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Sex tips that every man should learn - how to pleasure your partner to orgasm

Sex tips that every man should learn: how to pleasure your partner to orgasm

Men who are aware of female sexual anatomy relax more around sex and enjoy their sexual pleasure more. Why? Because they don’t have to work so hard (no pun intended) to β€œgive” their partner an orgasm.

Research shows that even in relationships, 85% of men will orgasm during sex while only 65% of women will orgasm during sex. Only 4% of women experience orgasm from only penetration, and a lot of women don’t have their first orgasm until they try a vibrator.

While the entertainment industry has culturally taught us that men only orgasm from thrusting fast and hard, there are more pleasurable experiences to be discovered. There’s so much sexual freedom that comes from learning about female sexual anatomy!

premature ejaculation

3 exercises to treat premature ejaculation

Here are three exercises that you can do right now to treat ejaculator control issues (otherwise known as premature or rapid ejaculation). Let me know how these exercises go for you in the comments below.