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Mifepristone ruling is latest in series of moves to curb abortion access

On Friday, a federal judge in Texas invalidated FDA approval of mifepristone, threatening access to the most common abortion pill in the country. Earlier this week, legislatures in Idaho, Kansas and Florida moved to further restrict abortion access in those states. Sarah Varney, senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News, joins Ali Rogin to discuss the latest developments.

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After Californiaโ€™s historic and damaging storms, a silver lining as reservoirs refill following years of drought. Plus, Supreme Court analyst Joan Biskupic discusses her new book about the courtโ€™s conservative shift.

News Wrap: Justice Department probes potential leak of Pentagon documents

In our news wrap Saturday, access to the abortion drug mifepristone is up in the air after dueling rulings from two federal judges, the DOJ launched an investigation into a potential leak of Pentagon documents detailing aid to Ukraine, China sent warships and fighter jets closer to Taiwan, and police in Iran started installing cameras in public places to identify women not wearing veils.

Californiaโ€™s reservoirs refill after historic storms, but snowmelt poses risks

After a barrage of severe winter storms, 12 of California’s 17 major reservoirs have been replenished โ€” a silver lining for a state suffering from brutal drought. But officials also warn that when the enormous snowpack atop the Sierra Nevada starts to melt, the runoff could cause a new threat to those below. Los Angeles Times reporter Hayley Smith joins William Brangham to discuss.

The history and future consequences of the Supreme Courtโ€™s conservative shift

Recent reporting by ProPublica revealed that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas took undisclosed, lavish trips funded by a Republican megadonor. This comes as the country waits to see how the justices will rule in a number of contentious cases. Supreme Court analyst Joan Biskupic joins John Yang to discuss the court’s conservative shift, and how that could shape the country’s future.

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