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The Best Restaurants In Las Vegas, 2021

Ten exemplary places to grab a well-deserved bite.

By The Smoking Chair Editors  |  Sep 27, 2021

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Ready for the ultimate escape for a few days of pure fun in America’s Sin City? No matter where you live Las Vegas is just a flight away. And fortunately, they offer many of the world’s best dining options. Here are some of our favorites.

Las Vegas


$$Japanese, Korean, Asian Fusion

First off – you can taste the amount of care they put into each dish in every bite. We love that!

Made a reservation and was running late and they were able to take our order over the phone. The staff is super sweet and the chef came out to speak to every patron. This is what we tried:

+ KANPACHI SERRANO – each piece was just a perfect bite of flavor and it was so fresh!

+ BEEF TARTARE – also just a perfect bite! I don’t eat beef tartare often but this was yummy

+ GRILLED EGGPLANT SALAD – I wasn’t too blown away by this but it’s refreshing and I love the house dressing! The eggplant was just cold and didn’t really stand out to me.

+ 24 HR BRAISED SHORT RIB – a showstopper fr aha. Really delicious but I wish there was an element of acidity to cut through the cattiness of it. The side of potato/some type of mochi thing that came with it was SO GOOD!

+ SCALLOP RISOTTO – perfectly cooked and was like a hug in my stomach lol.  

+ SEARED OCTOPUS – love how tender the octopus is! Again all the accompaniments were so perfectly cooked.

Definitely a cute lil date spot with great service, ambiance and food. I will be coming back!

— Review by Lucia L.

Las Vegas


$$Japanese, Sushi Bars

Yeah, I love my meat. And yeah, I love my AYCEs. But I’ve got vegetarian and vegan friends whom I like to go out to places with where I don’t feel like they’re getting the “afterthought” menu, and I gotta say, I didn’t miss the meat in any of the dishes we ordered here one little bit. And the quality and creativity of the food we had made the fact that everything was a la carte here 100% worth it. SUCH an awesome find and a *high* recommendation from me to vegans, vegetarians and my fellow omnivores.

The specialty rolls were delicious, with interesting plays on textures, flavors and ingredients. Just about every entree was beautifully presented, and as a bonus for someone like me who can’t drink alcohol, their nootropic drink menu was a fun little adventure. (I recommend the Elementalist with Kin High Rhode, yuzu, shiso, ginger beer and lime. A little sweet, a little salty, a little spicy, a little tart, and delightfully refreshing.)

— Review by Angel K.


Las Vegas


$$Vegan, Egyptian

This review is long overdue. I rarely leave reviews, unless a place a really good (as a whole, with service and the like) or the complete opposite.

POTs is my favorite spot for vegan food. I love how they are completely plant-based, so I don’t have to worry about cross-contamination with any meat. I have taken all my non-vegan friends here and they really enjoy the food; they brought their friends to try them out–they are that good! Their servings are perfect. I love the Cauliflower Shawarma, Falafel Samosas, Sweet Potato Fries, and Lemon Na’na. I tend to be quite picky, but can never go wrong with POTs!

— Review by Misha Y.

Las Vegas


$$Tacos, Seafood

Went here with my friend the other day. Now, I’m not going to lie…the outside looks like a regular diner from the 1980’s. HOWEVER, when you go inside it’s very family friendly and couple friendly. Like a place you find while traveling that isn’t on the normal list.

Their food is fresh, I loved the seafood, they have some nice bottle near and it’s definitely a: “Hey, let’s go chill here and grab a bite to eat.”

Or, “Man, I’m hungry. Let’s get some tacos.”

It’s that vibe, it’s that feel, and I’ll be going back.

Plus you can LITERALLY get ice cream around the corner of the building. No joke we left our car to just follow the gps a couple feet.

It was a great way to end a tummy full of delicious tacos  

Let’s come back during the weekday again

— Review by LaVana C.

Las Vegas


Chinese, Asian Fusion

We highly recommend Piranha Kitchen!  We were surprised to discover this fantastic gem!  

If you enjoy American Chinese food, try their food, whether you’re a local or a tourist. You’ll likely agree; they are fabulous!

