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The Best Hotels and Resorts In Cabo San Lucas, 2021

We spent hours sorting through Yelp reviews to find the best hotels and resorts in Cabo San Lucas. We accounted for their star rating, number of reviews, and the quality of reviews. Here’s our favorites that we’ll be staying at next time we head south of the border.

By The Smoking Chair Editors  |  2021

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Cabo San Lucas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkaβo san ˈlukas], “Saint Luke Cape“), or simply Cabo, is a resort city at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. As at the 2020 Census, the population of the city was 202,694 inhabitants. Cabo San Lucas together with San José del Cabo are collectively known as Los Cabos. Together, they form a metropolitan area of 351,111 inhabitants.

Rated as one of Mexico’s top 5 tourist destinations, Cabo is known for its beaches, scuba diving locations, Balnearios, the sea arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, and marine life. The Los Cabos Corridor has become a heavily trafficked vacation destination for tourists, with numerous resorts and timeshares along the coast between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

The waters around Cabo are home to marine wildlife including rays, sharks, mahi-mahi (dorado) and striped marlin.

Cabo San Lucas has become a prominent vacation and spa destination, with a variety of sites of interest and timeshares that have been built on the coast between San Lucas and San José del Cabo. The distinctive Arco de Cabo San Lucas is a local landmark.

Cabo San Lucas has the highest-paying marlin tournament in the world, the Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore. This tournament takes place every year in the month of October.

In the winter, pods of whales can be observed in the area. They bear their calves in the warm waters of the Gulf of California after traveling up to 6,000 miles (9,656 km) from Alaska and Siberia.

The extreme south of Baja California has a tropical desert climate. Even with the thermal amplitude, there are no freezes.

During summer, Cabo San Lucas is cooler than San José del Cabo by about 1.5 to 3 °C (3 to 5 °F). Sometimes during the summer, when winds blow from the Pacific Ocean instead of the Gulf of California, the differences in temperatures between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are higher.

Cabo San Lucas is less rainy than San José del Cabo, although hurricanes can bring heavy rain for long periods. Hurricane Odile made landfall at Cabo San Lucas on 14 September 2014, and caused widespread damage. Due to the position of the city and orography, local summer thunderstorms do not get near enough to bring rain to the town.

The sea temperature experiences lows of 21–22 °C (70–72 °F) in winter, and highs of 28–29 °C (82–84 °F) during the summer months.


Cabo San Lucas

#1: Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos

Camino del Mar 1 Col. Pedregal 23455

$$$$ • Resorts

My husband and I had such a wonderful stay here (2 nights)! I have a lot to share so hopefully this review is helpful.

The room itself is incredible. The decor and architecture are in a traditional style and makes the setting even more picturesque. The bed and pillows are super comfortable. The bathroom area is large with double sinks, a huge soaking tub, and a shower with both a rain showerhead and regular. Every room has their own plunge pool, which also has an inner seated ledge that can comfortably seat six people. There is also some lounge furniture and a little table on your patio.

You are provided complimentary sodas and waters in the mini fridge, a fresh bucket of ice upon cleaning (midday) and turndown service (evening), a Waldorf monogramed beach bag to take down to the pool and eventually with you when you leave, Nespresso with four different capsule options, a small Waldorf monogramed toiletry bag, and a hand painted bottle of local tequila that you can either drink there or have them bubble wrap for you to take home. Also, everyday at around 4pm, they deliver freshly made guacamole, pico de gallo, chips, and two coronitas (8oz coronas).

There are a couple pools to choose from: one that has a swim-up bar and music playing and one that is next to the main restaurant and has no music. Both are infinity pools and are about 4 ft deep. We spent both days at the quiet pool because we wanted to focus on relaxing. The staff set up lounge chairs and move the umbrellas to your liking so you have a comfortable experience. Staff also comes by to take drink orders. The water was a pleasant temperature and gave relief when it felt a bit too hot.

