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‘A complete rip-off’: Campaign-finance experts puzzled and stunned by Trump camp’s reported ‘money-bomb’ ploy

Older donors who gave a few hundred dollars to former President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign said they were shocked to see thousands drained from their accounts. Refund requests jumped in the final months of the campaign. The ensuing surges in credit-card-fraud claims associated with Trump got on the radar of the US’s biggest banks.

That’s all according to a New York Times investigation published Saturday that detailed a recurring-donation scheme it said was referred to as “the money bomb,” which the Trump campaign used to pad its coffers in the final months of the campaign through the GOP fundraising platform WinRed.


Being a wealthy movie star protects famous folks in many ways but they pay a price in having embarrassing personal business exposed. Johnny Depp and ex Amber Heard could write a book on just how bad that gets at this point–both have likely lost potential work, Depp has left a major production altogether, and now more than 1.5 million people have signed a petition calling for Heard to drop out of Aquaman 2.

‘It’s turned crazy’: Inside the scramble for Trump pardons

President Donald Trump may not be willing to accept his term is ending, but as the clock ticks down on his time in office, hundreds of his allies — including some of his closest business associates and many high-profile criminals — are ramping up their efforts to squeeze out the final ounces of his presidential power.

‘Tirades of profanity’: Axios reporter describes Trump meeting

Axios reporter Jonathan Swan describes a December 18 meeting between President Donald Trump, White House officials and conspiracy theorists that ended in a profanity-laced shouting match. Swan, who has covered Donald Trump’s presidency for years, called it one of the most dark and demented meetings of the administration.

‘Patrick Mahomes,’ the real GOAT, reunited with family in Harvey County

The owner of “Patrick Mahomes,” a stray GOAT, fund Thursday evening has been reunited with its family.

In response to a post on the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, the goat’s owner wrote: “The suspect has been captured but he’s doing fine so far no injuries but he’s fine I’m working on his pen right now.”

‘Slow-motion insurrection’: How GOP seizes election power

In the weeks leading up to the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, a handful of Americans — well-known politicians, obscure local bureaucrats — stood up to block then-President Donald Trump’s unprecedented attempt to overturn a free and fair vote of the American people.

‘The perfect target’: Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years – ex-KGB spy

Donald Trump was cultivated as a Russian asset over 40 years and proved so willing to parrot anti-western propaganda that there were celebrations in Moscow, a former KGB spy has told the Guardian.

Yuri Shvets, posted to Washington by the Soviet Union in the 1980s, compares the former US president to “the Cambridge five”, the British spy ring that passed secrets to Moscow during the second world war and early cold war.

Now 67, Shvets is a key source for American Kompromat, a new book by journalist Craig Unger, whose previous works include House of Trump, House of Putin. The book also explores the former president’s relationship with the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

‘This is how I’m going to die’: Officers describe horrors of Jan. 6 riot

Four police officers who defended the Capitol from a Jan. 6 riot by Donald Trump supporters spoke out Tuesday during the first hearing of the select committee investigating the attack, sharing harrowing details of their physical and mental trauma.

As the riot fades from public memory amid a new wave of Republican revisionism, select panel members aimed to cast the hearing — the first time Congress has heard publicly from law enforcement on the front lines of the response to Jan. 6 — as a vivid reminder of what happened.

1. Myles Gaskin, Washington

Myles Gaskin is an American football running back for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. He played college football at Washington. Highlights | Draft Scout | Contract
Born: February 15, 1997 (age 24 years), Lynnwood, WA
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 201 lbs

1. Ty Johnson, Maryland

Ty Marquise Johnson is an American football running back for the New York Jets of the National Football League. He played college football at Maryland. Highlights
Born: September 17, 1997 (age 23 years), Cumberland, MD
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 216 lbs

10 Best Golf Courses in Scottsdale

Scottsdale and the Phoenix area offer amazing dining options and amazing places to stay — and some of the best golf in the world. We put together a list of the most highly recommended golf courses in the area, according to

10 Best Mattresses For A Good Night’s Sleep

It is recommended that you replace your mattress every 10 years. However new technology is creating superior mattresses that help improve sleeping conditions, which is helping convince people to replace their mattresses even if they aren’t due for an upgrade.

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2021

This list marks 20 years since we began compiling an annual selection of the year’s most important technologies. Some, such as mRNA vaccines, are already changing our lives, while others are still a few years off. Below, you’ll find a brief description along with a link to a feature article that probes each technology in detail. We hope you’ll enjoy and explore—taken together, we believe this list represents a glimpse into our collective future.

10 Excellent Oscar–Winning Movies You Can Watch On Netflix

Few nights in Hollywood’s calendar year come close to the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards. An Oscar statuette is a crowning achievement for anyone involved in the production of film, and those that garner one or more of the little gold boys win the right to label themselves an Academy Award–winning “insert title here” for the rest of history, not to mention the career-boosting potential that comes with it.

10 great streaming shows on Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus for 2020

The year 2020 was when most of us went from going out with loved ones to exchanging recommendations on what type of TV show or movie to stream next. One way to suit everyone’s taste — kids, adults, and sports fans — is to try the Disney Bundle, a streaming pack that consists of Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu.

10 Smoky Scotches For The Scotch Connoisseur

In 1494, the King of Scotland ordered Friar John Cor to make aqua vitae, the water of life. And the most delicious distilled spirit ever created was born. Here’s today’s best scotches — and they deserve a spot on your shelf.

12 Best Golf Courses in Palm Springs

Planning your next golf trip to the California desert? We put together a list of the best courses to play in the Palm Springs area, according to

12 Best Golf Courses To Play in Las Vegas

Las Vegas golf courses have it all, with a range of course designers from Jack Nicklaus, Rees Jones, Pete Dye and Tom Fazio to name but a few – from lush green parkland to stark desert courses this entertainment mecca has a surprisingly wide choice of golf to choose from. We did the research and here are 12 of the best golf courses to play in Las Vegas, according to

14 facts you might not know about the real North Pole

You probably grew up believing that the North Pole is a magical place with reindeer, elves and holiday cheer like you saw in the movies. And most importantly, that it’s where Santa Claus lives. Unfortunately, you’re not going to find any of those things at the real North Pole. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about the northernmost part of the Earth.

16 Great Whiskey Cocktails

Whiskey is the king of classic cocktails, so we love ourselves a good Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Julep. But we’re not afraid to mix it up either. These 16 cocktail recipes know what we’re talking about.

16 Holiday Movies To Watch When You’re Just So Horny

The holidays won’t be the same this year — that’s a given. But there are a few beloved traditions we can still take part in, like snuggling up in front of the TV to watch our favorite holiday movie… and then immediately retreating to our bedroom to flick it or hook-up because we’re feeling so damn full of holiday cheer.

