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Here are the 14 wide receivers I’m rostering in my fantasy football league right now — and why

Football is upon us. This year wide receivers will reign. If you’re in it to win it then check out my list of wide receivers I have stashed on my team and why. There’s a league winner or two in there somewhere — so pick one that works for you.

You may be thinking it’s crazy to have that many wide receivers on one fantasy team. But, let me explain why I have that many.

This particular league is a dynasty league.

We can roster 30 players and we are free to keep as many players as we want from the previous year.

We can hold up to 5 people on IR.

And it’s an IDP league, so our weekly roster is: QB | WR | WR | RB | RB | TE | FLEX | K || D | DL | LB | LB | CB | CB | S.

Scoring in this league is a full PPR, with milestone bonuses for both rushing and receiving total yards (at 100, 150, 200, 250 yards); rushing and receiving plays of 40+ yards; passing, rushing and receiving TDs of 40+ yards; and for passing yards of 300, 350, 400, 450, and 500 yards.

At this point in the year (this league already drafted) I don’t hold a full lineup. If a position doesn’t carry as much weight and/or can be easily replaced without much significant difference — I don’t invest in them right now. Therefore, I don’t have a K, DL, S, or any CB. By the time we get to week 1 some of my hopefuls simply won’t pan out — for one reason or another. Others will be starting the year on IR. And some will be assets to trade.

Because wide receivers can put up the biggest yardages, and have careers about twice as long as running backs, and are less replaceable and less likely to get injured [compared to running backs], I like to devote the majority of my rosters spots towards harboring pass catchers. More specifically, in this dynasty league, I like to harbor pass catchers I think have a path to being the #1 guy on their team at some point in the next 1-3 years.

Generally speaking, I consider all the normal things like draft status, contract status, and of course my own personal assessment for each player based off of an array of factors and data points.

Depending on the type of league you’re in some of these players may be more or less relevant. But, I assure you, there are players in this list that will help someone win their league.

Let’s get into it.

I’m going to order this list by what I consider the first important metric to consider when trying to find the right wide receiver for my team: targets [projected]. I’m in a 12 team league and in 2021 our WR25 had 114 targets (Mike Evans) and our WR13 had 130 targets (Terry McLaurin). Therefore, I’m looking to roster wide receivers that at some point I see having a role where they could be targeted at least 7 times per game, on average. 

I’ve been around long enough to know that every year is a new year. Of the top 12 wide receivers [targets] in 2021, only 5 of them were in the that category in 2020. That’s why I try to overload my roster with quality wide receivers with a future floor of 8 targets per game — and then hope that at least 1 of them is a pleasant surprise in any given year.

*I’ll be looking at the projected targets for week 15… what I consider the most important week in fantasy football.

With all that being said, here’s my roster — and why:

Terry McLaurin

Acquired via: Draft

Proj. Targets: 8.1

Advice: Currently sitting out, Washington and McLaurin have yet to strike a long-term deal. It’s irrelevant though, as Scary Terry will be the target hog in D.C. this year and maybe for longer. It would be nearly impossible to get worse quarterback play this year and there’s some hope that this year’s draft pick can fill the need of a capable number 2 to help garner some attention to defenses. 

It’s hard to imagine McLaurin finishing outside the top 25 unless he suffers injuries. And if Wentz can be anything close to standard McLaurin has a good chance of finishing in the top 12.

Darnell Mooney

Acquired via: FA

Proj. Targets: 7.8

Advice: Allen Robinson is gone, Justin Fields is going into year 2, and Darnell Mooney is going into year 3 as the Bears unquestioned WR1.

The Bears offensive play calling can’t be worse than last year and this offseason Fields and Mooney have been working relentlessly together to get their timing and understanding of each other just right. 

Fields, coming out of college, was incredibly accurate at big throws while on the move. James Jones projects a Pro-Bowl caliber year out of Mooney in 2022 — definitely possible.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Acquired via: Trade

Proj. Targets: 7

Advice: As it goes, when I tend to make a trade for a wide receiver they tend to injure their shoulders. Thankfully, this one doesn’t seem to have been career-ending.