They are currently doing some remodeling, so about half of the restaurants are not open right now, but the food available did not disappoint! We ate at the Beach Club for breakfast both days and one time for dinner and El Farallon for dinner the second night. For breakfast, we had chilaquiles one day and huevos rancheros the next. We also had fresh juice and smoothie with our choice of ingredients. The continental breakfast (no hot items) was $31. For Diamond members, this was covered and adding on a hot breakfast was an extra $9. There can still be some confusion, though. For example, I ordered an iced latte and didn’t realize it wasn’t included; it was an additional $6. For dinner at the Beach Club, we had the bean soup, heirloom tomato salad, and catch of the day. We were first served a piece of delicious, seedy bread and salted butter (complimentary). We really enjoyed the bean soup and catch of the day. The tomato salad was ok, but not our favorite. It was sliced grape tomatoes served over a disk of soft cheese–it was too cheese heavy for being called a tomato salad. El Farallon consisted of a four course menu where you chose your main (this is what the price is based off of) and two sides. The courses consisted of a soup, a trio of appetizers (small portion of each), the main, and dessert (churros). The soup and appetizers were very good. We substituted the ceviche for a veg appetizer and they easily accommodated. Most of the mains are fish; we chose yellow fin tuna ($60) and red snapper ($58). The fish was cooked perfectly and were very filling (6 oz ea). I did not particularly care for the sauce that came with the red snapper. It was like a sweet curry sauce, but without it, the fish was very plain. They have a variety of sides to choose from; we chose curry crusted roasted tomato, roasted broccoli, and potatoes. The tomato and broccoli were barely roasted; I would have liked more since that gives more flavor and makes the veg more tender. The tomato also needed much more of the crusty topping because it was pretty plain tasting, like eating a cooked tomato. The broccoli had a yummy sauce on top, but wasn’t cooked quite enough. The potatoes were excellent. Finally, the churros were so fresh and quite delicious.

The customer service across our entire stay was unparalleled–they really aim to meet your every need and want to make sure you are comfortable. This was a dream hotel to stay at!

— Review by Elizabeth S.

Cabo San Lucas

#2: Montage

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 12.5 23450

$$ • Hotels

10 year anniversary trip and Montage Los Cabo made it a truly memorable and exceptional experience. Everything has been designed for ultimate luxury and relaxation. The sights, scents, and tastes – walking between the rooms and breathing in the flowers, every sight and angle at the pools, the arrangements of the dishes – have all been curated and carefully selected so that from the minute you arrive to the minute you check in for your flight back home nothing you experience is short of pleasing and comfortable. The staff is so friendly and well trained. Instead of being hyper focused on their jobs or tasks at all times which I’m sure is altogether an immeasurable responsibility, they greet you at every corner and even pause and stand at attention to welcome you with a smile.  The service and hospitality we received was humbling to say the least. So many highlights to choose from so I’ll name just a few that will stay with me forever:

1. Playa Santa Maria – That beach… Framed by those two rocky hillsides. That warm water. Those gentle breezes that coaxed you into a beachside nap that you didn’t know you needed. Those soft pink sunsets. Indelibly etched in my mind and heart.

2. Spa Montage – Romantic Escape Couples Massage and a second Thai Massage. Antonio who was my therapist both times was a true professional and provided deep and healing massages. He has trained and practiced all over the world and it was a pleasure to experience his treatments.

3. Studio Em Photo Session – to mark 10 years we decided to do a photo session. It was our first time doing something like that and Mercedes was very kind and patient with us. The next day during our proofing session they gave us time to carefully choose our photos and provided a nice relaxed atmosphere where we weren’t hurried or pressured. It made for even more memories that we can cherish. Also noteworthy was Mariia at Marea who had a keen eye and saw us juggling bags and outfits on our way to the beach to catch some shots of the sunset. She kindly offered to watch over our things to make the rest of our photo shoot more convenient.

4. Chicken enchiladas at Mezcal for breakfast. Savory deliciousness. The best thing I ate all weekend. If it was socially acceptable I would have licked my plate.

5. Airport Check In Service – we had NO IDEA that after our  driver dropped us off for our flight back home that there would be yet another Montage agent who would help us and walk us through the check in process to board and get our passes. With covid, the process is a little more complicated with having to prove a negative test and whatnot but our agent took care of everything and escorted us up to the last minute before we walked through security. They left nothing to chance and went beyond the extra mile. Again, extraordinary and humbling service.

6. The bed – king sized heaven. So soft and luxurious. Made for deep restful nights.

Seriously, if you have someone special to connect with or to celebrate a hallmark occasion with Montage Los Cabo is the place to go.

— Review by Chhe L.


