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Jeremy Renner on Snowplow Accident, Getting Kicked Out of the ICU & Get Well “Cameo” from Paul Rudd

Charles Schwab | https://www.schwab.com/
Jeremy talks about breaking over thirty bones and almost dying when he was run over by a snowplow on New Year’s Day, being on the ground for 45 minutes before an ambulance could get to him, getting kicked out of the first ICU he was in, his mom reading a Stephen King book to him while he was in the hospital, all the people reaching out to him with well wishes, a funny get well video he got from Paul Rudd, his new show “Rennervations” on Disney+, buying large vehicles like fire trucks and finding a new use for them, visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain with his daughter, and the best thing to come from his accident.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

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