17 Famous Movie Lines That Were Geniusly Improvised

Improvisation is a sword most actors learn how to wield. However, only the ones who’ve mastered the art can come up with an absolutely killer line on the spot, often making for some of the most memorable movie moments.
Here are 17 iconic movie lines actors came up with on the spot:

2. La’Mical Perine, Florida

La’Mical Perine is an American football running back for the New York Jets of the National Football League. He played college football for the Florida Gators. Highlights
Born: January 30, 1998 (age 23 years)
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 216 lbs

2021 Fantasy Football App Guide: Which FF Platform Is The Best?

Fantasy Football is the most popular fantasy draft sport in the United States. Every season, according to Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, more than 48 million people play the game. These devotees are largely interested in sports betting, in 2018, according to FSGA, “research found that 79% of fantasy players said there’s at least a good possibility they’d bet on sports if and when a bill is passed to legalize it in their state.”

How popular is Fantasy Football? Of the 60 million who participate in fantasy sports in the U.S. and Canada, 79 percent (or four out of five) play fantasy football. According to ESPN, in 2019, the last year with public data, there were more than 11 million unique registered users on the ESPN Fantasy App (not all were football players, but most were).

2021 Fantasy Football draft rankings: Defenses

Which group do you fall into? Will you be targeting the Rams DST early? Do the Broncos a bit later fit your bill? Or maybe you’re content with wrapping your team up with, say, the Cardinals defense, knowing full well you might drop them ahead of Week 1.

Whatever school of thought you fit into, our analysts will help you prepare with their DST draft rankings for 2021, and don’t forget to join or sign up for a fantasy football league now!

2021 Fantasy Football RB Sleepers: Potential running back breakouts, draft steals

There’s no hotter commodity in a fantasy football draft than a running back sleeper. Everyone wants to round out their picks with two or three steals (often rookies) who will emerge at some point this year and take over. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of breakout candidates considering how common injuries are at this position. When you add in the potential for COVID-related absences again in 2021, you can expect a good chunk of the league to start multiple RBs at various points this season. Any backup can have value if they get 15-plus touches per game, so you need to know more than just the top-75 RB rankings your backs’ immediate handcuffs — you damn near need to know every teams’ entire depth chart.

2021 First-Round NFL Mock Draft: Updated Picks After Pro Days

We’re down to about a fortnight now.

It feels as though it was just yesterday when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were whipping the Vince Lombardi Trophy around above the deep waters of the Hillsborough River, but that’s ancient history in terms of the NFL offseason, and free agency is already a memory.

We’re into the final countdown for the 2021 draft. And with basically the entire predraft process complete, we’re able to mock the draft with an increasingly clear picture.

Here’s our latest stab at it.

2021 NFL Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheets

Develop a winning strategy by knowing where people are being ranked and drafted. Download and print these free cheat sheets before your next fantasy draft. Last updated: 4/25/2021

2021 NFL Mock Draft Monday: Three-round mock draft with first-round trades

With the number of prospects that returned to school this year, this draft is even more crucial than previous years. Teams will have to hit on prospects early and find talent in the later rounds, where options will be even slimmer. Let’s dive into the first three rounds of the NFL Draft, with trades in the first round that will affect other rounds as well.

2021 NFL Mock Draft v3.1

Shoutout to the 49ers for setting us up for a wild month of mock drafts!

Here’s my 3rd 2021 NFL Mock Draft… Let me know what you think!

2021 NFL Mock Draft: Denver Broncos trade up for QB Trey Lance, Florida TE Kyle Pitts lands with the Miami Dolphins at No. 6

The trades involving San Francisco, Miami and Philadelphia have reshaped the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. It now seems all but a foregone conclusion that quarterbacks will come off the board with the first three picks in the draft, potentially forcing other QB-needy teams to move up to secure one of the top-five quarterbacks before the run ends. There’s a real chance that this run ends inside the top 10 picks, as it does in my second attempt at a 2021 mock draft.

2021 NFL Mock Draft: QB Justin Fields lands with the Jets at No. 2 overall, Falcons select Florida TE Kyle Pitts at No. 4

Predicting the NFL draft is a fruitless yet satisfying endeavor. The draft never plays out how anyone hopes or dreams, but playing general manager for all 32 NFL teams creates a unique take on the proceedings. We see top prospects fall unexpectedly in almost every draft; we also see players who get picked way too high. It’s a fun exercise to try to predict every pick.

For this mock draft, I’ve tried to fill an immediate and specific need for the team in question, and that’s what the “key change” function is for. Every team in the league was bad in a certain area last season, and here’s how that changes with the new addition in this draft.

2021 NFL Mock Draft: The Steelers take an inside linebacker with their top pick

The 2021 NFL draft is now only 17 days away. With free agency winding down and all eyes on the upcoming NFL draft, the Steelers will have a lot of different draft scenarios which could shake out before making their first draft selection. Because the NFL combine will not be held, pro days are the best option to get player information. With the majority of these pro days concluded, it’s still difficult to gauge which players will move up draft boards while others fall.

2021 NFL offseason: All 32 teams’ WR situations ahead of free agency, draft

Before roster building begins in earnest this offseason with free agency and the draft, Cynthia Frelund breaks down where every NFL team stands at wide receiver below. Note that wide receivers only — NOT all pass-catchers — were considered; each team’s top three receiver (by reception) is listed, and players who are not under contracted for 2021 are denoted as unrestricted free agents (UFA), restricted free agents (RFA) or exclusive rights free agents (ERFA).

2021 NFL Rumors: Could Deshaun Watson be traded to the Carolina Panthers?

Seemingly on a daily basis, fresh NFL news and rumors regarding Deshaun Watson and a potential trade emerge. Following the latest reports that Deshaun Watson would be open to a trade to the Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets, Pro Football Network’s Chief Draft Analyst Tony Pauline discussed on the recent Draft Insiders live show the latest news he is hearing regarding the possible destination for Watson.

2021 NFL Running Backs: Sleepers

They’re not popular… yet. Keep up on the latest NFL sleepers. They may not be starters right now, but, are only one hurdle away from serious playing time and maybe fantasy relevance. These players may be the piece that helps you make a playoff push or may become an asset down the road in your dynasty leagues.

2021 NFL training camp: Biggest questions, roster projections for all 32 teams

NFL training camp for the 2021 season opened last week for the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers, who will play in the Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 5. The reigning champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened camp Sunday, while the rest of the league followed Tuesday.

The NFL got back to a semi-normal offseason schedule with seven new head coaches taking over for the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles.


In one of the more ironic turns of the wheel we’ve seen; Hummer is back, but not as a gas-guzzling target of eco-warriors, now it’s a full-EV pickup truck under the GMC umbrella. Greg Carloss, Brian Robinson, and Jessica Ray have the details on the revived Hummer nameplate.

2022 NFL defense rankings: Best defenses in NFL playoffs

Football fans are familiar with the old saying that defense wins championships, it’s partially true. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense fueled their championship run last season and crucial plays from the Kansas City Chiefs defense led the Super Bowl comeback..

21 Wall Prints Every San Francisco Lover Needs On Their Wall

From the city skyline to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the historic Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco’s landmarks have been captured in a fabulous collection of wall art! With its proximity to the ocean, San Francisco has beauty in abundance, and the views are rivaled only by the culture and heritage of this destination city. San Francisco’s stunning public parks, beachfront properties and open-air concerts create a rich and memorable atmosphere for both natives and visitors. Whether you want to revisit a favorite vacation destination with a realistic photo print or have a taste for abstract paintings, San Francisco art prints are sure to please.