The food is delicious, reasonably priced, and the portions are enormous. Best of all, the owner Anha is warm, welcoming, and kind. It’s like being a guest at a dear friend’s house, and the staff is so friendly. We loved it so much we returned every day (except Sunday and Monday, when they’re closed).

My wife and I visited Vegas for four days. We arrived on an evening flight from the Bay Area and headed directly to Piranha Kitchen for dinner. Before departing San Francisco, I selected Piranha Kitchen based on their five-star reviews on Yelp and the menu.

My wife is a professional chef, and I love to eat. We’ve been to almost 50 countries and every state. We are pretty particular about the food we eat, and excellent Asian food is widespread in the Bay Area.  

Piranha Kitchen’s menu is not regional “authentic” Chinese food; it is OG Chinese-American food, traditional as they come: chop suey, fried wontons with cream cheese, General Tso’s chicken (on the menu as General Do’s, eponymously after Piranha Kitchen’s owner), broccoli beef, etc.  None of these menu items are found in China but trace their roots back to Cantonese immigrants during the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800s. Regional Chinese cuisine (Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian, etc.) did not emerge in the US until the 1980s.  Consequently, most Boomers, like us, grew up with American Chinese/Cantonese food representing comfort food.

We ordered cream cheese wontons (8 pieces for $5.95), hot & sour tofu soup ($8.95), triple kung pao(chicken, beef, and shrimp, $9.95?), walnut shrimp ($13.95), and two Thai iced teas. It was enough for five people, but we were hungry and had a refrigerator at our timeshare, so we planned for leftovers.

My wife was craving Crab Rangoons, which were her favorites at her childhood Chinese restaurants in Missouri, so we ordered cream cheese wontons for starters. They’re essentially Crab Rangoons without the crab, just the cream cheese. They were served hot with sweet and sour sauce and were incredible. I highly recommend them, and they passed my wife’s discerning standards.

Next came the hot & sour tofu soup. There is tremendous variation between the hot and sour soups served at different Chinese restaurants. This soup ranked among our favorites and could very well be the best we’ve had anywhere. It had the perfect balance of complex spiciness and sourness, with the rich flavor of the wood ear mushrooms and the tender texture of the bamboo shoots.

We enjoyed the kung pao combo plate, served with fried rice, chow mein, and an egg roll. Listed as the Chef’s Special, it included three proteins: chicken, beef, and shrimp. It was mild compared to most kung pao dishes, which generally have an ample sprinkling of dried Sichuan chili peppers.

The walnut shrimp, with honey-glazed walnuts, was a generous serving and exquisite.

The Thai iced teas were the best we’ve ever had, French-pressed and blended with heavy cream, with the right amount of sweetness.

Talking to the owner, Anha, it was apparent Piranha Kitchen isn’t simply a capitalistic venture. It is the embodiment of her family’s cooking traditions and pride in making quality food without compromise, lower-quality ingredients, or shortcuts.  I encourage you to support entrepreneurs like Anha, offering a fantastic dining experience at a great price.

— Review by Don A.

Las Vegas


$$American (New), Vegan, Vegetarian

WOW! Who ever said that healthy food doesn’t taste AMAZING? I would choose True Food over some of my guilty pleasures most days of the week. I live nearby and just discovered this place – I guess I was living under a rock!! We have been here two times now and everything we have tried was soooo flavorful and fresh.

Most recently I had the chicken avocado wrap. I don’t know how something so basic can have that much flavor. Even the tortilla tasted fresh. I’ve also tried the shrimp tacos, which again, were extremely flavorful.

If you are tired of healthy food that is bland and flavorless – COME HERE!!

— Review by Cameron B.

Las Vegas


Sushi Bars, Japanese, Asian Fusion

I was not expecting much looking at the name and location of this place…however I was blown away.  The quality of product and attention to detail was awesome.  Costs about 70% less than a comparable meal on the Strip and probably better than any sushi there.  Joe is killing it.

— Review by Dave S.

Las Vegas


$$Sandwiches, American (Traditional), Salad

I’ll start this off by saying this: The ROTISSERIE CHICKEN IS AMAZING!! It was delicious, savory, and juicy with every bite!! The cooks at Karved deserve high marks for that alone.

