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United We Stand: Defending Democracy Against Extremist Tides in 2024

In the upcoming 2024 election, the United States finds itself on the precipice of a defining moment. A battle of ideologies looms large, with democracy standing as the last bastion against the encroaching forces of white nationalists and Neo-Nazis. This crucial decision will shape the nation’s destiny, determining whether it embraces the inclusive values that define it or succumbs to the perilous allure of autocracy. Join us as we explore the stakes, the risks, and the imperative for citizens to make their choice known.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Warning For Our Democracy

Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Warning For Our Democracy

One of the Philippines’ most prominent journalists has witnessed the rise of authoritarianism and the impact of disinformation firsthand. Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa tells us how much danger the U.S. is in and how to stand up to a dictator.

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