24 Best Gin Cocktails to Shake, Stir, & Sip

Gin cocktails can range from refreshing sips featuring mint leaves, tonic water, and lemon simple syrup to the bold and bitter, like a Negroni made with dry gin, dry vermouth, and Campari.

25 Million Clinton Votes Weren’t Fake

Q: Did NPR report that a study found “over 25 million Hillary Clinton votes were completely fraudulent,” and that she “actually lost the popular vote”?

A: No. That claim was made in a story that conflates a 2012 article about inaccuracies in voter registration rolls with actual fraudulent votes.

3 Cannabis Stocks to Buy for a Potentially Huge ‘Blue Wave’

Cannabis stocks have been an utter disappointment, Luke says. But the worldwide boom in cannabis stocks that we were supposed to see in 2018 could actually start in November 2020. Here’s why:

The markets are betting on a Biden win. And his VP, Kamala Harris, has already telegraphed that she would federally decriminalize cannabis should her and Biden take the White House.

Once that happens, get ready for these three cannabis stocks to boom!

3 reasons Steelers will regret letting James Conner walk

The Steelers have shown this past season that there is not an abundance of talent in the RB room.

Pittsburgh made it known pretty early this offseason that they believe the struggles with their offense stem from the running game. It is not an easy thing to disagree with as for the last 3 seasons the Steelers have failed to rank higher than 29th in rush yards per game. It is not as if there is no hope for the run game in 2021, but the failure to resign James Conner definitely puts a damper on things.

3. Michael Carter, North Carolina

Michael Carter is an American football running back for the New York Jets. He played college football at North Carolina. Highlights
Born: May 7, 1999 (age 21 years), Navarre, FL
Weight: 200 lb (91 kg)
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

4 Chiefs players named to PFF’s top-50 players of 2021

Four Kansas City Chiefs players have been named to the Pro Football Focus list of the top-50 NFL players heading into the 2021 season. This is an analytics-based projection on what PFF believes to be the top players in the league during the upcoming year. They take a look at previous stats and grades and adjust based on circumstances related to this upcoming season.

4. Josh Adams, Notre Dame

Josh Adams is an American football running back for the New York Jets of the National Football League. He played college football at Notre Dame, and he was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2018.
Born: October 29, 1996 (age 24 years), Warrington Township, PA
Height: 6′ 2″

5 major investigations into Donald Trump and his businesses, explained

The announcement by New York Attorney General Letitia James on Tuesday night that her office’s probe into The Trump Organization has evolved from a purely civil one to add a criminal investigation is a good reminder of the various legal entanglements facing former President Donald Trump as he works to keep control of the Republican Party and mulls a 2024 presidential re-run.

Although James’ office didn’t elaborate on what specifically led her office to make the investigation criminal, CNN legal analyst Elliot Williams offered this take on the move — and what it has to do with the ongoing investigation into the Trump organization by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance — in an interview on “New Day” Wednesday:

6 Best Golf Courses To Play in Cabo San Lucas

If you’re thinking about heading to Cabo you might be wondering if they have any good golf courses worth playing. They do — and we did the research for you. Here are the 6 best golf courses to play in Cabo San Lucas, according to

7 nooses found at Amazon construction site in Connecticut in past month

A $100,000 reward is being offered for information leading to those responsible after seven nooses were discovered at the construction site of an Amazon distribution center in Windsor, Connecticut, in the past month.

The first incident was reported to police on April 27, after a hangman’s noose was found hanging from a steel beam on the second floor of the building, according toNew Haven ABC affiliate WTNH.

Two days later, five more ropes that resembled a noose were found on several floors throughout the building, WTNH reported.

The latest noose was discovered Wednesday afternoon at the site, hanging on overhead beams, according to WTNH. The incident occurred during a lunch break, when many workers had left the area, police said.

8 Best Gins to Drink Straight in 2020

When it comes to the major spirit categories — whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila, brandy, gin — gin more often than not (along with vodka, depending on where you are) receives the least amount of love when it comes to being a sipping spirit. While whiskey and brandy usually come out on top, aged rums and tequilas are now getting recognition for their sippability.

8 Whiskeys Perfect for Sipping Around the Campfire

Curling up to the campfire with a cup of whiskey speaks to our ideal summer evening. It provides warmth, and there is just something about sipping whiskey in the dark around a campfire that simply makes us happy.

9 good news stories from 2020

It’s been an incredibly tough year as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on lives and livelihoods across the globe.

But there have been some bright spots amid the gloom.

9 Ways How to Grill Like An Argentinian

One of summer’s greatest pleasures is barbecue grilling.

To make the most of your barbecue season, we invite you to discover Argentinian grilling.

Argentina takes beef seriously and they have mastered the art of grilling.

After three months in Argentina on our quest for authentic food, we shared and enjoyed many asados or Argentinian barbecues.

We also dined at several parrillas known as steakhouses where Argentine grilling is front and center.

By observing how Argentinians grill, we learned about the various Argentine grilling techniques and what make them so unique.

To further ground ourselves in the Argentinian grilling culture, we had the pleasure of meeting Francis Mallmann, Argentine celebrity chef.

According to Mallmann, grilling in Argentina isn’t just about the food, it is a ritual and ceremony.

To make your summer grilling remarkable, here are 9 ways to grill like an Argentinian.

A Conversation with Filmmaker Adam Curtis on Power, Technology and How Ideas Get Into People’s Heads

The British filmmaker Adam Curtis may work for the BBC, a bastion of the British elite, but over a decades-long career, he has cemented himself as a cult favorite.

He is best known as the pioneer of a radical and unique style of filmmaking, combining reels of unseen archive footage, evocative music, and winding narratives to tell sweeping stories of 20th and 21st century history that challenge the conventional wisdom. “I’ve never thought of myself as a documentary maker,” he says. “I’m a journalist.”

A falling stock? Donald Trump-backed candidate loses U.S. House race to GOP’s Jake Ellzey.

WASHINGTON – The market value of a Donald Trump election endorsement just took a hit.

A Trump-endorsed candidate lost Tuesday to a fellow Republican in a closely watched Texas congressional race, undermining Trump’s claims that his endorsement is essential to a candidate’s success and emboldening his political opponents ahead of the 2022 elections.

The victory by Texas state legislator Jake Ellzey makes Trump’s endorsement look something like a new smartphone in a world of rapidly evolving technology, analysts said.

“Yeah, it’ll still do stuff for you, and you’d rather have it than nothing, but it’s becoming more obsolete by the day,” said Republican strategist Liz Mair. “And its firepower looks increasingly weak when contrasted with newer models.”

A Guide To Rum

Today we introduce you closer to the world of rum, everything you need to know about rum boiled down into 4 minutes of your life. These are four minutes you’ll never wish to get back because your brain is now packed with knowledge.

Take this knowledge, head to the store and buy a nice bottle of rum from a style you’ve yet to encounter in your past.

A Hack Foretold

The government has known about the vulnerabilities allowed the SolarWinds attack since the birth of the internet—and chose not to fix them.