Second, the customer service was impressive to say the least. They were very attentive and comforting. Also, the manager brought me some complimentary pita chips and hummus (which the chips were fresh and the hummus flavorful).

Third, the portions are quite hefty, I ate about a quarter of the food presented and I am very stuffed. I ordered a 1/4 rotisserie chicken with Mac & cheese and black beans for lunch and i can tell you it’ll be my dinner also lol.

I surely will come again just to be try something new, and hopes to be pleasantly satisfied with the meal.

— Review by Sean A.

Las Vegas



Ok, a bunch of reviews have called this place a hidden gem…  I’m going with the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!

Here in Vegas visiting in-laws and we wanted Italian food..  in-laws said they’ve been driving past this place for years and never even considered it for dinner….  after tonight it might be thier new favorite.

Started with excellent,  fresh,  hot breadsticks and a wonderful oil/basil/herb mixture…that was very nice. Not overpowering and super fresh.

Then came what was probably the most amazing calamari I’ve EVER had!   So tender, and cooked perfectly served simply with a fresh lemon wedge…and a side of marinara that while delicious,  wasn’t necessary.  

Next for entrées… first of all it’s a ridiculous amount of food!   We could have shared 2 meals for the 4 of us, but no…   we all ordered.  So be it.  

I ordered chicken parmesan,  the wife ordered spaghetti and meat balls, we also had a veal parmesan and a shrimp parmesan…..  all of them came out of the kitchen screaming hot!    Each dish was outstanding with the shrimp being the least favorite,  but not terrible by any means.  

Chicken parm was so tender I didn’t even use a knife, same for the veal. Wow!  

The meatballs are huge,  but super tender and unbelievably flavorful with just enough garlic!  

I could go on and on, but I’ll close here with a quick thank you to the wife (front of the house), and chef husband for ( they are just a 2 person operation) for doing an amazing job and serving a wonderful meal in a very ordinary surroundings.  

Listen up Vegas…   check this place out!   You’re welcome.

— Review by Paul L.

Las Vegas



The best, and I really mean, BEST katsu I’ve ever had. Walking in makes you feel like you’ve left Las Vegas and ventured into Japan. There’s not a ton of seating so definitely make a reservation beforehand. The menu is presented on a wooden board and has a variety of appetizers and bento options.

During my visit I had the organic chicken with a side of curry on the side. It was absolutely delicious. The chicken was tender and juicy while the breading was crispy and flavorful. I loved the curry! Super rich & perfect for pairing. The soup & salad are also refillable so just ask for more if you’re wanting.

I highly recommend giving Ton Ton a visit! You will not be disappointed.

— Review by Erika N.

Las Vegas


$$Cafes, Breakfast & Brunch, American (New)

Was in the area for about a week and was lucky to come across Zenaida’s (had to swing by a second time right before I left, keep reading and you’ll see why).  We were quickly seated.  The staff is attentive and friendly.  Our server the first time was a taller slim gentleman with a few arm tattoos, the second time was a younger lady (sorry, I can’t remember names!). They both helped set a good mood for this restaurant throughout the dining experience.  My sister and I both ordered coffee, they offer a mild Colombian roast, not too acidic or bold, perfect for breakfast.

I ordered the Baked French Toast and my sister ordered the Chicken and Waffle.

For my order, even with the drizzle and whip, the French toast wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet.  The added fruit helped to add freshness.  Beautiful presentation, it really tastes as good as it looks.  I think the whipped cream is homemade, I haven’t tasted that much flavor in whipped cream in my life.  Salivating just thinking about it.  Forgot to mention I got a side of bacon with my meal, which is cut quite thick (if you have a crispiness preference, make sure you let them know. My first time here the bacon came out more tender, second time was extra crispy.  I’m not too picky, but I know some of you are)

When my sister’s chicken and waffle order came out, we were surprised that the chicken wasn’t your typical deep fried whole pieces of chicken.  However, after the first bite, you’ll quickly realize the chicken is flavorful, tender, and honestly, you don’t need to worry about bones.  Smart move, my sister ordered this a second time when we returned the following weekend.  We both enjoyed each other’s dishes, it was too good not to share with your sibling.

After the sweet breakfast, they brought out complementary gooey chocolate chip cookies.  We wrapped them in a napkin to save for later. You can only handle so much sugar in one sitting.

