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Meet the Ferrari 812 GTS, Robb Report’s 2022 Car of the Year Runner Up | Robb Report

Talk about a narrow race! With 70 points out of a possible 80, the Ferrari 812 GTS missed the winner’s circle by a single point. Unanimously the top pick of Robb Report’s automotive editors, who found the model to be at the confluence of legacy and outer limits, it was the judges’ second overall.

Number crunching aside, the Ferrari won hearts with its combination of performance, refinement, looks and such intangibles as its wow factor and predicted future collectibility. Importantly, the 812 GTS has the most powerful naturally aspirated production-car engine ever made and is a reminder that no sound or sensation compares to a Ferrari V-12 winding out to redline. This model has a retractable hard top that makes it a car for all seasons, and when it comes to personalization, the Prancing Horse knows how to accommodate its clients; ours had $140,000 in options, including a $33,000 Blu Ahrabian metallic paint job. In short, there was a lot to like.

Many judges homed in on driving as a multisensory pursuit, and Ferrari’s primacy in satisfying one sense in particular. Peter Li called out the “lovely sound of a naturally aspirated V-12,” while Joshua Greenman advised, “It’s worth it for the sound alone.” Former fighter pilot Mike Lackey said the GTS “feels like an F-14 in Zone 5 afterburner, and we didn’t even attempt the higher-end settings. The sound of the engine, both accelerating and decelerating, screams high-performance sports car… a true symphony for the ears.” Jim Shay enthused, “Love it! The best balance of raw power and luxury.” Similarly, Hugi Hilmisson was enraptured by what he termed the “biblical soundtrack” and noted that the Ferrari “doesn’t have the handling of a car with a mid-mounted engine but still feels extremely agile.” Lee Oleinick appreciated the “insane power and noise,” adding, “it handles like a true race car but unfortunately includes the jarring ride.” Mark Newman expressed mixed feelings, too, calling it “a world-class car but not that comfortable for a long drive, with seats that are too firm and suspension that’s too harsh for a GT cruiser.”

Another weakness: “The dash and five-year-old instruments need updating,” Tim Rogers suggested, and Justin Baldwin seconded the opinion.

But for Matteo Atti, those quibbles didn’t matter. “I’m in love,” he declared. “Sometimes Italians really do it better.” Andrew Chase considered the 812 GTS from a broader perspective, advising, “Get one while you can—this is an investment, not a depreciating asset!”

Our editors recognized the connection between the 812 GTS and such classic Ferraris as the 275 GTB and 365 GTB/4 “Daytona.” Roger Cary also saw a timeless lesson, saying, “This car helped me to understand: If you are not driving your dream car, go back to work.”

ENGINE: 6.5-liter, normally aspirated V-12
POWER: 789 hp @ 8,500 rpm
0-60 MPH: 2.8 sec
TOP SPEED: 211 mph
BASE PRICE: $397,544

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