Portfolio Report: 2/19/2021, +18.5%

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At the end of 2020 we gave you our favorite stocks to own in 2021. And we like to check in on them every 6 weeks to see how they’re going.

Here is where they stand now:

Amazon | Prime | AMZN


Ticker: AMZN
Current: $3,249
January 1st: $3,297
ROI: -1.5%



Ticker: AAPL
Current: $129.87
January 1st: $136.69
ROI: -4.9%

Police | AAXN | AXON


Ticker: AAXN
Current: $177.00
January 1st: $125.16
ROI: +41.4%



Ticker: BTC-USD
Current: $56,224.12
January 1st: $26,890.51
ROI: +109%

Las Vegas | Travel & Leisure


Ticker: CZR
Current: $83.16
January 1st: $73.64
ROI: +12.9%

Carnival Cruise


Ticker: CCL
Current: $24.59
January 1st: $21.71
ROI: +13.3%



Ticker: COST
Current: $354.77
January 1st: $371.06
ROI: -4.4%



Ticker: DIS
Current: $183.65
January 1st: $178.86
ROI: +2.7%

ea sports madden 20

Electronic Arts

Ticker: EA
Current: $145.95
January 1st: $140.72
ROI: +3.7%



Ticker: FB
Current: $261.56
January 1st: $277.00
ROI: -5.6%

Federal Realty Investment Trust

Ticker: FRT
Current: $99.71
January 1st: $86.77
ROI: +14.9%



Ticker: GOOG
Current: $2,101.14
January 1st: $1,776.09
ROI: +18.3%

We Watched and Ranked All of Netflix's Original Holiday Movies


Ticker: NFLX
Current: $540.22
January 1st: $519.12
ROI: +4.1%



Ticker: NKLA
Current: $21.36
January 1st: $16.41
ROI: +30.1%

Plug Hydrogen Power


Ticker: PLUG
Current: $55.89
January 1st: $33.57
ROI: +66.5%



Ticker: TSLA
Current: $781.30
January 1st: $663.69
ROI: +17.7%



Ticker: WMT
Current: $138.34
January 1st: $145.22
ROI: -4.7%

Zoom Call


Ticker: ZM
Current: $417.26
January 1st: $351.39
ROI: +18.7%

Performance Summary


BTC: +109%
PLUG: +66.5%
AAXN: +41.4%
NKLA: +30.1%
ZM: +18.7%
GOOG: +18.3%
TSLA: +17.7%
FRT: +14.9%
CCL: +13.3%
CZR: +12.9%
NFLX: +4.1%
EA: +3.7%
DIS: +2.7%


AMZN: -1.5%
COST: -4.4%
WMT: -4.7%
AAPL: -4.9%
FB: -5.6%


Winners: 13 out of our 18 picks are in the positive. The average growth has been +27.2%. (1/1/2021-2/19/2021)

Losers: 5 out of our 18 picks are in the negative. The average growth has been -4.2%. (1/1/2021-2/19/2021)

Combined: The average growth of all 18 picks has been +18.5%. (1/1/2021-2/19/2021)

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What’s your favorite stock for 2021? Want to know more about what we think about any of our listed stocks? Let us know, and share it with us in the comments section below.

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