A National Strategy for the “New Normal” of Life With COVID

After previous infectious disease threats, the US quickly forgot and failed to institute necessary reforms. That pattern must change with the COVID-19 pandemic. Without a strategic plan for the “new normal” with endemic COVID-19, more people in the US will unnecessarily experience morbidity and mortality, health inequities will widen, and trillions will be lost from the US economy. This time, the nation must learn and prepare effectively for the future.

A Rose For The Lengendary Dave Chappelle

Many times we wait until our legends are gone before we show how much we really appreciate them. This video is a rose to the legendary comedian, Mr. David Chappelle. One of the greatest comedians of our time.

A Rusty Giuliani Returns to the Courtroom on Trump’s Behalf

The former federal prosecutor and New York City mayor, who has taken over Trump’s efforts to cast doubt on the election results, entered a courthouse Tuesday in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, with a few dozen Trump supporters cheering him from across the street.

Over the next several hours, he fiddled with his Twitter account, forgot which judge he was talking to and threw around unsupported accusations about a nationwide conspiracy by Democrats to steal the election.

A tale of two chambers: Trump’s power holds in House, wanes in Senate

The infrastructure debate dominating Capitol Hill this summer is highlighting the sharp contrast between the chambers when it comes to the influence of former President Trump over the GOP.

Nearly 20 Senate Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), broke with Trump this week to support a massive infrastructure package, providing President Biden with a big win and reflecting the diminishing hold his predecessor has on the upper chamber.

But the story is likely to be much different in the House, where Trump retains a muscular grip and GOP leaders have deemed his support vital to both the party’s prospects of winning back the chamber and their individual aspirations for rising in the leadership ranks.

A technocrat with a lengthy career

As the only obstacle between President-elect Joe Biden and the formal start of the presidential transition, General Services Administrator Emily Murphy is struggling with the weight of the presidential election being dropped on her shoulders, feeling like she’s been put in a no-win situation, according to people who have spoken to her recently.


Immediately after he took office, on January 20, 2017, President Donald Trump and his officials began opening up public lands to the energy industry. Ever since, it’s been hard to keep track of all the regulation rollbacks and revoked protections.

A View to Die for! 3 bedroom 3 bath on the sand at Waikiki Beach

Was easy to love this place! Tommy and Tracy have created a perfect spot to enjoy Honolulu! We enjoyed cooking and eating dinners on the lanai! Thank you for a wonderful place for my family to be able to get away and enjoy our time together! Highly recommend!!! Mahalo!

Aaron Rodgers says he considered retirement, wanted to be more involved in Packers team-building decisions

All throughout this offseason, Aaron Rodgers was unafraid to make his unhappiness with the Green Bay Packers organization known in various ways. Whether it was doing interviews at golf tournaments or going on conspicuously-timed vacations, Rodgers made clear that he was not happy with the way the organization handled its succession plan, nor with how relatively uninvolved he was in the decision-making process when it came to adding talent around him.

Accounting for Net Worth of Trump, Clintons and Obamas

A meme circulating on Facebook claims without evidence that Hillary Clinton has made $95.5 million since she ran for president in 2016, and falsely implies that she and former President Barack Obama enriched themselves by “steal[ing] your money.”

Adams, D. – GB (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers (6/23) Advice: Adams has been arguably the best receiver in football over the past three seasons and should be the first receiver selected on Draft Day. Adams is worth a first-round pick in any league where catches count and an early second in non-PPR. Over the past three seasons he’s averaged 121 catches, 1,466 yards, and 14 touchdowns per 16 games. In 2020 he was 3.7 PPR Fantasy points per game better than the No. 2 wide receiver, Tyreek Hill. There should be little doubt Adams will be among the league leaders in targets, catches, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns as long as he stays healthy. The only possible concern for Adams would be the chance the Aaron Rodgers forces his way out of Green Bay. In that scenario, Adams could fall outside of the top five Fantasy receivers. Even at 28, Adams is in the conversation for the No. 1 Dynasty receiver, but that probably won’t be the case after 2021. In other words, if you’re not a contender, this is the prime time to sell Adams in a Dynasty league. (
ADP: 1.01 — 2.02
More: Highlights | Draft Scout | Contract | Profile | Stats | News | Depth Chart | Discussion | Shop

Adela’s Country Eatery

W…O…W, this place gave me a food coma. We were in Kailua for a Sunday afternoon and decided to pick up dinner. I told my husband let’s try Adela’s. He never heard of it but I’ve heard such wonderful reviews about Adela’s that I wanted to try.

AG Barr: No reason to name special counsels to investigate Hunter Biden or election fraud

Departing Attorney General William Barr continued to distance himself from President Donald Trump, saying Monday that he saw no reason to appoint special counsels to investigate Hunter Biden or unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud.

Barr, who is set to leave office Wednesday, also broke with Trump by publicly blaming Russia for a massive cyber attack that has affected more than a half-dozen government agencies and an untold number of private companies, even as the president pointed the finger at China over the weekend and sought to downplay the breach.

“From the information I have, I agree with Secretary Pompeo’s assessment,” Barr said, referring to State Department chief Mike Pompeo. “It certainly appears to be the Russians, but I’m not going to discuss it beyond that.”

AG pick Garland talks cannabis enforcement (Newsletter: February 23, 2021)

“Here’s a non-violent crime with respect to usage that does not require us to incarcerate people, and we’re incarcerating at significantly different rates of the different communities. That is wrong, and it’s the kind of problem that will then follow a person for the rest of their lives. It will make it impossible to get a job, it will lead to downward economic spiral for their family.”

Agholor, N. – NE (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Nelson Agholor, WR, New England Patriots (6/23) Advice: Can Nelson Agholor turn his upstart 2020 with the Raiders into an even bigger season with the Patriots? The odds seem long. Despite posting or matching career-highs in yardage, yards per catch and touchdowns, Agholor is now part of a crowded receiving corps attached to a quarterback quandary. Cam Newton threw just eight touchdowns in 15 games last season and has been above 25 passing scores once in his storied career. It’ll either be him or Alabama rookie Mac Jones firing downfield. And if that doesn’t spook you, then Agholor’s prior five seasons with under 800 yards — and four with four or fewer scores — will. Expecting Agholor to somehow improve on his 11.1 PPR points per game in the Patriots offense feels farfetched. At best, Agholor is worth a pick after 120th overall as a bench receiver. (
ADP: 10.05 — 15.12
More: Highlights | Draft Scout | Contract | Profile | Stats | News | Depth Chart | Discussion | Shop
Born: May 24, 1993, Lagos, Nigeria

