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10 Las Vegas Restaurants That Will Blow Out Your Taste Buds

If you’re in Las Vegas and searching for a dining experience you’ll never forget — look no further! We did the research and here are ten restaurants that have earned our highest recommendation.
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Best Restaurants In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, often known simply as Vegas, is the 26th-most populous city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County. The city anchors the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area and is the largest city within the greater Mojave Desert. Wikipedia

It’s also one of the best places on Earth with its world-class dining options, shopping, and entertainment; not to mention the more than 70 scenic golf courses. Whether you’re going for a quick getaway or an extended stay — business, pleasure, or house shopping — you’re going to need to eat somewhere that treats you right. Based off our research these restaurants have met or exceeded our expectations and have earned our highest recommendation.

Table of Contents

The Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas

1. Sushi Hiroyoshi Japanese Cuisine

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

Sushi Hiroyoshi was the most delightful sushi experience I have ever had.  Better than Nobu (and half the price) and on par with the sushi we had at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo.

— Mari T.


By Vincent Ledvina

Available Mediums: Aluminum

Original Ratio: 49 x 86

$59 — $304

2. Samurai Japanese BBQ and Grill


Wagyu yakiniku? Yes please!! Japanese BBQ really focuses on the simplicity of the flavor of the beef itself. High quality beef shines on its own!

I recommend trying a combo for satiety but for the FULL experience please order the A5 Wagyu sampler… Melt in your mouth japanese wagyu for a reasonable price (in comparison to some of the restaurants on the strip).

— Jen Y.

3. Kabuto

Best Restaurants In Las Vegas

Its official. This is my “Go to” omakase experience in Vegas. This definitely sits near the top of many notable places I have tried throughout the country and brings a wave of nostalgia to all those eats in japan in Tsukiji and proper places.

The preparation for every single dish really accentuated each of the flavors. I was thoroughly impressed. Honestly best omakase in vegas no doubt and definitely a worthy contender even on the national stage and better than even some of the SF and NYC places I have been to. Don’t sleep on the experience.

— Dan M.


By Jeremiah Higgins

Available Mediums: Aluminum

Original Ratio: 60 x 40

$59 — $274

4. Galpao Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse


During a trip to Vegas for a birthday and family visit, I decided to eat somewhere that would give me the meat sweats in the best way possible. Galpao Gaucho did just that.

The restaurant followed perfect protocol with keeping the patrons safe. We had plenty of room between tables and they took reservations to insure they could keep great distance between everyone.

The meat – oh my goodness – the meat. My favorite cuts were the bacon wrapped filet mignon, the lamb chops, ribeye, and the picanha. I also had grilled shrimp which weren’t rubbery or over-seasoned. And as a seafood lover, it pains me to say this, but I’d pass them over for the lamb and filet mignon each time.

The bottom sirloin, beef tenderloin and other cuts were tasty, but I got a LOT of sea salt with them, so be aware of that.

Our host was wonderful, and the gachos were attentive. And if what you want hasn’t come out, remember you can ask for it and it will be sent right over.

The sides are okay, but I rarely eat them, except for the fried banana to clean my palate between meats. There was grilled pineapple, which I didn’t try because I love my tastebuds, but my friend did and she said it was great. It smelled so sweet and perfect too! I wish I didn’t love my tastebuds, and I would have gladly let them itch for a slice of the pineapple.

Favorite topping? Chimichurri for sure.

The salad bar is more my speed for my sides. I know that they are supposed to be a pre-meal snack, but adding greens with the meat makes me feel a LITTLE better about the sheer amount of meat I consume. Who am I kidding? I’d feel good about it either way. The food is good, and I’d go back in a minute as soon as I touched down in Vegas again.

I wish I had photos to show you, but the restaurant was dimly lit, I suppose to keep you from realizing that you’re putting away that much meat – did I mention how good it was?

Just trust me. If you’re a lover of different cuts of beef, pork and chicken legs, you’ll have a great time.

— Review by Natasha N.

5. Hobak Korean BBQ

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

Sooooo good!! We loved our Hobak experience in Seoul Korea, so HAD to check out this place while in Vegas.

Cons: they do not take reservations but they do take a wait list but you will physically have to check in to write your name, number, and how many ppl down and they will call you once your table is ready. We went twice and both times waited about an hour and a half.

Pros: Wait next door in the coolest/cutest coffee shop and check it out!

We went with C1 Combo for 4 and it was sooo good.
I actually loved the touch of rosemary on the Kbbq. The cheese with the meat was divine. All the side dishes were tasty too!

We loved the aesthetics of the 90’s Seoul and the dessert at the end is a must. Save room. Everything was soooo good.

All the servers were grill masters and timed everything out perfectly. My Filipino brother (sorry I forgot your name :((( you were amazing!!! Thank you for taking care of us!! Everyone and everything was 100/100 for us. Wish we had you in Chicago. Keep feeding that KBBQ for those in Vegas! Everyone needs to go experience it.

— Review by Yura L.


