Jim Cramer’s lightning round: MasTec’s a winner

Wells Fargo: “I believe in [CEO] Charlie Scharf … Let’s hope they’re allowed to do their buyback.” MasTec: “Mastec’s a winner. I like infrastructure plays, and that’s certainly one of them. We’ve got a lot of infrastructure problems.” Caterpillar: “There’s very few industrials, so this one can go to $200. Management’s been buying back stock. … I actually like Deere more than Caterpillar.” Velodyne Lidar: “Unfortunately, there’s so many in that same space. I like that one.” Tupperware Brands: “I have decided that this thing is just too hard to own. If I had bought it at the lower level, I would be thinking” to sell. Freeport-McMoran: “I would hold on to that, even though it’s already doubled.”


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