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I’m Racist. And So Are You.

Hate crimes are the highest they’ve been in 20 years. While minorities and liberals claim racism is a problem, white power groups and the GOP are calling the minorities the real racists. Spoiler alert — everybody is racist.
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Have you ever known an alcoholic — or someone in an abusive relationship? If so, you know nothing will change until they first acknowledge the problem. Racism works the same way.

It’s natural to have biases. In fact, it would be very strange if we didn’t. Even the most primitive animals develop survival instincts based on their experiences and the information they’ve been exposed to in their development. 

I’ve always been a kind person. I’ve always treated everybody with respect. I’ve never been the type to make (or even laugh at) ‘jokes’ that were derogatory to other people. But, it was not until I went to a very diverse university and was able to truly be exposed to so many people that were not like me or the social circle that I grew up with that I would come to understand my underlying racism. 

My racism didn’t come out in any of the cruel ways you see most often portrayed in the news — the white supremacists at Trump rallies or marching through the streets with torches, chanting sh*t like, “Russia is our friends, the South will rise again,” — that’s some high-level racism. My racism was more in the form of having never put myself in the shoes of the other and wondering how my life would have been different. 

After I became aware of the prejudices that I held it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They aren’t necessarily gone — we can’t just expunge ourselves from deeply ingrained beliefs. But, it’s only in becoming aware of the problems we have that we can make conscious decisions to counteract those natural primitive instincts. 

No matter if you’re white, black, or yellow — you have some racism in you. Be aware that you hold these biases, and you can actively counteract your racism.

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2021 fantasy player outlook for Jerry Jeudy, WR, Denver Broncos (6/23) Advice: There will be at least one Fantasy manager in every draft who will ignore what happened in 2020 and want Jerry Jeudy on their roster. That’s because the former ballyhooed prospect remains loaded with potential despite a cratered rookie season that included 12 drops (second-most in NFL), a 46% catch rate (third-worst among qualifying players) and just 3.3 receptions per game. The silver lining? Jeudy ranked sixth among wideouts with 1,529 air yards, sixth in receiving average with 16.5, and 19th with 5.46 yards after catch per reception. To reach his ceiling, Jeudy will have to outplay all of his teammates, including Courtland Sutton, and put up big numbers with the Broncos’ inferior quarterbacks. It seems like the odds are against him, which is why anyone who does target him must do so after 75th overall on Draft Day — perhaps higher only in long-term formats. (
ADP: 6.07 — 10.01
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Born: April 24, 1999, Deerfield Beach, FL

Dolphins and You

Just got off the boat. Had an amazing time. Booked a trip for my birthday. And it was very fun. Not only did we see lots of dolphins but we got to see whales too. The crew was very fun and super friendly. Since I live on the island I do plan on taking a trip with them again in the near future. Mahalo crew for an amazing birthday. You guys rock.

Kō Hana Distillers

It was an amazing experience! It wasn’t just a tasting but a history, science, and tasting in one! Wonderful guide, really incredible rum, and just a good company to support. Couldn’t recommend enough.

Mami’s Empanadas

Best empanadas I’ve had in my life and I’ve tried a lot of empanada places in Toronto – nothing comes close. Everything is made fresh daily so the flavours can vary. What’s available for the day will be written on a chalkboard in the front. All the empanada orders come with sauces, there’s 3 – a green spicy one, pink one (can’t recall the exact flavour) and the white garlic. I was biased towards green and white. You can get 1 empanada for $3 or 4 for $10.

‘Tirades of profanity’: Axios reporter describes Trump meeting

Axios reporter Jonathan Swan describes a December 18 meeting between President Donald Trump, White House officials and conspiracy theorists that ended in a profanity-laced shouting match. Swan, who has covered Donald Trump’s presidency for years, called it one of the most dark and demented meetings of the administration.

Poke For The People

Great food, nice staff, and call ahead ordering available. The Keiki option is great for my toddler, the adults enjoyed their poke bowls, and the fish is fresh. When calling ahead, ask about their specials too. During the pandemic, the North Shore has been less populated with tourists. Though this may be nice for us locals, it does take away a giant portion of clientele from the eateries out here. So, please consider supporting local businesses!

Ivanka’s political future comes into sharper focus

When Donald Trump incited a mob riot on Capitol Hill last week, he didn’t just complicate his own political future— he scrambled the political career arcs of his kids as well.

At least three Trump family members are either considering runs for office or being urged to do so, according to well-connected GOP operatives and Trump family allies.

Mooney, D. – Chi (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Darnell Mooney, WR, Chicago Bears (6/23) Advice: Mooney’s rookie season got lost in the greatness of Justin Jefferson, but Mooney clearly established himself as the No. 2 receiver in Chicago. Now the question is whether there will be enough wide receiver targets to make him Fantasy relevant. The Bears brought back most of their receiving corps from 2020 and Tarik Cohen’s return may mean more targets going to running backs. In Matt Nagy’s three seasons in Chicago, Allen Robinson was the only receiver to earn more than 100 targets. That target risk means you should wait until the double-digit rounds to select Mooney in re-draft, but he’s more desirable in Dynasty due to his youth and the fact that Robinson could be gone in 2022. (
ADP: 8.01 — 15.06
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Born: October 29, 1997, Gadsden, AL