By Xiyu Zhang

Available Mediums: Aluminum

Original Ratio: 55 x 31

$69 — $207

6. Chubby Cattle


First time here after hearing rave reviews, and the place did not disappoint. It’s a traditional Chinese hot pot where you get your own pot. We went with the tomato based oxtail broth, per recommendation from our waiter. So glad we did because the broth was so good. Super flavorful yet light. We ordered a beef combo, veggie combo, and a bunch of other stuff we pulled off the conveyor belt. I think the star was the Inari shrimp paste, also a rec from our trusty waiter. Takes 20 mins to make so get your order in early, definitely worth it.  

It is off the strip, so plan that Uber/Lyft.
Nothing like a nice broth to cure that hangover.

— Review by Julie L.

7. La Strega

Best Restaurants In Las Vegas

Our first night in Vegas and we decided to have a wonderful romantic dinner off the strip at La Strega. We chose to dine in the quieter patio section of the restaurant. I was just in love with the cool green and blue hues of the decor. I started my meal with the Alessandra cocktail, which came out in a beautiful peacock  goblet. I enjoyed it very much –the wonderful mix of toasted coconut rum, Bianco vermouth, absinthe, passionfruit, pineapple and vanilla. My fiancé enjoyed his beer. For our main entrees, we both settled on the Stracci pasta dishes. The Stracci dish is pappardelle pasta with braised beef cheeks, mushrooms, pecorino and sage. You get a very nice size portion, so much so that we even had leftovers to take back to our hotel. A huge thanks to our waiter, Troy, who was on point with all of his recommendations. We already can’t wait to come back here next time we’re in Vegas!


**Takeout is available.

**There are plenty of parking spots in the lot by the restaurant.

**They won the Eater Vegas’ Restaurant of the Year in 2019.

— Review by Adriana F.


By Saad Chaudhry

Available Mediums: Aluminum

Original Ratio: 47 x 31

$71 — $201

8. Water Grill


Dodger game was on and my family and I were searching for an exquisite seafood restaurant to watch the game.  We decided on the Water Grill and headed on over.  I’m glad we did.

We sat at the seafood bar to watch the Dodger game and chatted with Bryant, who was preparing the fresh oysters and scallops beautifully (see my pic).  After watching Bryant, we had to order some Kumamoto oysters, scallops and sample the shrimp.  Delicious!  Love the small/medium size and slight sweetness of Kumamoto oysters, $38.40 for a dozen.  Amazing Peruvian Bay Scallops with a pistachio and light, citrus pesto, $32.10 for a dozen (see my pic).  Get the scallops and oysters, they won’t disappoint.

Our server was “K” and he was prompt and attentive.  Checked in with our party of 3 often and made sure food was prepared to our liking and needs met.

Great food, good service and Dodgers won (YAY!!!) …Thanks Water Grill, for an evening well spent.  Stay safe and healthy (mind, body and soul) Yelping out there 🙂

— Review by Jules B.

9. Kame Omakase

Best Restaurants In Las Vegas

Just a week ago we were in Las Vegas debating the wisdom of dropping some $$ on omakase in the middle of the desert. We’ve eaten at Morimoto’s in Philly and Nobu in NYC, and had a scandalously not worth it omakase (four figure$!) at another place in NYC.   But we didn’t want to eat in a hotel on the strip, and were feeling like taking a gamble. So off we go to Kame Omakase.

The other reviews that say it was the best meal of their lives do not exaggerate. The care taken with the perfectly sourced ingredients as well as the friendly but well-choreographed service – it made every other sushi I’ve ever eaten (including lengthy stays in Japan) taste like supermarket sushi by comparison. Every bite was pure heaven.

Splurge and do it- you won’t regret it. (I did feel a little sorry for an early review of Kame where it seemed like the experience was the reviewer’s first experience with sushi. He loved it-but if that is your first sushi, you are always going to be disappointed unless you are eating at Kame!!)

I seriously hate Vegas but I WILL come back to eat here again.

— Review by Rita P.


10. The Legends Oyster Bar and Grill


5/5 stars! This place is really, REALLY GOOD!

If you’re craving oysters, or any seafood this is the place to go. It’s a little restaurant tucked in a little plaza. Reservations are required since it’s a small restaurant.

Fast service, very nice employees, and the chef(probably the owner also) also stops by your table to check in and see how the meal is.

If you have any left overs, the servers will come and pack it for you – super nice!

As for the food, the oysters are my favorite!!! The Kushi and the Kumamoto are delish! They’re so small, so I could eat a ton of them!

The New England Clam Chowder bread bowl- prob the best here in Vegas!! HANDS DOWN! The bread bowl itself is WOW. It’s a flaky sourdough bread – not hard at all. It’s soft, doesn’t cut up the roof of your mouth (if you know you know).

Chowder fries are so bomb!! I mean cmon, clam chowder & fries together? YES!

The jambalaya and the pan roast are both bomb entrees as well.

Def want to come back and try other things. My fave place to go for seafood for sure!

— Review by Jana E.

11. Honorable Mentions


Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining

Al Solito Posto

Chinglish Cantonese Wine Bar

Cleaver -- Butchered Meats

Echo & Rig

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen

Joel Robuchon

Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

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Best Places To Eat

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Las Vegas, often known simply as Vegas, is the 26th-most populous city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County. The city anchors the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area and is the largest city within the greater Mojave Desert. Wikipedia

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