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winter storm blizzard slams california Donner pass atmospheric river

Video: Insane blizzard slams California – Strands hundreds on Donner Pass Atmospheric River

One of the most intense #blizzards I have been in anywhere in the country slammed #California for multiple days. Interstate 80 was turned into a parking lot stranding hundreds with intense winds with heavy blowing snow. Semi-trucks littered the road as CHP and CalTrans tried to get everyone unstuck on Donner Pass. Earlier in the day white out conditions and heavy #snow caused motorists to get stuck all over the pass. We pulled out many vehicles. Plows worked overtime trying to keep up as feet of snow fell. Winds were well over 100 mph on the pass at times.

Pebble Beach Golf Links Iconic Course and Coastal Beauty

Pebble Beach Golf Links: A Golfer’s Paradise

Discover the golfing paradise of Pebble Beach Golf Links on California’s Monterey Peninsula. Read about its rich history, iconic moments, stunning coastal scenery, and commitment to environmental stewardship in our comprehensive article.

sexy girl | Anthony Tran | https://unsplash.com/@anthonytran

Sipping Pretty: A Rosé Wine Tasting Tour in Lodi

Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious novice, Lodi’s rosé wines are sure to impress. This picturesque region in California’s wine country is home to some of the best wineries in the region, offering a wide range of delicious rosé wines. So why not plan a wine tasting experience that highlights some of the finest rosé wines Lodi has to offer?

Record snow in California leaves residents trapped in their homes

Record snow in California leaves residents trapped in their homes

Massive winter storms in the West have left people trapped in their homes for more than a week, prompting emergency rescues and neighbors stepping in with basic necessities. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY and Dylan Dreyer tracks the latest forecast.

Fact-Checks | Election Disinformation | Voter Fraud | Trump Lost

Exposing the Holes in a California Recall Election Conspiracy Theory

Videos on social media suggest that holes in the return envelopes being used for mail-in ballots in California were designed to allow election officials to peek inside and toss out ballots in favor of recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom. Officials say the holes serve two useful purposes, including helping the vision impaired to sign the ballot envelope in private.

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