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Sip and Sizzle: A Guide to Pairing Rosé with Your Favorite BBQ Dishes

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Summer is here and so is the BBQ season. While beer and red wine are great options for your backyard bash, don't forget about the crisp and refreshing rosé wine. Here are 12 delicious BBQ ideas that pair perfectly with a chilled rosé.

Don't Overlook Rosé Wine for Your BBQ: 12 Delicious Pairings to Try

BBQ season is upon us, and it’s time to fire up the grill and enjoy some delicious food in the sun. While beer and red wine are traditional choices for BBQ, don’t overlook the refreshing and versatile rosé wine. With its crisp acidity and fruity notes, a well-chilled rosé can be the perfect pairing for a variety of grilled foods. Here are 12 BBQ ideas that pair well with a rosé wine.

  1. Grilled shrimp skewers: The sweetness of the shrimp pairs perfectly with the fruity notes of a rosé wine. A rosé with citrus notes can cut through the richness of the shrimp.

  2. Chicken kebabs: Chicken kebabs are a classic BBQ dish, and a light-bodied rosé with bright acidity can complement the smoky flavors of the grilled chicken.

  3. Grilled vegetables: Vegetables on the grill are always a crowd-pleaser, and a dry rosé with crisp acidity can bring out the flavors of the vegetables.

  4. Grilled salmon: Grilled salmon is a healthy and flavorful option for BBQ, and a rosé with floral and fruity notes can enhance the natural flavors of the fish.

  5. Grilled halloumi cheese: Grilled halloumi cheese has a salty and tangy flavor, and a rosé with hints of berries can bring out the creaminess of the cheese.

  6. Lamb burgers: Lamb burgers are a great alternative to beef burgers, and a light and fruity rosé can complement the gaminess of the lamb.

  7. BBQ pork ribs: The sweetness of BBQ sauce on pork ribs pairs well with a rosé with a touch of sweetness.

  8. Grilled corn on the cob: Grilled corn on the cob is a summer staple, and a rosé with a crisp finish can cut through the buttery flavors of the corn.

  9. Grilled pineapple: Grilled pineapple is a delicious and refreshing dessert, and a rosé with hints of tropical fruit can complement the sweetness of the pineapple.

  10. BBQ chicken wings: BBQ chicken wings are a crowd favorite, and a rosé with bright acidity can cut through the spiciness of the sauce.

  11. Grilled portobello mushrooms: Grilled portobello mushrooms have a meaty flavor and a hearty texture, and a rosé with earthy notes can complement the flavors of the mushrooms.

  12. Grilled peaches: Grilled peaches are a simple and elegant dessert, and a rosé with stone fruit notes can complement the sweetness of the peaches.

In conclusion, don’t overlook the versatility of a well-chilled rosé wine as a BBQ pairing. With its crisp acidity and fruity notes, a rosé can complement a variety of grilled foods, from seafood to vegetables to meats. Consider these 12 BBQ ideas and experiment with different rosé wines to find your perfect pairing.