Akers, C. – LAR (RB)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Cam Akers, RB, Los Angeles Rams (6/23) Advice: Rams running back Cam Akers is a popular breakout candidate. That’s not surprising after coach Sean McVay said this offseason that he views Akers as “an every-down back” and “a special player.” Akers didn’t rate highly in Pro Football Focus’ elusiveness metric (37th out of 63 qualifiers) nor in yards after contact per attempt (2.84, 34th out of 63), and he also struggled in short-yardage conversions (50% success rate over 26 tries including 1 of 4 on goal-to-go plays). But what he did do was produce good numbers in a lead back role late in the year after he got over a rib injury. His final six games, playoffs included, saw him score three times, run for 561 yards on 132 carries and catch 11 passes for 147 more yards. That makes for a 17-game pace of just over 2,000 total yards. Whether or not he can play 17 games remains to be seen, but the Rams seem committed to him after giving Akers at least 15 carries in each of those final six games — and over 20 carries in four. A challenging schedule notwithstanding, people will draft Akers with the idea he’ll have a shot at over 300 touches in an improved Rams offense. That’ll make him an easy pick between 12th and 18th overall in just about every league. (
ADP: 1.05 — 2.11
More: Highlights | Draft Scout | Contract | Profile | Stats | News | Depth Chart | Discussion | Shop
Born: June 22, 1999, Clinton, MS

Al Carbon Tacos

Beef or Pork | Bell Peppers | Onions | Coriander | Limes | Sour Cream

Alabama Lane Cake

Cake Flour | Baking Powder | Salt | Nutmeg | Sugar | Butter | Vanilla or Orange Extract | Milk | Egg Whites | Egg Yolks | Bourbon or Brandy | Raisins | Pecans | Coconut | Cherries or Pineapple

Ali’i Coffee

This was hands down the best coffee I had in all of Honolulu. Randomly stopped in for a cold brew and bagel and was blown away. Masks are required and there are a few seats if you want to dine in.

You can order any drink vegan, non-dairy creamer. The gentleman was so nice and offered lots of options. The bagel was savory with fresh salmon, definitely not bland by any means.

Wish I would have purchased the coffee beans to take home. If you haven’t given this gem a try, stop in. You’re welcome!

Allen, J. – Buf (QB)

NFL players who don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine will be required to stay in town during their team’s bye week and be tested for the virus every day. (5/31) Advice: NBC Sports’ Peter King reported on an unspecified team that had 65 of its 90 players vaccinated against COVID. That team would need another dozen players to get the jab before they can return to pre-COVID meeting and practice schedules. NFL teams with vaccination rates below 85 percent will have to keep running practices and meetings like they did in 2020. The Bills have become the most prominent vaccine-skeptical team, as Josh Allen and Cole Beasley have said they need to do more “research” before they sign up for the vaccine. Teams that can revert to pre-COVID practices will have distinct advantages over those who can’t. ( via
ADP: 1.05 — 5.03
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Born: May 21, 1996, Firebaugh, CA

Allen, K. – LAC (WR)

Keenan Allen Fantasy Football Outlook (2021) (7/9) Advice: Would you believe me if I told you that Keenan Allen failed to record 1,000 yards last season? It’s true. Despite seeing 147 targets (5th in NFL), he finished with 992 yards (17th among wide receivers). The Chargers offense is surely going to change with Anthony Lynn out of the picture, so the hope should be that they’ll utilize Allen down the field just a tad more to increase his numbers. The good news is that Justin Herbert clearly found his “go-to” receiver, targeting Allen 10-plus times on 10 separate occasions. He’s an extremely safe WR2 based on volume alone, though it may be tough for him to get into the top-tier WR1 conversation seeing he’s never scored more than eight touchdowns. (
ADP: 1.12 — 3.10
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Born: April 27, 1992, Greensboro, NC

Aloha Shrimp

Their spicy garlic shrimp plate dinners are excellent and arguably the best on Oahu. Plenty of huge shrimp (no heads) cooked just right in a delectable sauce (several to choose from). Lots of free parking and picnic tables to eat on (although with pandemic we do not choose to eat there). No bathroom. Located on Kam Hwy., Pat’s at Punaluu. Quick service (no one else there during the pandemic).

An Afternoon with Prince Harry & James Corden

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are settled into Southern California, James Corden thought it was time to show his friend Prince Harry the sights. From tea on an open top bus to visiting the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” mansion, Prince Harry gets the tour he never dreamed of. Special thanks to Spartan for providing an incredible Spartan Race Obstacle Course to run. Learn more:

An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does it Matter?

During the Soviet era, Russian intelligence cast a wide net to gain leverage over influential figures abroad. (The practice continues to this day.) The Russians would lure or entrap not only prominent politicians and cultural leaders, but also people whom they saw as having the potential for gaining prominence in the future. In 1986, Soviet ambassador Yuri Dubinin met Trump in New York, flattered him with praise for his building exploits, and invited him to discuss a building in Moscow. Trump visited Moscow in July 1987. He stayed at the National Hotel, in the Lenin Suite, which certainly would have been bugged. There is not much else in the public record to describe his visit, except Trump’s own recollection in The Art of the Deal that Soviet officials were eager for him to build a hotel there. (It never happened.)

Trump returned from Moscow fired up with political ambition. He began the first of a long series of presidential flirtations, which included a flashy trip to New Hampshire. Two months after his Moscow visit, Trump spent almost $100,000 on a series of full-page newspaper ads that published a political manifesto. “An open letter from Donald J. Trump on why America should stop paying to defend countries that can afford to defend themselves,” as Trump labeled it, launched angry populist charges against the allies that benefited from the umbrella of American military protection. “Why are these nations not paying the United States for the human lives and billions of dollars we are losing to protect their interests?”

Anderson, R. – Car (WR)

Robby Anderson Fantasy Football Outlook (2021) (7/9) Advice: It’s odd to say, but Anderson was somewhat of a Jarvis Landry-type fantasy asset last year. He finished with more than 15.5 half PPR points just twice, but he also scored fewer than 8.0 half PPR points just four times, offering a level of consistency we hadn’t seen out of him. It’s because they used him in the possession-style role with a shorter average depth of target than he was getting with the Jets. The Panthers lost Curtis Samuel in free agency, but gained Terrace Marshall in the draft, and will get Christian McCaffrey back from injury, so the loss of Samuel doesn’t do a whole lot for projections. D.J. Moore started coming on more as the year went on, though the switch to Sam Darnold could prove to be a good thing for Anderson, who was Darnold’s teammate with the Jets. It’s still the same offense, and Anderson proved he’s able to contribute in a big way, making him somewhat of a safe WR3/4 option with WR2 upside should Darnold favor him as the top option. (
ADP: 4.12 — 9.08
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Born: May 9, 1993, Teaneck, NJ

Andrew Yang’s Taxation Policies

Capital Gain/Carried Interest Tax It’s irrational that we privilege capital gains and investment income versus earned income. The top 20% own 92% of the stock

Andrews, M. – Bal (TE)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Mark Andrews, TE, Baltimore Ravens (6/23) Advice: Mark Andrews took a small step back in 2019, but he should still be drafted as top-five tight end in the first four rounds of your draft. Despite missing two weeks on the COVID-19 list, Andrews tied Marquise Brown for the team lead in receptions and was the only Raven besides Brown with more than 50 targets. Andrews not only dominates targets in Baltimore, but he’s been very efficient. His 8.9 yards per target ranks fifth amongst tight ends since he entered the league and his 8.5% touchdown rate trails only Jared Cook. The fact that he’s still just 25 years old gives Andrews an argument for the top spot amongst tight ends in Dynasty. (
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Anti-Vax Leader Pushes Drinking Urine for COVID, Guillermo’s Deer Antler Spray & Anti-Vax Barbie!

