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The Russia Investigation

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A collection of FactChecks on false and misleading information about the Russia investigation, as reported by FactCheck.Org and other reliable sources:

FACTCHECK.ORG - 7/13/2020

In commuting Roger Stone’s prison sentence, President Donald Trump and the White House gave a misleading account of Stone’s conviction and the federal investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 7/2/2020

President Donald Trump has attacked reporting on the Russia investigation by the New York Times and the Washington Post as “fake news,” asserting — along with his press secretary — that the news organizations should return the Pulitzer Prizes they received in 2018 for their work. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/1/2020

In her first press briefing, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany repeated a false talking point about the Russia investigation. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 2/6/2020

A day after his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial, President Donald Trump made celebratory remarks in the White House on Feb. 6, thanking many Republican politicians and repeating several false and misleading claims, many of which we’ve checked before. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 1/22/2020

White House lawyers distorted the facts on the impeachment process and other issues during the Jan. 21 Senate trial. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 12/13/2019

In this week’s fact-checking video, CNN’s Jake Tapper looks at President Donald Trump’s claims, past and current, about the FBI’s now-concluded investigation into whether Trump campaign officials coordinated with Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 12/11/2019

During his first campaign rally after Democrats announced two articles of impeachment and the Justice Department inspector general released a report on the FBI’s Russia investigation, President Donald Trump distorted the facts on both topics. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 12/10/2019

We take a look at how past claims made by Trump stack up to the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General report on the FBI’s investigation into whether individuals associated with the Trump campaign were coordinating with Russia’s election interference. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 10/17/2019

The president distorted the facts on congressional subpoenas, trade, Syria and more during a busy day of public appearances. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 7/24/2019

While former special counsel Robert S. Mueller reiterated in congressional testimony what he said in his voluminous report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, politicians reiterated some claims about the inquiry and its findings. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 6/27/2019

President Donald Trump — without evidence — accused special counsel Robert Mueller of illegally deleting the text messages of two people who had been assigned to the Russia investigation. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 6/14/2019

CNN’s Jake Tapper examines in this week’s fact-checking video the president’s claim that the special counsel’s report said his campaign “rebuffed” Russian offers of assistance. The report said the campaign was “receptive” to some offers, and in other instances “shied away.” | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/31/2019

This fact-checking video by CNN’s Jake Tapper compares what special counsel Robert Mueller and Attorney General William Barr have said about Mueller’s decision not to make a determination on whether President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/30/2019

In an impromptu press conference and on Twitter, President Donald Trump responded to special counsel Robert Mueller’s remarks about the Russia investigation with several false and questionable claims. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/29/2019

Special counsel Robert Mueller devoted much of his 10-minute remarks on May 29 to explaining why the special counsel’s office did not reach a determination about whether President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice. Democrats have criticized Attorney General William P. Barr for mischaracterizing the findings on that point in Mueller’s report. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/2/2019

In testifying about the special counsel’s report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, Attorney General William Barr made statements that lacked context or didn’t tell the whole story. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/1/2019

Democrats claim Attorney General William Barr misled Congress last month when asked if he was aware of concerns that special counsel Robert S. Mueller’s team may have had with his March 24 memo summarizing the Mueller report. We’ll lay out the facts on the matter. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 4/26/2019

In this week’s fact-checking video, CNN’s Jake Tapper examines Jared Kushner’s claim that Russia’s 2016 election interference amounted to little more than “a couple Facebook ads.” | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 4/24/2019

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report concluded that “[t]he Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion” — contrary to Jared Kushner’s claim that Russia’s effort amounted to little more than “a couple Facebook ads.” | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 4/19/2019

The Russia report released April 18 contradicts President Donald Trump’s claims that special counsel Robert Mueller had two conflicts of interest that prevented him from conducting an impartial investigation. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 4/18/2019

The special counsel investigation “established multiple links between Trump Campaign officials and individuals tied to the Russian government.” But it “did not establish that the Campaign coordinated or conspired with the Russian government in its election-interference activities.” | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 4/3/2019

