fantasy production in three games (Weeks 3, 7 and 17). Pretty stunning he was this inconsistent considering he had a career-best 100 receptions. Like a bunch of receivers, Lockett is capable of putting up monster points in any game against any opponent, so you’ll never feel comfortable benching him, but you’ll almost always be nervous starting him. If there’s good news, it’s that Lockett is an entrenched starter with good target volume (8.3 per game in 2020), a track record for touchdowns (at least eight in each of his last three years), a good quarterback, and what appears to be a good schedule. Buying a ticket for the Lockett Rollercoaster will begin in late Round 4. (
ADP: 2.12 — 7.01
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Born: September 28, 1992, Tulsa, OK

Buffalo Hot Dog

Hot Dog | Ranch and/or Blue Cheese Dressing | Buffalo Sauce | Buffalo Mayo | Blue Cheese | Cheddar Cheese | Green Onions

Miami Dolphins: Best-case scenario 7-round 2021 mock draft

We are now 17 days away from the 2021 NFL Draft, and the excitement continues to grow as the Miami Dolphins enter the draft with five of the top 81 selections. Miami has two first-round picks, pick 6 and pick 18, and two second-round picks, pick 36 and pick 50. Those four picks paired with pick 81 give the Dolphins a unique opportunity to build their roster the right way through the draft.

Trump made congressional investigations almost impossible. This time is different.

The House of Representatives doesn’t exactly have a great record when it comes to fights with former President Donald Trump. Over the course of two years, Trump managed to scuttle, stymie or stonewall every investigation into his misconduct that congressional Democrats threw his way. That included not one but two impeachment inquiries, the biggest gun in Congress’ constitutional arsenal.

Trump counted on the separation of powers to shield him — the head of the executive branch — from legislative branch inquires. But the investigation that kicked off Tuesday has the potential to be different. This time around, the House may not be willing to take no for an answer.


Christmas Prints To Deck The Halls

Our Christmas Collection of aluminum wall art prints bring the holiday spirit to your wall space with stunning photographs of mistletoe, reindeer, and more Christmas favorites.


Robert Ortega photography. Portfolio Arrow-home Wildlife. Nature. Pets.

Trump’s Wild, Baseless Claims of Illegal Voting

In remarks resembling an attack on democratic elections, rather than a presidential speech, President Donald Trump doubled down on his campaign pledge: “The only way we can lose, in my opinion, is massive fraud.”

You shouldn’t miss this massive bombshell in Trump’s ongoing election fraud lie

Unless you have been living on another planet for the past six months, you know by now that Donald Trump leaned on state and national officials in the final days of his presidency to force investigations into made-up claims of widespread election fraud in the 2020 race.

But the story keeps getting worse – as we learn more and more about the extremes that Trump-loyal officials were willing to go to in an attempt to overturn the election, with zero proof or evidence to do so.

The latest bombshell came Wednesday with the revelation that Jeffrey Clark, a top official at the Justice Department, composed a draft letter – which he urged acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and acting deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue to sign onto – that said the DOJ had “significant concerns that may have impacted of the outcome of the election in multiple States, including the State of Georgia.”

Mitch McConnell retracts his demand that corporations ‘stay out of politics’ amid outrage over Georgia’s voting law

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday retracted his demand that corporations “stay out of politics,” with the exception of political donations, as major companies protest Georgia’s recently-passed voting rights restrictions.

“I didn’t say that very artfully yesterday,” the Kentucky Republican told reporters of his comments earlier this week. “They’re certainly entitled to be involved in politics.”

Biden awards ‘long overdue’ Medal of Honor to retired Col. Ralph Puckett Jr.

President Joe Biden and President Moon Jae-in, the leader of South Korea, commended the actions Friday of Col. Ralph Puckett Jr., a Korean War veteran who was awarded the Medal of Honor in a ceremony at the White House.

Before awarding Puckett the medal Friday, Biden described him as “true American hero” for whom the recognition was long overdue.

“Korea is sometimes called the forgotten war, but those men who were there under then-lieutenant Puckett’s command never forgot his bravery,” Biden said. “They never forgot he was right by their side every minute of it.”

Puckett, 94, earned the medal for actions he took more than 70 years ago, in November 1950. As a young first lieutenant in the Korean War, Puckett commanded the Eighth Army Ranger Company during a mission to seize “Hill 205” and defend it against a series of assaults by the Chinese. He risked his life multiple times to draw enemy fire, call for artillery strikes, check the perimeter and deliver ammunition to his soldiers.

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Best Mattresses

10 Best Mattresses For A Good Night’s Sleep

It is recommended that you replace your mattress every 10 years. However new technology is creating superior mattresses that help improve sleeping conditions, which is helping convince people to replace their mattresses even if they aren’t due for an upgrade.

Listen: Patrick Mahomes releases ‘summer vibes’ playlist through EarBuds app

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is often seen wearing headphones while warming up before games. His Instagram feed is filled with workout and vacation videos, many including music.

Now you can find out what he’s listening to, as he’s listening to it! A free app called EarBuds, which Mahomes invested in, is making it possible.


The best soup recipes for any occasion.

Singletary, D. – Buf (RB)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Devin Singletary, RB, Buffalo Bills (6/23) Advice: Devin Singletary will be part of a crowded backfield in Buffalo this season with Zack Moss and Matt Breida, and Singletary should be considered just a reserve Fantasy option in most leagues. He is only worth drafting with a mid-round pick at best in most formats. Training camp will likely determine if Singletary starts, but the Bills will rely on all three running backs when healthy. In ranking Buffalo’s backfield, plan on drafting Moss first, then Singletary and then Breida. But this isn’t the ideal situation for these guys since Buffalo is a high-volume passing attack with a quarterback in Josh Allen who also uses his legs. Singletary did excel in two of three games that Moss missed in 2020 due to injury, scoring at least 16 PPR points in those outings, but he also had 10 games with nine PPR points or less for the year. Barring an injury to Moss and/or Breida, it will be tough to trust Singletary as a starting Fantasy option in most leagues this year. (
ADP: 6.01 — 10.06
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Born: September 3, 1997, Deerfield Beach, FL

Todd McShay has Lions selecting a WR & LB in his latest two-round mock draft

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay released his latest mock draft, a two-rounder that involves some movement with the Lions at No. 7.
McShay mocked the Carolina Panthers moving up one spot with Detroit to make sure they can draft North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance. The Panthers give the Lions a third-round pick (No. 73) to move up the one spot.

Here’s the cynical political reality behind Mitch McConnell bashing big business

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was blunt in his reaction to Major League Baseball’s decision to move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta this summer following the passage of a series of new election measures by Georgia elected officials.

“Corporations will invite serious consequences if they become a vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country from outside the constitutional order,” warned McConnell, adding: “Businesses must not use economic blackmail to spread disinformation and push bad ideas that citizens reject at the ballot box.”

President Trump Town Hall hosted by Sean Hannity

President Trump discusses cancel culture push to remove statues, Democrat-run cities in crisis, support for ‘stop and frisk’ policing, economic threat from China, response to coronavirus pandemic with Sean Hannity in Green Bay, Wisconsin. #FoxNews

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