There was some early-season drama on the new season of “The Bachelor,” the Golden Globes were not televised this year and they had to announce winners on Twitter, there is a shortage of at-home COVID-19 tests available, anti-vaxhole Christopher Key is touting the benefits of drinking your own urine and after doing some research we discovered that our very own Guillermo has endorsed one of his crazy products, and the folks at Mattel made a mint over Christmas with a twist on America’s all-time favorite doll.

AOC and Ilhan Omar want to block Biden’s former chief of staff

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are boosting a petition against Joe Biden nominating his former chief of staff to a new role in his administration, calling Bruce Reed a “deficit hawk” and criticizing his past support for Social Security and Medicare cuts.


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Find an amazing appetizer recipe to fit any occasion.

Apple to discontinue iMac Pro

Apple is discontinuing its iMac Pro.

According to CNN, Apple said that the computer is only available “while supplies last” and is listed on its site for $5,000.

And once it’s gone, it’s gone for good, CNN reported.

The iMac Pro, which was released in 2017, was once considered the company’s most powerful computer.

Arabes Tacos

Pita Shells | Cumin-marinated Pork | Chipotle Salsa | Yogurt | Lemon | Olive Oil | Garlic | Parsley

Argentinian Asado

The Argentine barbecue or asado is more than just a meal; these food-centric get-togethers constitute an important part of the Argentine social life. It can be shared as a lunch or dinner. In this dish the meat, chorizo and black pudding are served with potatoes and creole salads, the traditional chimichurri, a celery mayonnaise salad and, of course, a good amount of white bread to accompany the dish.

Arizona ER Doctor Visibly Stunned By Video Of Trump Rally: ‘Dangerous And Stupid’

An emergency room doctor described the behavior of the people who attended a crowded, indoor rally for former President Donald Trump as extremely dangerous and stupid amid soaring COVID-19 case rates in the area.
“If you make a dumb decision about your own health, on one level you could say, ‘Well, it’s your life,’” said Dr. Murtaza Akhter, who works on the COVID-19 frontline with Valleywise Health in Phoenix. “But when it’s infectious disease that’s this contagious and affects so many people, you’re not just affecting yourself, you’re affecting everybody around you.”

Arizona’s Shady Recount

Jordan Klepper travels to Phoenix, AZ, where GOP state senators kicked off a hyper-partisan audit of the results of the 2020 election under the pretense of preserving election integrity.

Arizona’s Vote Recount

Arizona still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump lost the state election, so they’re recounting the votes for a third time. Jordan Klepper investigates.

Arkansas Possum Pie

Butter | Flour | Pecans | Brown Sugar | Cream Cheese | Heavy Cream | Powdered Sugar | Chocolate Pudding | Chocolate Fudge Pudding

Army leaders praise ‘superstar’ soldier after Sen. Ted Cruz criticizes her recruitment video

U.S. Army leaders rallied around a soldier featured in a recruitment video clip that Sen. Ted Cruz mocked as representative of an “emasculated military.”

Cruz, a Texas Republican, retweeted a video Thursday that featured Cpl. Emma Malonelord, an air defense system operator stationed in South Korea.

The original video, part of a five-part series called “The Calling,” showed an animated depiction of Malonelord’s life and the reasons why she joined the military.

Arrowheadlines: Patrick Mahomes most likely to break Peyton Manning’s single-season passing yards record

While Manning holds this record by 1 lone yard over Drew Brees’ 2011 campaign, no other season from any other quarterback is within 200 yards of the top two.

We’ve seen three quarterbacks with three different styles top 5,000 yards over the last three seasons in Patrick Mahomes, Ben Roethlisberger and Jameis Winston, and there are several quarterbacks who could threaten Manning’s record with an extra game this season.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic Review

The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic is a bolder cigar that we haven’t had a chance to smoke in a while. Join Anthony from Holt’s as he reviews this awesome smoke, talks about the history of the brand and this cigar, and recommends his favorite rum to pair with it.

As Herschel Walker considers U.S. Senate run in Georgia, a turbulent past emerges

ATLANTA – A homegrown football hero and businessman supported by his longtime friend Donald Trump, Herschel Walker has an attractive profile for Republicans looking to reclaim a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia.

But as he decides whether to run, a more complex picture is taking shape. An Associated Press review of Walker’s statements over the years, along with a cache of public records, some including previously unreported details, reflects a pattern of turbulent and sometimes threatening behavior that could overshadow Walker’s Senate bid.

As pandemic surges, Trump White House calls Thanksgiving restrictions ‘Orwellian’

The Trump White House on Wednesday tried to make Thanksgiving a new political flashpoint, calling new restrictions recommended by health experts and governors “Orwellian.”

As COVID-19 spikes dramatically across the country and Americans struggle to decide how many family members should gather, or whether to do so at all, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said leaving it to individuals how to deal with the virus was “the American way.”

Ashli Babbitt as the 21st-century Horst Wessel: Symbolic martyr to the fascist cause

Ashli Babbitt, the 35-year-old QAnon supporter and Trump superfan who was killed in the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, is already far more famous in death than she ever was in life. Her fate reminiscent of a famous 1963 episode of “The Twilight Zone,” “He’s Alive,” in which Adolf Hitler’s ghost returns from the grave to teach a young neo-Nazi named Peter Vollmer how to manipulate a crowd. Hitler explains that exploiting the death of an obscure follower transforms that individual into a heroic martyr. “This is an act of friendship,” says the spectral Führer. “We are allowing him to serve the cause.”

Asian Americans

John Oliver discusses the large and diverse group of people who fall under the term “Asian American”, the history of the model minority stereotype, and why our conversations on the subject need to be better-informed.

B/R NFL Scouting Dept. 2021 Mock Draft 1.0

The first mock draft from the B/R NFL Scouting Department is here.

The B/R NFL Scouting Dept. is comprised of four scouts who have a variety of backgrounds in the NFL scouting world.

B/R: Gabriel Davis is Bills’ ‘biggest sleeper’ for 2021

Even Bleacher Report admits he’s not fully a sleeper type of player… but the outlet still goes with Gabriel Davis.

B/R pegged one player that’s going to be just that, a sleeper, for each NFL team in 2021. Here’s why B/R says Davis is just that for the Buffalo Bills in 2021:

Bad Math Leads to Bogus Voter Fraud Claim

Q: Was “voter fraud” responsible for Democratic wins in Orange County, California?

A: There have been no credible complaints of voter fraud in Orange County following the midterm elections.

Bad week in Trumpland signals hope for American democracy

The last five years’ deluge of disinformation and discord make it easy to lose faith in democracy, something never helpful to preserving it. Just when many lamented the Republican pilgrimages to Mar-a-Lago as signs of Trump’s iron-fisted hold on his party, his control visibly faltered last week. Earlier polling had already shown a slip.

Still, Trump’s bad week does not mean that it’s time for foes of authoritarianism to rejoice or for anyone to assume that American democracy is out of danger.