Goedert, D. – Phi (TE)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Dallas Goedert, TE, Philadelphia Eagles (6/23) Advice: Dallas Goedert is expected to be the No. 1 tight end for the Eagles this season, and he has the chance to be a top-five Fantasy tight end in that role. Philadelphia doesn’t have the most dynamic receiving corps, and Goedert could easily lead the team in targets. Zach Ertz is expected to be off the roster, and Goedert should be the focal point of the passing game for quarterback Jalen Hurts. Goedert was a top-10 PPR tight end in 2019 when Ertz was on the roster, and we saw Goedert have some big games in 2020 when he was healthy, scoring at least 11 PPR points in three of his final six games. Goedert is worth drafting with a mid-round pick in all leagues. (
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Politics live updates: Biden orders federal government to confront domestic violent extremism

In the wake of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, President Joe Biden is directing the federal government to focus on domestic violent extremism, including having the National Security Council build out its capability to counter domestic threats.

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki announced a three-pronged effort aimed at confronting domestic violent extremism at a press briefing Friday.

“The Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol and the tragic deaths and destruction that occurred underscored what we have long known,” Psaki said. “The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat. The Biden administration will confront this threat with the necessary resources and resolve.”

Best Mattresses

10 Best Mattresses For A Good Night’s Sleep

It is recommended that you replace your mattress every 10 years. However new technology is creating superior mattresses that help improve sleeping conditions, which is helping convince people to replace their mattresses even if they aren’t due for an upgrade.

Mo Brooks Says He Wore Body Armor to Jan. 6 Rally After Getting Tip Off

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) has continuously denounced the investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, even as he’s being sued by his colleagues over his role in inciting it. But while Brooks has said he didn’t believe the riot would turn violent, he told a Slate reporter Wednesday that he was actually tipped off about potential violence, prompting him to sleep in his office the day before the Ellipse speech and wear body armor to the rally.

Thielen, A. – Min (WR)

Adam Thielen 2021 Outlook: Passing The Torch Yet Still Scoring Touchdowns (5/14) Advice: Over the final month of 2020, Thielen averaged just 51 receiving yards per game, while Jefferson averaged 90 receiving yards per game. Thielen is also turning 31 before Week 1, so there’s always a risk he could begin to lose a step. Nevertheless, Thielen is a top-15 WR who should be drafted within the first 50-60 picks since he could have 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns this year, but do not be surprised if his fantasy value drops and Jefferson’s soars, either. (
ADP: 3.01 — 6.01
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Born: August 22, 1990, Detroit Lakes, MN

9 Ways How to Grill Like An Argentinian

One of summer’s greatest pleasures is barbecue grilling.

To make the most of your barbecue season, we invite you to discover Argentinian grilling.

Argentina takes beef seriously and they have mastered the art of grilling.

After three months in Argentina on our quest for authentic food, we shared and enjoyed many asados or Argentinian barbecues.

We also dined at several parrillas known as steakhouses where Argentine grilling is front and center.

By observing how Argentinians grill, we learned about the various Argentine grilling techniques and what make them so unique.

To further ground ourselves in the Argentinian grilling culture, we had the pleasure of meeting Francis Mallmann, Argentine celebrity chef.

According to Mallmann, grilling in Argentina isn’t just about the food, it is a ritual and ceremony.

To make your summer grilling remarkable, here are 9 ways to grill like an Argentinian.

Pittman Jr., M. – Ind (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Michael Pittman, WR, Indianapolis Colts (6/23) Advice: Michael Pittman enters his second season as a potential breakout candidate and should be drafted around the ninth or 10th round in most leagues as the first Colts receiver off the board. As a rookie, Pittman earned the trust of the coaching staff immediately, playing 92% of the snaps in Week 2 and consistently playing 80% or more of the snaps after coming back from IR in Week 8. We saw glimpses of the second-rounder’s upside, especially with a five-catch, 90-yard performance in the Colts’ playoff loss to the Bills, and he may end up emerging as the top option for Carson Wentz in Year 2. Don’t draft Pittman expecting you’ll be able to rely on him as a starter for Week 1, but he’s an excellent depth piece with upside. (
ADP: 7.01 — 11.01
More: Highlights | Draft Scout | Contract | Profile | Stats | News | Depth Chart | Discussion | Shop
Born: October 5, 1997, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Ryan, M. – Atl (QB)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons (6/23) Advice: The Jekyll and Hyde Fantasy career for Matt Ryan continued with a downer in 2020, and given the state of the position (with a lean toward QBs who can also provide value on the ground), Ryan is mostly an afterthought in one-QB drafts. It’s even possible to grab him in the double-digit rounds; the addition of Arthur Smith as head coach will only further deflate his ADP. Although Smith was run-heavy calling plays for the Titans, the Falcons are missing two key components that make a run-heavy approach possible: a defense that provides the game script necessary, and a runner as effective as Derrick Henry. Ryan is a late-round QB target who could provide top-five QB play as he’s done before playing behind what could be his best offensive line since Atlanta’s Super Bowl appearance with arguably the best receiving options in the NFL in Calvin Ridley, Julio Jones and now Kyle Pitts. (
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Claimed value of sleepy NY estate could come to haunt Trump

It’s sleepy by Donald Trump’s standards, but the former president’s century-old estate in New York’s Westchester County could end up being one of his bigger legal nightmares.

Seven Springs, a 213-acre swath of nature surrounding a Georgian-style mansion, is a subject of two state investigations: a criminal probe by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and a civil inquiry by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

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