Cabo San Lucas

#3: Esperanza, An Auberage Resort

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 7 23410

$$$$ • Hotels, Vacation Rentals

We loved Esperanza. We went all out here. First off. We got the Ocean Front Room, which was WELL worth it. We also did basically every activity they offer. We did private Fitness Classes (WELL WORTH IT), Private Art Classes (Painting in our room). We actually did this TWICE. Aurora, our Instructor is a professional painter and is SOOOOO kind and such a good instructor. My fiance literally left Cabo with a new-found passion for Painting and Art, because of her. If you think your family members or significant others aren’t artistic or wouldn’t like painting, just take one private class with Aurora, and trust me, they will be HOOKED! Also, we did the private cooking class, which was a blast. We did the SPA 2x. AMAZING!!!  We also did the private dinner on the beach (a MUST-DO). The best thing about Esperanza is the vibe. It’s 5-star but it’s not too pretentious. They have 2 pools – one where you can bring kids and one adults-only. We literally met 4 super-fun couples here (one from AZ, one from Cali, one from CO, and the other from TX). It was a blast overall. I only wish we had stayed 6 nights. Our 4 nights was FAR TOO SHORT. And they are VERY COVID friendly and everyone is safe. We are def. coming back!!!  I was debating Esperanza or Las Ventanas, and chose Esperanza and it was the best decision. I’ve been to Pedregal too and hands-down Esperanza is MUCH better!!!!!! We are going to Las Ventanas in Feb just to check it out so I’ll update my review with comparison notes after we go! Also I have to give a shout-out to LUIS the most AMAZING (and patient) Concierge ever…I had so many agenda changes and updates in the weeks prior, and he was always so nice and kind! Thanks LUIS!!!

— Review by Kim W.

Cabo San Lucas

#4: One & Only Palmilla

Carretera Transpeninsular Palmilla Km 7.5 23405

$$$$ • Hotels

The service at this entire resort is IMPECCABLE. Top notch. There is literally not one single thing they could do better. I’ve never said that about a resort in my entire life. Whoever left a review saying you are assigned a butler that offers to unpack your bags for you upon arrival WAS NOT LYING. Absolutely unreal.

The resort itself is also absolutely unreal. Amazing views throughout the property, lawns and gardens that are meticulously maintained, the infinity pools that you thought only existed in your dreams… I could go on for days. Waking up to catch the sunrise is worth it.

Aside from the gorgeous location, the staff is truly what makes this place. There is not one detail that is missed, and not a single time that you cross a staff member that you are not greeted with a smile. The staff is always willing to help with WHATEVER it is your heart desires.

The private transfer to/from the airport was a lifesaver. Upon arrival we were instantly met by our driver with chilled water bottles and Wifi in the car. On the way out of Cabo our chauffeur walked us to the counter (avoiding quite the line), waited for us to check in, AND dropped us off at the security checkpoint without leaving our side for a single moment.

— Review by Claudia C.


Cabo San Lucas

#5: Las Ventanas al Paraíso

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 19. 5 23450 (Cabo Real)

$$$$ • Hotels

Being at a place like Las Ventanas al Paraiso, is like being in an art installment. Everything is immaculately groomed and thoughtfully procured down to the very flooring that you walk on. Even the architecture of the building itself with its clean lines and never-ending grand staircases feels intentionally curated. Your eyes will be drawn to the natural curvature of gem-colored infinity pools, robust towering palms, and beach cabanas with crisp white linens sunken into an endless coastline of hot sand.

As if Las Ventanas could not get any more phantasmal, just wait until nightfall. Twinkling lights, candles, the smell of freshly grilled seafood,  the sound of laughter and in-depth dinner conversations, and the taste of Tequila so pure it slides down the throat without hesitation.

Whether you’re a guest of the hotel, or merely coming for a meal at one of their many acclaimed restaurants, you’re treated with unparalleled hospitality (as is standard of Mexico) and the notion (whether true or not) that anything you could possibly want can be found here.

As with all dreams, there are endings- or in this case, caveats. You will have to pay to experience it, and even the most economical option here will force a pretty penny from your wallet. Is it worth it? As one not commonly swayed by prestige….even I find myself thinking “yes”.

— Review by Lizzie W.

Cabo San Lucas

#6: Grand Velas Los Cabos

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 17 Corredor Turístico Los Cabos 23405

$$$$ • Hotels, Venues & Event Spaces

Wow. There are not enough words to describe our experience to this resort. It was my first trip to Mexico and I was so blown away by Grand Velas in every aspect.

Atmosphere- the hotel is so grand- from the modern lobby, to the lush grounds, beautiful 3 pools (1 adults only infinity pool), and the large gorgeous rooms, there is nothing lacking in terms of the ambience. The several restaurants on property were also beautifully designed, many of them with incredible views of the ocean. The bougainvilleas lining the entire building are spectacular. The hotel is situated right on the beach, and while the ocean is so picturesque, you are not allowed to go in the water because it is fairly rocky and the tides are rough. With that being said, you can walk on the beach and sit in cabanas right next to the ocean if you’re not a pool person. The spa is a MUST VISIT- it is by far the best spa experience I’ve ever had. They have a “water ritual” type multi-pool experience prior to your treatment, the therapists are phenomenal, and the spa design was relaxing and peaceful.