President Donald Trump got his facts wrong when he said Rep. Jerrold Nadler “thought the concept of giving the Starr report” about President Bill Clinton “was absolutely something you could never do” in 1998. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 3/27/2019

In an interview about the special counsel’s report, Rep. John Ratcliffe said that what “started all of this” was “a fake, phony dossier.” But a House Republican intelligence committee memo said it was information about a Trump campaign foreign policy adviser that sparked the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 3/26/2019

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway falsely claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report concluded that President Donald Trump engaged in “no — quote — ‘obstructive conduct’” during the Russia investigation. Mueller’s report said it “does not exonerate” Trump of obstruction of justice. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 12/18/2018

President Donald Trump and one of his lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, distorted the findings of a new report about the forensic recovery of text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok, a former FBI senior counterintelligence agent, and Lisa Page, a former FBI lawyer. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 12/7/2018

In a flurry of tweets, President Donald Trump stretched the facts when he alleged that special counsel Robert Mueller and his staff have “many” conflicts of interests. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 8/20/2018

In this fact-checking video, CNN’s Jake Tapper looks at a false claim Rudy Giuliani made about the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya and Trump campaign officials. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 8/9/2018

In a recent tweet, President Donald Trump said the Trump Tower meeting was “to get information on an opponent” and was “totally legal and done all the time in politics.” Some legal experts disagree. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 7/23/2018

President Donald Trump thanked Fox News for airing a montage on July 19 that he said showed “Trump recognized Russian Meddling MANY TIMES.” But the video also shows Trump equivocating on the issue. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 7/18/2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin made several false and misleading claims during his press conference in Finland with President Donald Trump and in an interview with Fox News. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 7/16/2018

Asked whether he believed U.S. intelligence agencies or Russian President Vladimir Putin on whether Russia meddled in the 2016 election, President Donald Trump declined to directly respond. Instead, he raised questions about the Russia investigation. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 6/18/2018

President Donald Trump said he thinks former FBI Director James Comey committed “very criminal acts.” But the facts don’t support the president’s opinion. Trump also claimed the inspector general’s report “totally exonerates” him, but the report didn’t evaluate the Russia investigation. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 6/4/2018

In his latest attack on the Russia investigation, President Donald Trump tweeted, “The appointment of the Special Counsel is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!” This amounts to Trump’s opinion, and is a matter of debate among constitutional scholars. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/23/2018

In a morning tweetstorm on the Russia investigation, President Donald Trump misquoted James Clapper. Trump claimed the former intelligence director said, “Trump should be happy that the FBI was SPYING on his campaign,” when, in fact, Clapper said the FBI did not spy on his campaign. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/4/2018

President Donald Trump made several misleading comments when questioning the impartiality of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and his investigative team. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/1/2018

President Donald Trump falsely claimed in a tweet that there were “No questions on Collusion” in a list of questions the special counsel reportedly has for the president. There are several inquiries about possible collusion among the questions published by the New York Times. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 4/26/2018

President Donald Trump claimed a memo that former FBI Director James Comey gave to a friend “in order to get a special counsel against me” was “all classified … totally classified.” That’s wrong. It was unclassified at the time and remains unclassified. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 3/19/2018

After FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired, the president made several false and misleading claims about the Russia investigation in a series of tweets. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 2/19/2018

Contrary to spin from White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, the indictments handed down last week against 13 Russians for meddling in U.S. elections show they clearly supported one presidential candidate in the 2016 general election. That candidate was Donald Trump. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 2/16/2018

A tweet from President Trump claims the indictment handed down against Russian nationals and organizations indicates there was “no collusion” between Russians and the Trump campaign, and that “the results of the election were not impacted.” But the indictment did not go that far on either count. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 2/15/2018

Vice President Mike Pence falsely claimed that U.S. intelligence agencies came to the “universal conclusion” that Russia’s meddling had no impact on the election results. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 2/6/2020

A report by a conservative legal organization about voter registration rates in eight Iowa counties has been cited to promote baseless suggestions of voter fraud.READ MORE


What are your thoughts on the United States' reactions to Russia's assaults on the U.S. institutions?


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