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First 12 Things Girls (REALLY) Notice About Guys!

What aspects of men truly matter to women?
First 12 Things Girls (REALLY) Notice About Guys!
12 Things Women Notice First


Hands. Many guys don’t even think about this, but hands are a deal breaker for women. Make sure your nails are trimmed, your cuticles are straight, and your hands are soft. They can have calluses because real men have calluses.


Hair. Women notice a man’s hair, whether receding, experiencing hair loss, is oily/greasy, or has dandruff. And if you’re losing it, see Bosley if you want to stop or fix it. If you want to own the hair loss, embrace it and don’t try to hide it. Cut it short, grow some facial hair, and rock some badass frames to elevate the aesthetic of your face.


Voice. Unfortunately, we can’t do much to change our voices. If you have a voice that is more deep base and gravelly, it’s incredibly attractive. A high-pitched voice is not as sexy (I’ve always sounded like a 13-year-old girl). However, if you have a nice body, she can forgive the fact that you sound like a little girl. That’s my case. 


Physique. Women will notice if you’re rocking a sweet set of man boobs or love handles. The good news is that dad bods are all the rage. But if you’re a bit more defined & toned or have a luscious booty, women are drawn to this too. A pro tip is to do squats and lunges to build a better booty. Also, ensure you wear pants that fit and are not saggy or droopy. 


Smell. Women will always notice the way that men smell or don’t smell. Pay attention to your armpits, balls, and fragrance. Make sure you smell incredible because scent is an essential and powerful nonverbal communicating tool. You can do something about your smell, unlike your height or Big Al. Grab this Pete & Pedro Fragrance Bundle for over $30 OFF and smell amazing!


Height. I’m short and have never been insecure about my height. I’ve always gotten girlfriends and never treated my height like a handicap, but I know many short dudes do. To create a taller aesthetic, change your dress to elongate your body by dressing in monochromatic colors, wearing boots, and adding height to your hairstyle. 


Car. Women are probably not as obsessed with cars as men, but that doesn’t mean they don’t notice how a vehicle is clean and smells. Refrain from going into debt and buying a car above your means to impress someone. It’s not worth it. If she likes you for what you’re driving, she’s not worth it. Financial stability is desirable. 


Finances. Having a financial plan is incredibly attractive and practical. Don’t live above your means. Cut down on your expenses with what you drive and where you live. Delay gratification now so that you are in a stronger position in the future. 

Social Media

Social media. She will notice all the dumb pictures while she cyberstalks you. Be disciplined and diligent when posting photos, and understand opinions are formed based on what you post on social media. 


Friends. She notices who your friends are and who you hang out with. If you’re hanging out with losers, she’s noticing. She also sees how you treat others and speak about them AND to them. You are fantastic if you come across as uplifting, encouraging, kind, and friendly. If you talk behind people’s backs or are mean to others, you suck as a human. 


Smile. Women notice men’s smiles, so make sure your grill is clean and white and you are confident using it. It doesn’t matter how janky or crooked your teeth are, white teeth look better than yellow and nasty discolored teeth. If you’re insecure about the quality of your teeth, get a second job and save some money to have an incredible smile. 

Spicy Señoritas

Spicy senoritas. Dudes’ eyes are drawn to spiciness. It’s a fact. We can’t help it, but you can control how you handle it. You have about 1 second to glance. Make sure not to glance longer or to track. Also, ensure that your social media account isn’t filtering all sexy chicks. If she snoops, she knows it’s not an accident. She will know you’ve been looking.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

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