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Slaughterhouse children: The dark truth behind the meat you eat

Slaughterhouse children: The dark truth behind the meat you eat

In towns across America, children working in dangerous jobs in slaughterhouses is an open secret. Data from the Labor Department says that children are illegally working at alarming rates. NBC News takes you inside these slaughterhouses in an investigation that spans six states, two countries, dozens of interviews and thousands of pages of public records.

superpower trailer

SUPERPOWER Trailer: Streaming on Paramount Plus

The P+ Original documentary Superpower tells the story of how Sean Penn heads to Ukraine to learn more about comedic-actor turned president, Volodymyr Zelensky. It was to be an amusing film โ€“ it has turned into a document of history. When Penn was brought into an undisclosed bunker in the Presidential Palace, the Russian invasion had begun. Penn talked to President Zelensky as explosions rocked the city. He became an inadvertent front-row witness to this historic โ€˜David and Goliathโ€™ struggle. Through moments of levity, inspiration and on the ground storytelling, it becomes clear that Ukraineโ€™s Superpower lies in the strength of its leader, its people, and ultimately, its heart.