If you like ambiance, the diner provides a well lit environment with a nice playlist (think Anita Baker ’90s R&B-ish tracks).  Aesthetics weren’t hip and trendy, but in my experience, trendy breakfast joints  usually disappoint on the food.  Restaurant was kept clean (including the portion of the kitchen you can look into through the order window).  One of the staff brought out water for what I assume was a regular’s elder dog, I thought this was extra cool, big props to the staff out front and in the kitchen.

Everything about this experience was amazing to share 2 meals with my sister I haven’t seen since pre-COVID.  I really hope this business continues well, you can feel the love and hard work in their work.  Any patron should be lucky to stop in.  Thank you chef, cooks, servers, and management of Zenaida’s!

— Review by Josh R.

Las Vegas


$$Tapas/Small Plates, Spanish

When I think of the best vegan food I’ve ever had, a couple of vegan restaurants come to mind: Planta in South Beach Miami and The Plot in Oceanside California.  Of course there’s all the Matthew Kenney restaurants sprinkled around the world. But, it’s rare for a non all-vegan restaurant to rank amongst the best of the best.

EDO Gastro Tapas & Wine is that restaurant, the best of the best in vegan cuisine, despite serving traditional fare in addition to their vegan menu.  

We’d been once before when it was newly opened back in 2018 based on publicity by Diane Edelman of Vegans, Baby.  She’s been our inspo for so much vegan eating in Las Vegas over the years since I discovered her on social media after becoming vegan back in 2015.

At the helm is Chef Oscar Amador Edo who staged at the 3-star Michelin restaurant ElBulli before its closing.  Apparently it was one of the most famous restaurants in the world that only accepted 8,000 reservations despite receiving over 2 million reservation requests.  Molecular gastronomy was that restaurant’s approach while he was there and based on his performance at his restaurant in LV, apparently he was an amazing student.

On our first visit we met the co-owner Roberto who chatted with us extensively and I remember him having future restaurant plans beyond EDO.  Well, I’m sure the dreaded “C” put those on hold.

During this recent visit we arrived about 45 minutes before closing on a Friday night without a reservation and were fortunate that someone with a reservation was a no-show.  Don’t follow our lead, make a reservation so you do not miss out!

Our vegan tasting menu meal started with a ultra mini mug of a gazpacho type soup.  Nice.  Then we had their famous Green Tartare served with a rice paper accompaniment that we used as a sort-of taco to eat it out of.  Delicious! Next up was the fig salad “candy cotton” grapes (ha!, English mishaps).  This was followed by Artichoke Tres Texturas then Mushrooms Al Ajilo, which blew us away.  

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke (aka Sun choke)  with some fresh rosemary was presented to us by  our server as a “before” look as he whisked it off to the kitchen and said it would be returning in its “after” form to eat.  Little did he know, sun chokes are one of my favorite foods on the planet.  The menu said we were supposed to have celery root, I was so happy for the substitution!  It was so good!

I swore if they brought one more dish out I was going to explode.  Out came another dish, and luckily I’m still in one piece…barely!  It was the Arroz Meloso.  It was hard to decide if that was my favorite part of the meal despite being so full and wanting nothing else!

Our table was cleared and we finished up with Watermelon Granita, again a slight variation from the menu that I truly appreciated!  It was accompanied by an Almond Milk yogurt espumo.  Just wow!

While the gazpacho type soup and fig salad were somewhat unremarkable compared to everything else, my husband surmised with one of the chefs that those were meant to be “palate openers” and not meant to be stunners.  The chef agreed and said they should consider doing a better job of explaining that as part of the meal presentation.

It’s a small restaurant, reminiscent of one our formerly favorite Peruvian restaurants in San Francisco when we used to spend a lot of time there.  It was full and bustling and made for a fun night.  Next time I’m making sure to make reservations once I know we’ll be back in town so we don’t risk missing out.

I’m so glad to see EDO has survived the past two years when many have not and am excited to see how they continue to grow and thrive!

— Review by Liz K.

