FactChecking the Issues:
Voting & Voter Fraud

Know the truth about issues that matter to you before you vote.

Here’s a collection of FactChecks on false and misleading information about voting and voter fraud, as reported by FactCheck.Org and other reliable sources.

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FACTCHECK.ORG - 9/25/2020

The president repeatedly sows doubt about mail-in voting, echoing what intelligence officials have said is a Russian strategy to undermine public trust in the election. We review his statements this month and recap our stories on his false, misleading and unsupported claims. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 9/22/2020

At a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that a Pennsylvania court had permitted election officials “to take as long as they want” to count mail-in ballots. | READ MORE

SNOPES - 9/22/2020

The president’s former campaign adviser, convicted for lying to Congress, joined conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in describing a convoluted plot to “steal” the 2020 election. | READ MORE

SNOPES - 9/17/2020

The mail-in voting process has several built-in safeguards that together make it hard for one person to vote fraudulently, and even more difficult to commit voter fraud on a scale capable of swinging election outcomes. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 9/11/2020

A claim being shared on Facebook distorts the facts about fake IDs seized in a Chicago airport this year, baselessly claiming the phony IDs were tied to names “ALL Registered to Vote” as Democrats. Federal authorities announced no connection to a voter fraud scheme, and those making the claim offer no evidence.READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 9/10/2020

President Donald Trump repeatedly has falsely claimed that the Democrats are mailing out “80 million unsolicited ballots” for the November election. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 9/4/2020

Elections officials and voting experts say President Donald Trump gave bad advice when he encouraged mail-in voters to show up at polling places on Election Day and cast an in-person ballot if poll workers can’t confirm that their mail-in ballot was received. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 8/24/2020

A compendium of the president’s falsehoods and factual distortions that may be repeated during the convention. | READ MORE

SNOPES - 8/18/2020

Fake driver’s licenses grabbed by customs officials since early 2020 became subjects of voting-related rumors. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 8/14/2020

The Trump campaign claims there’s a potential for “massive fraud” in Nevada because the Postal Service doesn’t postmark the state’s prepaid return ballot envelopes. That’s false. USPS policy is to postmark all ballots.READ MORE

SNOPES - 8/11/2020

While both are election crimes, there is a difference between modifying mail-in ballots and modifying applications for ballots. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 7/30/2020

We briefly recap the false, misleading and unsupported arguments that the president has made this year about the potential for voter fraud — starting with the case that he made for delaying the 2020 election. | READ MORE

SNOPES - 5/28/2020

Social media posts in May 2020 claimed the incident was an example of the ballot-casting system’s vulnerability to voter fraud. | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 5/27/2020

California will send every registered voter in the state a mail-in ballot for the November general election. But President Donald Trump falsely said, on Twitter and at the White House, that the ballots would go to “anyone living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there” and “people that aren’t citizens.”READ MORE

SNOPES - 5/26/2020

U.S. President Donald Trump repeatedly made the claim as states scrambled to establish new elections rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.  | READ MORE

SNOPES - 5/21/2020

“Conflating voters choosing not to cast their ballot with ‘missing’ ballots is a fundamental flaw,” a vote-at-home advocacy group argued.  | READ MORE

FACTCHECK.ORG - 2/6/2020

A report by a conservative legal organization about voter registration rates in eight Iowa counties has been cited to promote baseless suggestions of voter fraud.READ MORE

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