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Pick these RBs up now! (Week 5 waiver wire) | The Fantasy Bros

Week 5 runningbacks to pick up for week 5 of the fantasy football season

0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Latavius Murray
1:18 – Mike Boone
3:17 – Tyler Allgeier and Caleb Huntley
4:49Isaiah Pacheco
7:00Rachaad White
9:08 – Raheem Mostert and Brian Robinson
9:50 – Zamir White

KEY POINTS: Isiah Pacheco and Rachaad Whites are top priority grabs in all competitive leagues and in dynasty.

Both are in high-quality offenses that should consistently produce points throughout the season and in the fantasy playoffs. 

While Rachaad White is behind Leonard Fournette there’s a real chance that White earns more touches and playing time as the season goes on and the coaches along with Tom Brady feel they can trust him.

Heading into Week 4 there were whispers that Kansas City was going to make an effort to get Pacheco more involved in the offense. And they did. And the coaches have since confirmed that they are willing to keep getting him more involved as the year goes on and they become more comfortable with what they can put on his plate.

Don’t wait to get either player, although you probably want to prioritize Pacheco over White, if you have to choose.

Brian Robinson looked really good in the preseason and projected to be a better RB in the NFL than in college. It was all going good until he took two bullets to the lower body. 

His return is apparently imminent, though, and he deserves a speculative add if you have the roster space. If he can recover to where he was he has the chance to find himself in a situation akin to a poor-man’s Dameon Pierce.


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