Las Vegas


$$$Japanese, Sushi Bars, Seafood

My mom and I just had the most amazing dinner at a little hole in the wall restaurant in the Las Vegas suburbs

Sushi Hiroyoshi was the most delightful sushi experience I have ever had.  Better than Nobu (and half the price) and on par with the sushi we had at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo.

The 7-course omakase dinner left me beaming with joy and a very full stomach.  The care they took in presentation, hospitality, and food prep was top notch. I literally couldn’t stop smiling.  

The service was warm, friendly, and professional – they took the time to describe every dish as it came out so you knew what you were eating. The presentation was beautiful and completely embraced the idea that you eat with your eyes first.  The food itself was delicious and in perfect serving sizes. I love that the sushi was a little on the small size so you could enjoy it in one bite.

If you want to go, make a reservation in advance. Due to social distancing, they only have about 6 tables to serve people, so don’t miss out by not planning ahead!

I love this place and I hope to be able to visit for many years to come.

— Review by Mari T.

Las Vegas


$$Creperies, French, Gluten-Free

Passed by this place a million times and finally found the time to stop in, who doesn’t love French cuisine? Unless you don’t like cheese or ham (may god have mercy on you) if you haven’t tried the French flair then get out of your cave please because we have quite a few French restaurants/eateries popping up all over town.

It’s located on the far north corner of a strip mall, there was plenty of parking in front if your a lazy ass otherwise it’s a 30 second or less walk. You order at the counter then take a seat and wait while they do they’re magic. They have crepes, croque madame, croque monsieur and lovely croissants and pastries!

I ordered the croque monsieur, they make it with gruyère cheese and some of that jambon! My lovely missus ordered the same, shocked she didn’t get one of their sweet crepes with Nutella. They also have a plethora of coffee drinks such as lattes, espresso and a selection of hot teas.

We loved the croque monsieur. The cheese was still melted and the jambon (ham) complimented it in flavor and texture, the bread was lightly toasted (hate when places go overboard and darken it). Can’t wait to come back to try their croque madame or one of their crepes, please stop in if you haven’t been, especially if your a Francophile. Vive la France!

— Review by Cesar Q.

Las Vegas


$$Fish & Chips

First time – had a great time!  I have Celiac Disease and MUST eat gluten free (GF).  Finding a place such as Codfather is unusual because rarely can I get anything battered and fried.  But here – WOW what a nice meal.

So before I ordered, I spoke with the Manager who discussed how the GF fish is prepared with GF batter and in a separate area and in a dedicated fryer.  He also mentioned that the fries are in a second dedicated fryer.  Options available were the cole slaw (he’s knowledgeable about ingredients), the peas (FABULOUS) and more.  Even down to the tarter sauce and using the apple cider vinegar on the fish rather than the normal version so everything is GF.  When the food was brought to me I asked how he would know which was mine and which was my husbands (both “looked” alike) and he told me the GF is always on the right and he’s the only one who puts them on the tray and serves them. The size of the meal is very generous!

So for the food – the fish was so flavorful and the GF batter was delicious and crispy.  Nothing flaked off.  The cole slaw was really creamy.  But the peas – OMG get the peas.  Never have I had something like this and they were delicious!!

Cute little place that was busy because the food is good.  Definitely will return.

— Review by Sue T.

Las Vegas


$$Pizza, Italian

If you haven’t been to Monzu and you’re in Vegas, make sure you drop what you’re doing and go there now!
For those that are familiar, this is in the old location of Nora’s Cuisine who moved a half a block away some time ago. Owned by a family member of the Nora’s empire, this place carries the long-standing traditions of great Italian food from old-world recipes.

The place is beautiful and modern inside with a small bar and a top notch mixology program with none other than Gaston at the helm. Again, if you’ve been around for a while in the Vegas F&B scene, you’ll know that name. Internationally acclaimed, award-winning mixologist.

Now for the food, I had the Calabrese Pizza. With salame calabrese, hot peppers, and olives on what is arguably the best dough on earth. Really, read about their dough and take a loaf of bread home with you, you’ll thank me later.

There are a lot of choices for great Italian food in Vegas, of course Nora’s down the street being one of them but if not already, Monzu needs to be on your strong rotation.

— Review by Robert K.