JuJu is still very young and getting a serious upgrade with Pat Mahomes. 

Deebo Samuel

Acquired via: Draft

Proj. Targets: 6.4

Advice: Really, what needs to be said about Deebo? 

Chris Godwin

Acquired via: Trade

Proj. Targets: 6.3

Advice: Chris Godwin was finally settling in as Tom Brady’s target hog before another low hit on the knee to a defenseless wide receiver. Seriously, why isn’t this illegal yet? 🤬

All signs are that he’ll make a full recovery, though. Add that to the commitment of a big contract and Godwin could be a real playoff all-star in 2022.

Gabriel Davis

Acquired via: Draft

Proj. Targets: 6.1

Advice: Get on board. 🚀

Gabriel Davis might be my favorite pick for a wide receiver ready to breakout in 2022.

When given the WR2 spot opposite Diggs against KC Davis broke into the NFL record book with his 201 yard, 4 TD game.

With Sanders and Beasley gone the Bills are looking for Davis to continue his development and take on a key role.

Jakobi Meyers

Acquired via: FA

Proj. Targets: 6

Advice: Jakobi has quietly become the WR1 in New England over the last 3 years. While not particularly flashy, Meyers used to be a quarterback. He understands offenses and defenses and knows how to be where and when — and he’s got some real sticky mitts.

I’m banking on Mac Jones making a lot of progress in his 2nd year and Meyers should be the main beneficiary.

Michael Gallup

Acquired via: Draft

Proj. Targets: 5.5

Advice: Gallup will start the year on IR. 

In the offseason he signed a largish long-term contract, and Amari Cooper headed off to Cleveland. When Gallup returns I expect him and Lamb to produce nearly similar on an overall basis. 


Tim Patrick

Acquired via: FA

Proj. Targets: 4.9

Advice: Patrick has led the Broncos in receiving for a while now. He heads into 2022 with a nice contract in hand and a major upgrade at quarterback. While Sutton and Jeudy get the hype and will be valued ahead of Patrick in most circles, I expect Patrick to lead this group again.

Marquez Callaway

Acquired via: FA

Proj. Targets: 4.6

Advice: The drafting of Chris Olave and signing of Jarvis Landry were serious dampers to my Marquez Callaway stock. I’m still holding him for now, though, to see what unfolds as we get closer to week 1.

Olave is a rookie, so we never know how they are going to unfold, even when we think they’re going to be the greatest thing ever, they often struggle. Landry has supposedly been a star in camp… but he hasn’t really dominated in the league for a while now. And Thomas hasn’t played in quite a while now and is STILL working on his ankle injury from more than a year ago now. 

Joshua Palmer

Acquired via: FA

Proj. Targets: 4.5

Advice: Herbert has the arm to support 3 1,000 yard receivers and he loves his 2nd year wide receiver out of Tennessee. It’s a bit crowded right now but there are a lot of indications that Palmer is ready to step in at any moment. The payoff in dynasty circles will either be in 2023 or 2024 should the Chargers elect to take Keenan Allen off their books in order to clear $14M and $23M, respectively.

Donovan Peoples-Jones

Acquired via: FA

Proj. Targets: 4.4

Advice: Christmas came early for me this year. Landry was cleared out of the way and Deshaun Watson was brought in. This could be a very big year for DPJ.

Byron Pringle

Acquired via: FA

Proj. Targets: 4.4

Advice: Pringle often showed flashes during his time in KC, which had a very crowded pass catching group with a lot of competition for targets. Now he’ll get his chance to shoot his shot in Chicago, where they’re expecting him to lineup opposite Darnell Mooney.

Justyn Ross

Acquired via: FA

Proj. Targets: 1.2

Advice: This guy was once viewed as a surefire 1st round pick. Injuries have been a real problem for him though, and he may not even make the team. He’s a true spec play, though, so we’ll see how camp goes.

Those are the guys I’m rostering right now (6/21). Tell me what you think about my roster in the comments section below. Who do you like? Who do you dislike? And which receivers are you owning this year in your fantasy football leagues?



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