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3 Hot Toddy Recipes - Scotch, Rum, & Mezcal!

3 Hot Toddy Recipes – Scotch, Rum, & Mezcal!

Today I’m showing you three different recipes for the Hot Toddy! The toddy is a style of drinks that predates the cocktail (it’s super old). Original recipes were served both hot and cold, and consisted of a base spirit, sugar, and water. Since then, recipes have evolved to include teas, citrus, and spices. It seems everyone has a go-to recipe, so I thought I’d share mine along with a couple of variations – all tasty, all comforting. Hope you’re all enjoying the new year! Stay cozy, everyone. Cheers!

5 x festive cocktails for the winter holidays!

5 x festive cocktails for the winter holidays!

It’s that time of year again and I’ve got some banging cocktails for you to try! What is my personal favourite of the 5 featured festive cocktails? Hands down the Tom & Jerry! Prepare your batter ahead of time then it’s only a matter of measuring rum, cognac, 2 tablespoons of batter and topping with hot milk! Easy, rich and incredibly flavoursome.

Rum & Champagne - Can this even work!?

Rum & Champagne – Can this even work!?

Rum was the hottest spirit of 2022, but there’s just something special about opening a bottle of Champagne this time of the year. So the natural question is can this combination even work in a cocktail? The answer is yes, and today I tried 3 recipes so that you can add a twist to this amazing sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France. I’ll start with the Air Mail (similar to an effervescent Honeysuckle Daiquiri), followed by Audrey Saunders’ Old Cuban and ending with a Rum Champagne Cocktail, so you’ll have more than enough options to start this New Year in the best way possible! Let’s say goodbye to 2022 together and greet the exciting times that are ahead. Here’s to 2023. Cheers!

How To Have The Sex On A Snowbank Cocktail

How To Have The Sex On A Snowbank Cocktail

Today on Booze On The Rocks, we make a Sex On A Snowbank cocktail. It doesn’t get any better than this simple coconut-forward cocktail, blended smooth and rimmed with chocolate. Try it out and let me know what you think.

The Tom & Jerry - the most cozy, fluffy holiday drink ever!

The Tom & Jerry – the most cozy, fluffy holiday drink ever!

Today’s drink is a cozy one – the Tom & Jerry! This is a holiday favorite that’s been around for 200 years. What makes it so memorable is the texture – something created by using a batter. The batter should be enjoyed fresh, and most recipes require a large group to consume it all – so it really is perfect for a holiday party. This is a smaller recipe that’s perfect for 2-3 people, but it’s easily scaleable to serve the masses – if that’s your goal. Liberties can, and should be taken. It’s common to replace the hot water with hot milk, essentially creating hot eggnog. Or, if you want it richer, you could add softened butter to the batter and steer this drink closer to a hot buttered rum. Whatever approach you choose, may this fluffy, comforting drink warm your bones. Cheers!

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