Las Vegas


Tapas/Small Plates, Spanish

Literally, this place is *chefs kiss* perfection. We grabbed lunch last week and I’ve been thinking of the jamon on toast everyday since. In fact, I already booked my reservation for tomorrow for my next fix.

Everything we had was good here. I’m pretty convinced they could do no wrong. It was our first time, so we asked what was popular and went with the recommendations.

The croquettes — delicious.
The bacon wrapped stuffed dates — divine.
The pan con tomate — heavenly.

Next time, I’m coming for that paella.

The place is in an unassuming strip mall and the interior is very family-run business / half-deli / causal type vibe. The food is understated, the ingredients are simple, and the flavor is DELICIOUS.

Do yourself a favor and eat a meal here.

— Review by Rachel A.

Las Vegas



First time here been on my bookmarked for sometimes and craving some side dishes which is I look through comments and pictures through yelp before coming in.

The place is clean, greeted nicely.. I went straight to the fridge which is where the side dishes were at.

I grab the boiled eggs and fish cake.. went straight to the cashier saw the menu ordered the chicken meal for $11 and then wanted to try the tuna gimbap but there ran out cashier suggest the bulgogi I’ve had it before but still grab it cos it’s a good price for $9 .. got everything until my bf and his bestie came and order food to go.

Came home and open everything.. everything was delicious from side dishes to the meal.

The meal was so good and nice portion I shared it with my bf everything was satisfying  I will come back again .

— Review by Joanna C.

Las Vegas


$$Breakfast & Brunch, Coffee & Tea, Creperies

Mind Freaking Blown!!!!!! Crepes are my shit and when you can make a savory crepe this memorable you def get an A++ in my book. When I walked in I was not expecting much since the last cafe place before it wasn’t as amazing as it seemed. The smell of freshly made crepes hit you in the face like a fast ball and it was wonderful. I was significantly impressed with the minimal decor but very cohesive with their name. The menu was simple and not overwhelming.

I chose the veggie truffle crepe with no red onion. Egg whites, mixed greens, tomato, avocado & truffle aioli rolled in a thin crepe. I bit into the top and I fell into crepe heaven. I’ve never had something so simple leave me speechless.  I was so impressed on how well the crepe held together  with all the filling plus aioli. Each bite I took had every veggie plus egg white included. And I promise nothing was left behind. The greens weren’t soggy, the tomatoes had a good bite to it and the avocados weren’t turning brown. I also loved how the egg whites weren’t scrambled but cubed!

Side note: they offer buy one get one 50% to all medical workers 🙂 so it applies to everything except pastries. Drinks, chips and crepes. And if you don’t end up buying a second item they give you 10% discount! Don’t miss out. Cuz I don’t know how long they’re going to be doing that for.

— Review by Joilean M.

Las Vegas


$$$Japanese, Barbecue, Seafood

Wagyu yakiniku? Yes please!!

After a trip to Japan, I quickly fell in love with Japanese BBQ.. I might even dare to say I prefer JBBQ over KBBQ.. and I’m Korean!!

Japanese BBQ really focuses on the simplicity of the flavor of the beef itself. High quality beef shines on its own!

Samurai offers various combos that include a combo of American Wagyu. I recommend trying a combo for satiety but for the FULL experience please order the A5 Wagyu sampler. Yes the portion is tiny but the meat is AMAZING. Melt in your mouth japanese wagyu for a reasonable price (in comparison to some of the restaurants on the strip).

Service was good and the restaurant is clean and tidy! Japanese BBQ is hard to find and this is a quality restaurant.

— Review by Jen Y.

Las Vegas


$Hookah Bars, Desserts, Mediterranean

Loved this place! Will definitely be my go to spot of hookah!

The venue is awesome! It is small but it’s cute and trendy. They have a bar area which has TVs so you can watch games on game night. They have a small outdoor patio too! This place does get really busy so they do have a 2hr limit to each table.

I was actually surprised that the food here and drinks are really good here. Didn’t expect it to be considering it’s a hookah lounge. We ordered loaded steak fries…bomb. We also ordered lamb and  the sliders. The lamb was a little over cooked even though we ordered it medium rare. I’ll give it another try next time. The micheladas are delicious! My favorite!

