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This “Swinging Tree” Drill is The Simple Way to Hit Your Driver Straight

Charles Schwab | https://www.schwab.com/
Take your driver game to the next level.

5 tips to hit your driver straight

  1. Focus on your setup: A proper setup is essential for hitting your driver straight. Stand behind the ball and align your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to your target line. Also, make sure that the ball is positioned slightly forward in your stance, just inside your left heel (for a right-handed golfer). This will help you hit the ball on the upswing and launch it high and straight.

  2. Keep your grip relaxed: Tension in your hands and arms can lead to a slice or a hook. To hit your driver straight, maintain a relaxed grip throughout the swing. Your grip pressure should be firm enough to control the club but light enough to allow for a smooth, fluid swing.

  3. Focus on a smooth tempo: A fast and jerky swing can cause you to lose control of the club and miss the sweet spot. To hit your driver straight, focus on a smooth tempo and keep your swing under control. Take a slow and deliberate backswing and then accelerate smoothly through the ball.

  4. Keep your head still: A common mistake that golfers make when hitting their driver is moving their head during the swing. This can cause you to mis-hit the ball and lose accuracy. To hit your driver straight, keep your head still and maintain your posture throughout the swing.

  5. Practice, practice, practice: Hitting your driver straight takes practice and patience. Spend time on the range working on your swing and developing a consistent ball flight. Use alignment aids and swing trainers to reinforce good habits and build confidence in your swing. With practice, you can improve your driver accuracy and hit more fairways off the tee.

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