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NFL Week 3 Fantasy Recap: Winners/Losers, Early WAIVER WIRE, Q&A | Fantasy Football Today

Week Three Recap! MegaDuds Are Everywhere!

Week Three Recap! MegaDuds Are Everywhere!Justin Jefferson, D’Andre Swift, D.J. Moore and Allen Robinson were among the many MegaDuds we’ll discuss, but let’s start out with a big winner (2:42) from Week Three! Romeo Doubs had a huge game! But who was the biggest loser of the week (3:40)? And let’s go over the big news (8:30) with injuries to David Montgomery, Dalvin Cook, Mac Jones and more … Now, how about those MegaDuds (14:25)? Which bad performances are we dismissing and which ones concern us moving forward? Mike Williams? Aaron Jones? We’ll also take an early look at the waiver wire (23:17) and give you more winners (28:00) like Rhamondre Stevenson and Cam Akers and losers (37:22) like Darnell Mooney and Joe Mixon (45:10) … Recapping every game with our Fantasy takeaways (48:00) … Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

0:00 Intro
2:42 Winner of the Day
3:40 Loser of the Day
8:30 Big News
14:25 Megaduds
23:17 Early Waiver Wire
28:00 Winners
37:22 Losers
46:30 Injuries, News, and Notes
48:00 Jaguars-Chargers
51:59 Falcons-Seahawks
55:15 Packers-Buccaneers
58:45 Rams-Cardinals
1:02:00 Bengals-Jets
1:04:00 Ravens-Patriots
1:06:50 Bills-Dolphins
1:09:20 Vikings-Lions
1:12:00 Bears-Texans
1:13:30 Chiefs-Colts
1:16:00 Titans-Raiders
1:16:35 Panthers-Saints
1:18:20 Eagles-Commanders

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