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10 Best Brewery Experiences in Milwaukee

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Discover the best of Milwaukee's vibrant brewery scene with our guide to the top ten brewery experiences in Brew City. From the historic Miller Brewery to the innovative MobCraft Beer Brewery, each spot offers unique flavors and unforgettable atmospheres. Join us as we explore the best places to enjoy craft beers, learn about brewing history, and soak in the welcoming spirit of Milwaukee. Cheers to great beer and even better company!

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Milwaukee, often referred to as the “Brew City,” has a storied history with beer that dates back to the 19th century. With its rich heritage and innovative craft beer scene, Milwaukee offers some of the best brewery experiences in the country. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just looking for a unique outing, these ten breweries provide a mix of tradition, creativity, and top-notch brews.

1. Miller Brewery Tour

No trip to Milwaukee is complete without a visit to the iconic Miller Brewery. Established in 1855, the Miller Brewery offers an immersive tour through its historic facilities. Visitors can explore the brewhouse, packaging center, and the famous Miller Caves where beer was stored before refrigeration. The tour ends with a tasting session in the Bavarian-style Miller Inn, making it a must-see for both history buffs and beer lovers.

2. Lakefront Brewery

Located along the Milwaukee River, Lakefront Brewery is known for its lively tours and innovative beers. The tour is filled with humor and interactive elements, giving visitors a fun and educational experience. Don’t miss their famous Riverwest Stein or the award-winning New Grist, one of the first gluten-free beers in the U.S. Enjoy a pint on their riverside patio for a picturesque end to your visit.

3. Good City Brewing

Good City Brewing’s mantra is “Seek the Good,” and it shows in their community-focused approach and quality beers. Their East Side taproom is a popular spot, featuring a spacious beer hall and rooftop patio. Their flagship pilsner, “Good City Pils,” and the citrusy “Motto Mosaic Pale Ale” are crowd favorites. Pair your brew with their excellent food menu, which includes everything from burgers to charcuterie boards.

4. Third Space Brewing

Located in the Menomonee Valley, Third Space Brewing focuses on creating a welcoming atmosphere for all beer enthusiasts. Their beer garden is perfect for enjoying their diverse lineup, from the easy-drinking “Happy Place Midwest Pale Ale” to the rich “Unite the Clans Scottish Ale.” They also host a variety of events, including yoga classes and live music, making it a dynamic space to enjoy some brews.

5. Eagle Park Brewing Company

Eagle Park Brewing Company, founded by two brothers and a lifelong friend, has quickly gained a reputation for its experimental and bold beers. Their brewery in the Lower East Side features a cozy taproom and an array of unique brews like the “Set List IPA” and the dessert-inspired “Caramel Macchiato Stout.” They also offer a delicious menu with options like cheese curds and gourmet sandwiches.

6. MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom

Known for its crowdsourced beer recipes, MobCraft Beer Brewery invites beer lovers to submit and vote on ideas for new brews. This innovative approach leads to a constantly rotating tap list with something for everyone. Their Walker’s Point taproom is a vibrant space where you can sample creations like the “Bat$h!t Crazy Coffee Brown Ale” and “Hop Goes the Grapefruit IPA.”

7. Black Husky Brewing

Started in a small log cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Black Husky Brewing brings a touch of wilderness to Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. Known for their hop-forward beers, Black Husky offers a range of robust IPAs, including the popular “Sproose II IPA,” brewed with spruce tips. Their rustic taproom and dog-friendly patio make it a great spot for a relaxing afternoon.

8. City Lights Brewing Company

Housed in a historic building that once powered the city’s streetlights, City Lights Brewing Company combines old-world charm with modern brewing techniques. Their state-of-the-art brewery produces a variety of flavorful beers, such as the refreshing “Mexican Lager” and the hoppy “Hazy IPA.” The taproom’s industrial-chic design and outdoor beer garden add to the appeal of this brewery.

9. Raised Grain Brewing Company

Just a short drive from downtown Milwaukee in Waukesha, Raised Grain Brewing Company is worth the trip for its exceptional beers and welcoming atmosphere. Founded by two doctors with a passion for brewing, Raised Grain offers a range of bold and flavorful beers like the “Paradocs Red IIPA” and the “Naked Threesome IPA.” Their spacious taproom and outdoor patio are perfect for enjoying a pint with friends.

10. 1840 Brewing Company

Named after the year Milwaukee was founded, 1840 Brewing Company specializes in blending and aging beers in oak barrels. This small-batch brewery in Bay View offers a unique experience with its focus on mixed fermentation and barrel-aged brews. Their cozy taproom is the perfect place to sample beers like the tart and fruity “Cashmere Hammer” and the complex “Amalgamator.”

The Last Word

Milwaukee’s brewery scene offers a rich tapestry of experiences, from historic tours to cutting-edge craft innovations. Each brewery provides its own unique atmosphere and selection of beers, ensuring that every visit is a memorable one. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, these ten breweries showcase the best of what Milwaukee has to offer in terms of beer culture and hospitality. Cheers to exploring Brew City!



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