Service- the service at this resort is unparalleled anywhere, hands down case closed. From the second we got to the resort, we were blown away by how friendly, helpful, and accommodating everyone was. We were welcomed at check in with glasses of Veuve, and at multiple points during our stay they surprise you with their hospitality in small ways. The resort is also very in tune with safety precautions during covid- the property is extremely clean, rooms are sanitized, every employee wears a mask (many also with face shields), and they are operating at a 50% capacity. Covid tests are provided on site with ease for travel requirements.

Food- I was initially hesitant to book this hotel because of the all-inclusive piece of it but the food is excellent. Our favorites were Velas 10 (a steak house- they had a delicious Tomahawk steak that was included in the rate), Lucca (a romantic Italian place), and Azul (excellent breakfast/brunch buffet with incredible ocean views). The cocktails were on point all weekend- they have multiple swim up bars and another on site bar that is open daily until 1am. They have a cute little coffee shop open most of the day for unlimited coffees, frappes, juices etc.

Overall, I can’t speak highly enough about this place and the cost is 100% worth the spend.

— Review by Zarina S.


Cabo San Lucas

#7: Hyatt Place Los Cabos

Paseo Malecón San José 128 Col. Zona Hotelera 23406 (San José del Cabo)

$$ • Hotels, Venues & Event Spaces

Now that my vacation blues have subsided and the last remnants of sand have finally disappeared, I can properly write and reminisce on our amazing 4 day/3 night stay here. And yes, best believe all the 5-star ratings for this place. It’s all true! (And so affordable. We caught a deal on Expedia, making it even cheaper. Yes.)

The hotel is very well-maintained and the landscaping is very well-manicured. It was so pleasant to see so many flowers and cacti around the area, along with a security guard in front taking taxi license plates. Alan assisted my bf and I at check-in and never missed the chance to greet us during subsequent run-ins. He happily supplied us with a map/directions and was super helpful with our room selection —

We had booked an ocean view. Apparently, there are two options: one solely facing the ocean, and one with a view of the city with ocean. Pick the second one. Alan hooked us up with a top floor room (5th floor). We absolutely enjoyed waking up to the ocean+city view!

The rooms are minimalistic, but modern. Think Ikea. We loved the comfortable king bed, the sofa sectional, and the sleek bathroom. If you don’t book an ocean view, there’s still opportunity to catch it since each floor has a window to the ocean at the end of the hallway. Pretty sweet that the architects got you covered!

The complimentary breakfast boasts an assortment of hot and cold foods, with a Cabo influence. You have your fruits, your breads, then you have chilaquiles and company. It’s a great way to start the day. A nice selection of beverages, too. If you need other food/supplies, go walk to the Mega nearby.

Definitely recommend this place!

— Review by Kat B.

Cabo San Lucas

#8: Welk Resorts – Sirena Del Mar

Ctra. Transpeninsular Km. 4.5 Cabo Bello 23410


Been coming here once a year since 2016 minus last year due to Covid. Staff is always welcoming, friendly and very attentive. I love staying at resorts because you come across so many “GREAT” people from all over. The husband planned us a romantic dinner for our anniversary. The view was amazing! The food was delicious and our personal waiter for the night Manuel was great. He took really good care of us. He made sure the champagne kept flowing.   The drinks at the bars here are good as well. Grecia was also very help and sweet.  She made sure our room was decorated for my husband birthday. He absolutely loved it. Thank you so much WELK staff! See you all next year.

— Review by Cynthia C.


Cabo San Lucas

#9: Hilton

Carretera Transpenínsular Km 19.5 23447

$$$ • Hotels

What an outstanding experience!! While Covid has really stopped a lot of things, the show down has been a small blessing. Visiting this beautiful place that was only 25% full was perfect to relax.
The staff was more than attentive. The cleanliness and precautionary measures were outstanding. All staff members had on masks and shields. Every time you left the property you had to get your temperature checked upon re-entry. They got rid of paper menus and opted for digital download and hand sanitizer was EVERYWHERE.
The bed was amazing, the room was spacious, and the jacuzzi tub and shower combo in the bathroom was perfect for my husband and I.
I can’t wait to go back.

— Review by ___.

Cabo San Lucas

#10: The Cape Hotel

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 5 Col. Misiones del Cabo 23455

$$$ • Hotels, Resorts

The Cape; a Thompson hotel, is a modern boutique property nestled in a cove amongst where the steady waves of the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific. The architecture of this sleek hotel is comprised of concrete, stone, ashy woods and the juxtaposition of nature’s raw elements that somehow embellish the modernist look of the property. The Cape provides a bold and stunning backdrop to Cabo’s beachfront oasis; offering a commanding view of El Arco (Arch of Cabo San Lucas), and guests are able to take lengthily strolls across the enviable stretch of powdery sands while whale watching or observing the surfers ride the waves of the bay.

