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FactCheck Friday: President Joe Biden

This Friday we’ll go over the latest lies and distortions surrounding President Joe Biden.
September 9, 2022

President Biden and Democrat Charlie Crist have said that they don’t support calls to defund the police. And a law that both men supported provides funding for the IRS to potentially hire tens of thousands of new employees — mostly in customer service, not tax auditing, bureau officials have said. But a Florida GOP ad makes distorted claims about both issues. ➡️ FULL ARTICLE

September 7, 2022

President Joe Biden hasn’t filed anything yet with the Federal Election Commission that would officially indicate he’s running for reelection. But partisan social media accounts have been falsely claiming that he has. The claims are based on a misinterpretation of a routine filing. ➡️ FULL ARTICLE

August 30, 2022

The White House announced on Aug. 24 that President Joe Biden will take action this year to cancel thousands of dollars in federal student loan debt for millions of Americans, fulfilling a campaign promise he made during the 2020 election cycle. We answer some of the questions readers may have about the debt relief plan, and address political claims about the impact of the plan. ➡️ FULL ARTICLE

August 16, 2022

For the month of July, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Customers was unchanged from June. This has triggered a war of words between Democrats, who crow about “zero percent inflation” for July, and Republicans, who say the Democrats are now trying to “deny there’s inflation.” Both have a point. ➡️ FULL ARTICLE

August 12, 2022

The reconciliation bill passed by Congress will affect prescription drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries. Democrats and Republicans offer opposing views on how it will affect seniors. We’ll explain what the bill would do. ➡️ FULL ARTICLE

August 11, 2022

FBI agents searched the home of former President Donald Trump in Florida on Aug. 8 looking for presidential records and classified materials that were improperly removed from the White House. Social media posts claiming the FBI search was politically motivated have been swirling online, despite there being no evidence that President Joe Biden “had his department of justice’s FBI raid” Trump’s home, as one viral post claimed. ➡️ FULL ARTICLE

August 5, 2022

Three stimulus payments have been sent to Americans to ease the economic impact of the pandemic. Social media posts are now sharing a false claim about a new, $40,000 federal stimulus loan. But it’s a marketing ploy. The bottom of the web page says, “This is not a government program nor is it government aid, this is an advertorial for a loan service.” ➡️ FULL ARTICLE

August 4, 2022

Both political parties are spinning the facts on whether the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act would raise taxes. ➡️ FULL ARTICLE

August __, 2022



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