Ballot ‘Curing’ in Pennsylvania

Counties in Pennsylvania employed inconsistent policies when it came to “curing” ballots — notifying voters of an error in their mail-in ballot so they could fix it. But contrary to claims by the Trump campaign, that inconsistency didn’t fall strictly along party lines.

Banh Mi Tacos

Pork Pate | Kewpie Mayonnaise | Pulled Pork | Pickled Daikon and Carrots | Jalapeños | Cilantro | Sriracha | Limes


Tips, tricks, and savory recipes to help you master the grill.

Barkley, S. – NYG (RB)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants (6/23) Advice: Saquon Barkley is expected to be fine coming off last year’s torn ACL, and he should be ready for training camp. If he’s healthy as expected then Barkley should once again be considered a first-round draft pick in all Fantasy leagues, and he will likely be selected in the first five overall picks. Last year was a disaster for Barkley, who appeared in just two games and suffered a torn ACL in Week 2. However, he should return in time for training camp, and he still has the potential to be the No. 1 RB in all Fantasy leagues in 2021. Remember, prior to 2020 Barkley scored at least 20 PPR points in 16 of his first 29 games and failed to score at least 13 PPR points just five times over that span. He should remain the focal point of the Giants offense, and hopefully he’s healthy for all 17 games this year. (
ADP: 1.01 — 1.08
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Born: February 9, 1997, Bronx, New York, NY


Gold Rum | Galliano | Pineapple Juice | Lime Juice | Prosecco

Baseless Claim Turns Fake IDs Story into Voter Fraud Tale

A claim being shared on Facebook distorts the facts about fake IDs seized in a Chicago airport this year, baselessly claiming the phony IDs were tied to names “ALL Registered to Vote” as Democrats. Federal authorities announced no connection to a voter fraud scheme, and those making the claim offer no evidence.

Baseless Clinton Conspiracy Theory Still Circulating

A Macedonian website is peddling a baseless Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory that has amassed tens of thousands of shares on Facebook. The story implies that Clinton was involved in the deaths of two Baltimore-area law enforcement officers, and makes the unfounded claim that they were scheduled to testify against her.

Bateman, Bal (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Rashod Bateman, WR, Baltimore Ravens (6/23) Advice: Rashod Bateman was the Ravens’ first selection in the 2021 draft and should instantly compete with Marquise Brown to be the team’s No. 1 receiver. Bateman’s best value is in Dynasty, where he’s a high upside bench receiver worth a rookie pick early in the second round. The Ravens’ low pass volume will make it tough for Bateman to contribute to your Fantasy team in 2021, but if he beats out Brown, he could be a boom-or-bust No. 3 receiver. Target him in the final rounds of your redraft league, but he’ll be one of the first players you drop if he remains behind Brown. (
ADP: 5.08 — 15.10
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Beasley, C. – Buf (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Cole Beasley, WR, Buffalo Bills (6/23) Advice: Cole Beasley just had a career season in 2020, and he should once again be productive this year. He’s worth drafting with a late-round pick in all leagues, with his value higher in PPR. Last season, Beasley set career highs in targets (107), catches (82) and yards (967), and he also scored four touchdowns. He did this while playing through a fracture in his leg to close the season. He should be 100 percent healthy to open training camp, and Beasley should be No. 2 on the team in targets behind Stefon Diggs, even with the addition of receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Beasley is a trusted weapon for Josh Allen, which has proven to be a good commodity for Fantasy managers. (
ADP: 7.01 — 11.11
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Born: April 26, 1989, Houston, TX

Beckham Jr., O. – Cle (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Odell Beckham, WR, Cleveland Browns (6/23) Advice: Once a megastar, Odell Beckham is now no more than a No. 3 Fantasy receiver who shouldn’t be drafted before Round 7. Beckham is working his way back from yet another major injury and simply hasn’t been the same player in Cleveland. Beckham has reach 100 yards just twice in 23 games with the Browns as his catch rate has fallen 10% since his days as a Giant and his targets per game have fallen more than 25%. Even if Beckham were to regain every ounce of athleticism he once had, Kevin Stefanski’s system and the Browns’ crowded group of pass catchers would still limit the receiver’s upside. At 29 years old, he could still have a few good years left, but you should look to trade him in Dynasty if he gets off to a fast start in 2021. (
ADP: 3.01 — 7.06
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Born: November 5, 1992, Baton Rouge, LA

Beer Lab HI

Just as awesome as the one on University. Staff is beyond helpful and friendly. Excellent selection of beer to choose from and plenty of seating. Wasn’t very crowded for a Sunday afternoon. Will stop again when I’m near this mall.

Beer School: How to taste beer like a beer judge

Sometimes a beer should be served cold and slung back, other times we should think about what we’re drinking. Jonny meets Ray Daniels, founder of the beer-serving accreditor Cicerone, to find out how to taste beer properly.

Best Trump Documentaries

2022 will surely bring forth the most fascinating documentaries covering Donald Trump — as more facts are discovered and disclosed through the release of books and the J6 Capitol Attack investigation. But, here is our most highly recommended documentaries to date. These documentaries, collectively, portray the true story of America’s most wanted man.

Biden awards ‘long overdue’ Medal of Honor to retired Col. Ralph Puckett Jr.

President Joe Biden and President Moon Jae-in, the leader of South Korea, commended the actions Friday of Col. Ralph Puckett Jr., a Korean War veteran who was awarded the Medal of Honor in a ceremony at the White House.

Before awarding Puckett the medal Friday, Biden described him as “true American hero” for whom the recognition was long overdue.

“Korea is sometimes called the forgotten war, but those men who were there under then-lieutenant Puckett’s command never forgot his bravery,” Biden said. “They never forgot he was right by their side every minute of it.”

Puckett, 94, earned the medal for actions he took more than 70 years ago, in November 1950. As a young first lieutenant in the Korean War, Puckett commanded the Eighth Army Ranger Company during a mission to seize “Hill 205” and defend it against a series of assaults by the Chinese. He risked his life multiple times to draw enemy fire, call for artillery strikes, check the perimeter and deliver ammunition to his soldiers.

Biden has a better handle on economics than Trump – but there are still risks

About half a year into Joe Biden’s presidency, it is time to consider how his administration’s economic doctrine compares with that of Donald Trump and previous Democratic and Republican administrations.

The paradox is that the “Biden doctrine” has more in common with Trump’s policies than with those of Barack Obama’s administration, in which the current president previously served. The neo-populist doctrine that emerged under Trump is now taking full form under Biden, marking a sharp break from the neoliberal creed followed by every president from Bill Clinton to Obama.

Biden introduces top national security team

President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke Tuesday at an event introducing the incoming administration’s top national security officials, where he told the story of his stepfather being the only one of 900 children at his school in Poland to survive the Holocaust.

Biden Lays Out Aggressive Agenda on Gun-Control

CALLING GUN VIOLENCE IN American an “international embarrassment,” President Joe Biden on Thursday outlined a series of executive actions and a legislative wish list he said would save lives and have the support of rank-and-file Americans.


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Here’s the cynical political reality behind Mitch McConnell bashing big business

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was blunt in his reaction to Major League Baseball’s decision to move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta this summer following the passage of a series of new election measures by Georgia elected officials.