True to the high end brand’s reputation for luxury status, the hotel accommodates 161 rooms which come in nine different categories, and vary in size and amenities. The mid century modern meets Latin American decor of the rooms are stylishly adorned, and the floor to ceiling windows gift guests phenomenal ocean views from the private balconies which include swinging daybeds and a welcome bottle of tequila. From the entry level deluxe rooms that are fitted with a cocktail bar stocked with premium liquor and a glass encased rainfall shower, to rooms that include oversized copper freestanding bathtubs, villas that include laundry rooms, or the 3 bedroom penthouse which boasts a private rooftop deck, wet bar and plunge pool, there truly is something for everyone in terms of experiencing the luxuriousness of The Cape.

The staff is incredibly friendly and attentive, and always willing to be sure the guests don’t need to lift a finger during their stay. Whether a vacation includes swimming in this property’s chic oceanfront infinity pool or separate salt water pool, ordering refreshing beverages at the swim up bar, indulging in food at one of the on- site restaurants (including the world class Mexican restaurant, Manta), sitting rooftop at the bar and admiring the panoramic views, indulging in relaxation of the ultra modern and chic spa, ordering fresh ceviche from the spacious terrace of the sunken bar, lounging beachside in an intimate cabana, or watching the breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of your room, you won’t be disappointed in this Thompson property gem.

The Cape is perfect for a wedding or anniversary, a girl’s weekend, or even a family reunion. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself dozing off to the sound of the surf. The faint smell of the salty breeze drifts through the air as you snuggle into your sateen woven sheets and drift off to the best sleep of your life. I’ll still be soaking in the tub.

— Review by Ali G.

Cabo San Lucas

#11: SUR Beach House

Av. El Pescador S/N 23410

$$$ • Hotels

Absolutely loved everything I ate here! And we ordered a lot. Got the recommendation from a friend and made a reservation for my friend’s birthday dinner.

Our server Juan Carlos was lovely and attentive. Even did a mini photo shoot for us in front of the beach.

We started with some white wine. They have a nice sized wine list too. To eat we got the steamed mussels and tiradito. Having had not such a great experience the day before with raw fish at another Cabo restaurant, I was hesitant, but thank goodness was proven wrong. The tiradito was a little citrusy and full of flavor. The yellowtail was really fresh and It also came with smears of avocado mousse to dip the fish in on the plate. Loved It!

The steamed mussels were also great and I am super picky about mussels. Great mild taste and the buttery liquid they were in went well with the little slices of toast they bring on the side.

My friends ordered Caesar salads and I tried some. They were good, but reminded me more of a Cobb salad.

For main courses we got the steak with potatoes. Wow this steak was great! And also came with almost like a potato mousse in the center and little bits of crispies that gave the dish a nice overall texture.

We also enjoyed the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream for the birthday. Overall a great time and excellent food.

Only piece of advice I will offer is to ask for burning sage for the table as soon as you are seated. This is to combat the fly problem for the season. At first there were a lot of flies, but as soon as we got the burning sage, It repelled them!

— Review by Romy G.

Cabo San Lucas

#12: Cabo Vista Hotel

Calle Revolucion 1910 23450

$ • Hotels

Cabo Vista Hotel is a Couples Dream Hideaway. 1st of all, it’s for adults only. Sorry, no kids aloud. It is 15 to 20 minute walk from everything Cabo to the Marina.
Your Room is Equipped with a mini-fridge, microwave and a 2 burner stove top. You have plates, pots and pans as well as cups, bowls and utensils.
This made our stay very convenient. Not to mention the front staff is ever so courteous and helpful. Breakfast is provided starting at 8am, as well as small snacks throughout the day. You can help yourself as long as the office is open. It closes around 8pm. You can beat that.
The room is neat, comfortable enough for 2 adults. They have great TV options. One morning, John and I laid in the bed til 1 just watching movies. We’re on vacation right. You also have an outside patio area where you can read or relax or simply enjoy the sun rays.
The nightlife is so different. You can walk from the hotel and feel safe and Comfortable. We visited so many places just walking that we rarely drove the car we rented.
Gabi was our housekeeper. She is on the floor every morning by 7:30am. They will clean your rooms unless you ask them not too. The young ladies are okay with just swapping out old towels for new ones. They will ask you Ashton if you’re sure, you don’t want service. Overall, it was the place to stay in Cabo. Great Location. Amazing Room Rates & Outstanding Hospitality. We will definitely stay here when visit again.

— Review by Jamal C.