They have 2 options for hookah bowl. A pineapple and orange. The orange is $25 and the pineapple is $38. Our server recommended the pineapple because it last longer and we were not disappointed. We were there for the 2hrs and did not need a refill. Service was great! Our server Matt was very attentive and outgoing!

A great place for a hookah!

— Review by Valerie J.

Las Vegas


$$American (New), Desserts, Cocktail Bars

We’ve had amazing luck every time we venture downtown for lunch.  Yesterday was no exception.  Called for a quick reservation- got us in with no problem.  Our waitress, Beatrice, was the sweetest and gave us great recommendations!  We wanted some small plates to share and it did not disappoint.

Crispy chicken skins with smoked honey (yes, please,) bacon onion jam with crostini (now I can die a happy girl,) gyro tacos (making these when I get home,) and the award winning Mac and cheese with truffle oil.  I think truffle oil is usually overrated, but holy schmoley, this is the creamiest, softest Mac and cheese I’ve ever had.  

Along with a glass of chilled white wine on a blazing hot
LV day, this was just the right place, right food, best service and fantastic experience.  We will be back – 100%!

— Review by Patty C.


Las Vegas


$$$American (New), Seafood

WOOOOOW… please understand… IT’S DIFFICULT to get a WOOOOOW out of me lol. I have to say that my wife and I came here on our mini honeymoon because we watch the show. I was cautioned not to come here prior to our arrival by a former Vegas chef.

Throwing caution to the wind, (actually our reservations were made in February for August) we pulled up for our 10pm dinner service. That was the last one available. We were greeted by a lady who confirmed the reservation. We were then directed to the MOST AMAZING HOST I’ve ever had… we do this fine dining thing a couple of times a year for the last 10. It’s a real treat if you’re able to get Charles as your host. We couldn’t say enough good things about this man!!

The wife ordered the prefix signature meal and I ordered the lobster risotto and filet mignon with lobster. Before we did that, Charles recommended we try a Ramsey Mojito…(That’s what we’re calling it lol) I thought it had rum in it. It was Gin. The wife and I are both against gin in general. This drink tasted like there was zero alcohol in it. . That’s dangerous man . It was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! I drank 2 before I realized it was actual alcohol in it lol.

Wife started with the heirloom tomato burrata salad with mozzarella. Yaaaasss. It was pretty good. We upgraded her meal with wine pairings. I had my 1st ever lobster risotto and I must say, it was heaven in my mouth. I got half way through before I realized I hadn’t touched the lobster. That’s how good it was. Once again, the wife is not a fan of lobster because she hates the texture. She was forking my lobster into her mouth because it was perfection!!

Next, our entrées arrived… right on time. She had the beef wellington and I hate the filet mignon with lobster. Both were cooked to perfection and melted like butter in my mouth. The wellington had some sort of flaky crust with some mushroom something… I hate both of those but I loved them here… I mean LOVED them!!

We finished the night with sticky toffee pudding. We only ordered 1 but Charles noticed our “Mr. and Mrs.” masks we were wearing and brought us 2. He knew honeymooners when he saw them.

I cannot say enough good about this service.  It was well worth the price of admission. We’re already planning on returning asap lol.

— Review by Hey-Sus B.


Las Vegas


$$Southern, American (New), Cocktail Bars

We tried Yardbird for the first time on Tuesday, September 21.  We made a last minute decision tonight and we did not have a reservation; however, we only had to wait about 10 minutes or so.

There are so many great reviews of this place, and I will add yet another.  This was deserving of at least a five star review.

We were seated at a comfortable table/couches in the front dining room.  Our server was so kind and attentive, and I love the fact that multiple times during our meal several managers came and quickly stopped by to make sure everything was great.  

I started with the Watermelon Sling.  Dam…these go down way too easy!  

For an appetizer, we shared the Crispy Chicken Biscuits with Pepper Jelly, which were a 5 out of 5.

We shared the Southern BLT Caesar Salad and also the Lewellyn’s Fine Fried Chicken.  Both of these plates were great and were oh so tasty!

We ended our meal with an epic slice of the Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Cake. This could easily be shared with four people; however, somehow the two of us finished it off (including a late night snack on some of it back in our room)

Overall, a super great meal, and I would not hesitate to return to this restaurant.

— Review by Ryan S.