“Corporations will invite serious consequences if they become a vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country from outside the constitutional order,” warned McConnell, adding: “Businesses must not use economic blackmail to spread disinformation and push bad ideas that citizens reject at the ballot box.”

Trump made congressional investigations almost impossible. This time is different.

The House of Representatives doesn’t exactly have a great record when it comes to fights with former President Donald Trump. Over the course of two years, Trump managed to scuttle, stymie or stonewall every investigation into his misconduct that congressional Democrats threw his way. That included not one but two impeachment inquiries, the biggest gun in Congress’ constitutional arsenal.

Trump counted on the separation of powers to shield him — the head of the executive branch — from legislative branch inquires. But the investigation that kicked off Tuesday has the potential to be different. This time around, the House may not be willing to take no for an answer.

Capitol Rioter Threatened to Shoot His Kids If They Snitched: Feds

Feds have previously unsealed criminal charges against dozens of people accused of storming the Capitol in a pro-Trump riot on January 6. Newly named among them are Nicolas Moncada, who was arrested by the FBI’s New York office, and Guy Reffitt, a Texan. Reffitt was allegedly a member of the militia group “Texas Freedom Force,” and threatened to shoot his children if they became “traitors” who turned him in.


Gin drink recipes and gin reviews.

Pringles Update

With the help of viewers at home, John tries to get to the bottom of an important mystery.

Russell Wilson potential trade scenarios: Cowboys, Bears, Raiders, Saints top list for Seahawks star

The Russell Wilson saga continued to evolve Thursday, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that while the Seattle Seahawks’ Pro Bowl quarterback hasn’t demanded a trade from the franchise where he has played all nine seasons of his career, his agent has a wish list in case that scenario comes to pass.

With the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders and New Orleans Saints as Wilson’s targets in a “in case of trade, break glass” situation, we asked our NFL Nation reporters from each of those teams to lay out their case for Wilson, and what it might take to bring in the star quarterback.

Bogus Theory Claims Supercomputer Switched Votes in Election

A baseless conspiracy theory claims that a secret supercomputer was used to switch millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Experts — and the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency — have said the theory is a hoax and that safeguards, including paper trails, would deter such an effort.

This Month In Comedy [beta] Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter What is invisible and smells like worms? Bird farts. Here is the funniest content from this

Mayfield, B. – Cle (QB)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Baker Mayfield, QB, Cleveland Browns (6/23) Advice: For Fantasy purposes Baker Mayfield is a No. 2 quarterback best rostered in Dynasty leagues or leagues where you can start more than one quarterback. Mayfield’s efficiency rebounded in his first year under Kevin Stefanski, but Stefanski’s run-heavy scheme severely limits a pocket passer’s upside. Mayfield threw 30 or fewer passes in 10 of 16 games and only topped 300 yards passing twice in 2020. It’s possible he could be your best bet as a backup, but only if the schedule lines him up for a shootout in your starter’s bye week. (
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Best Scotch

10 Smoky Scotches For The Scotch Connoisseur

In 1494, the King of Scotland ordered Friar John Cor to make aqua vitae, the water of life. And the most delicious distilled spirit ever created was born. Here’s today’s best scotches — and they deserve a spot on your shelf.

Hamler, K.J. – Den (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for K.J. Hamler, WR, Denver Broncos (6/23) Advice: KJ Hamler caught a touchdown every 10 receptions as a rookie but really didn’t flash much until the end of the season. Fantasy managers are hoping for much more in his sophomore campaign. Primarily playing in the slot, Hamler caught just five passes for plays of 20-plus yards (two were catch-and-runs), not exactly what the world was hoping for from a guy with sub-4.3 speed. Not only should Hamler reprise his roles in the return game, but he should also be a fixture in three-receiver sets and have a handful of standout weeks. It’s only enough to make him worth drafting late in deeper formats and in leagues that reward special-teams yards, but Hamler will have some streaming appeal as a high-upside flex. Bank on finding him off waivers during the year. (


Pork Shoulder On The Bone | Olive Oil | Greek Oregano | Salt | Pepper

Hikers in Hawaii Who Disobey Signs May Soon Have to Pay for Their Own Rescues

Don’t say they didn’t warn you. Along with the scenic hiking trails in Hawaii come inherent risks, be it flash-flood warnings, hazardous cliffs, or falling debris, among other dangers. Despite signage indicating that areas are closed, many still venture beyond the warnings and find themselves in precarious situations. To emphasize the importance of adhering to warnings, a proposed bill is making its way through the Hawaii state senate that would require those hikers who disobey signs to pay for their own rescues, CNN reports.

Sutton, C. – Den (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Courtland Sutton, WR, Denver Broncos (6/23) Advice: The hope is that Courtland Sutton comes back better than ever from a torn ACL suffered in Week 1 of last season. The stakes couldn’t be higher — Sutton is entering a contract year and could be among the league’s highest-paid receivers with a big campaign. But when we last saw him regularly in 2019, he had a 58% catch rate (54% from Drew Lock), 7.8 targets per game (8.0 with Lock) and didn’t have to share the field with Jerry Jeudy. Since Sutton’s injury, Lock’s made no improvement as a passer, nor has Jeudy nor fellow 2020 rookie K.J. Hamler become established pass catchers. So there’s certainly a chance Sutton can re-emerge to help Fantasy managers, but it’s going to be tough if he’s sharing targets more frequently and doesn’t have a strong catch rate with them. Round 6 is a good time to add Sutton to rosters as a No. 3 option with No. 2 potential. (
ADP: 4.12 — 8.08
More: Highlights | Draft Scout | Contract | Profile | Stats | News | Depth Chart | Discussion | Shop
Born: October 10, 1995, Brenham, TX

False Claim About ‘Pre-Filled Out Ballots’ in Queens

A false claim circulating on social media alleges that mail-in ballots already filled out with votes for Democrats, including Joe Biden, were sent to voters in a New York City borough. A spokesperson for the New York City Board of Elections told us the ballot that triggered the allegation was the result of a voter’s error.

Edwards, B. – LV (WR)

2021 fantasy player outlook for Bryan Edwards, WR, Las Vegas Raiders (6/23) Advice: Rangy second-year receiver Bryan Edwards might have a shot to help the Raiders offense this season. Unlike speedsters John Brown and Henry Ruggs, Edwards gives Las Vegas a big, physical target along the outside. That combined with any progress he makes this summer should put him in position to at least compete for some solid playing time. Edwards was a polished, savvy receiver coming out of South Carolina, but one with a litany of injuries. Staying healthy is also a factor. We’d speculate on Edwards with a late pick in the deepest of seasonal leagues and with a late pick in Dynasty/keeper start-up drafts. (

Trump Jr.’s False Noncitizen Voting Tweet

Amid a contentious Florida recount, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a six-year-old, and outdated, story to suggest hundreds of thousands of noncitizens could have voted in the state. The story includes an update saying just 85 noncitizens were ultimately removed from the state’s voter rolls in 2012.

Southern Prawn Jambalaya

This nourishing jambalaya is a winning recipe. It’s low-fat, low-calorie, and provides 4 of your 5-a-day – plus it’s all made in one pan so less washing up!

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