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Trump’s Ridiculous New Book of Letters, Tucker “Blindsided” by Fox News Firing & Outrage Over “Woke”

Charles Schwab | https://www.schwab.com/
It’s a big day for American literature as Donald’s highly-anticipated new book “Letters to Trump” is out, it includes letters from famous people and photos too, when it comes to letters no President has given us more of them than Donald Jessica Trump, President Biden made it official today that he is running for President again, the Mexican Navy just confiscated thousands of tequila bottles that were filled with liquid meth, Tucker Carlson was reportedly blindsided by the news that he was fired from Fox News, Trump and Don Jr both came to Tucker’s defense, and we head out onto Hollywood Blvd to ask pedestrians about the woke changes American companies have been making.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

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