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Why 90% of golfers can’t hit Straight Golf Shots…

This is why you struggle to hit straight golf shots

1. Your golf ball is not positioned correctly at address
2. Your forearms are not in line at set up – BIG ONE
3. Your posture is misaligned at set up
4. You strike the ball too late in the golf swing
5. You swing the arms around in the golf swing not up and down.

What’s great is if you have any one of these faults in your golf swing they are really easy to fix and can make an instant impact on the quality of your ball striking and your accuracy not just with your irons but with your driver too.

For example if you want to hit your driver straight just getting the forearms aligned at address will be a real eye opener for you. Watch the full video here 👉 https://youtu.be/-GlyYkoMVKo

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