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winter storm blizzard slams california Donner pass atmospheric river

Insane blizzard slams California – Strands hundreds on Donner Pass Atmospheric River

One of the most intense #blizzards I have been in anywhere in the country slammed #California for multiple days. Interstate 80 was turned into a parking lot stranding hundreds with intense winds with heavy blowing snow. Semi-trucks littered the road as CHP and CalTrans tried to get everyone unstuck on Donner Pass. Earlier in the day white out conditions and heavy #snow caused motorists to get stuck all over the pass. We pulled out many vehicles. Plows worked overtime trying to keep up as feet of snow fell. Winds were well over 100 mph on the pass at times.

universal basic income crisis response

Universal Basic Income: A Swift Response to Economic Crises

Explore the transformative potential of Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a swift and effective response to economic crises. Discover how UBI offers immediate financial relief, stimulates economic activity, and empowers individuals, providing a multifaceted solution to the challenges posed by downturns. Join the conversation on reshaping social and economic support in times of uncertainty.

how to find the truth | the smoking chair | fallacies of logic and reasoning | fake news

Unveiling the Truth: The Power of Objective Evidence and the Pitfalls of Fallacious Arguments

Unlock the secrets to discovering truth by demanding objective evidence and steering clear of fallacious arguments. Explore the power of critical thinking, verifiable sources, and cross-verification, while learning to recognize and avoid common fallacies. Embrace a mindset that values evidence over rhetoric for a more informed and rational approach to unraveling the complexities of the world.

trump syphilis Trump’s Hands Stir Up Syphilis Speculation & MyPillow Mike Sells Organs After Getting Dropped by Fox

Trump’s Syphilis Hands & MyPillow Mike Sells Organs After Getting Dropped by Fox

Donald Trump dealing with syphilis hands, he has been going out of his way to convince us that his brain is just fine by bragging about the results of that cognitive test he took in 2020, Elise Stefanik is said to be a frontrunner for VP pick, Donny was busy in court yesterday trying to intimidate E. Jean Carroll, in Oklahoma a state representative named Justin Humphrey is cracking down on furries in the classroom, and we check in with MyPillow Mike Lindell who is no longer welcome on Fox News!

Universal Basic Income vs Welfare Comparative Analysis

Universal Basic Income vs. Welfare: A Comparative Analysis

Explore the comparative analysis of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and traditional welfare programs in the context of economic security, administrative efficiency, work incentives, poverty reduction, and stigmatization. Discover the advantages and drawbacks of each approach to inform the debate on social safety nets.

biden's infrastructure accomplishments

Bridging the Digital Divide: Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Historic Push for Universal High-Speed Internet Access

Explore the transformative impact of Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), a landmark investment for universal high-speed internet access in the U.S. Learn about the Affordable Connectivity Program‘s success with 17.9 million households enrolled, FCC grants for outreach, and substantial infrastructure deployment initiatives. Dive into the administration’s commitment to equity through the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program, bridging the digital divide and shaping a connected, inclusive future for all Americans.

Trump Confirms VP Shortlist, Biden’s Operation Crazy S**t is Underway & We Play On the Money!

Trump Confirms VP Shortlist, Biden’s Operation Crazy S**t is Underway & We Play On the Money!

Joe Biden arrived in Los Angeles to raise money for his campaign, Trump confirmed a list of names on his running mate short list and is busy zeroing in on issues that don’t exist, New York Attorney General Letitia James said that she might seize Trump Tower if he can’t come up with the money to pay his $355 million fine, Hunter Biden’s attorneys say that federal prosecutors mistakenly believed that they found a picture of cocaine that was actually just sawdust, and in celebration of all the POTUS talk this week – we play our very popular game “On The Money!”

Fixing bridges, building tunnels and expanding broadband

Fixing bridges, building tunnels and expanding broadband

Successive presidents tried for so many years to pass infrastructure legislation that it became a running joke in Washington. Maybe that’s one reason polls show that voters don’t know that Biden finally broke that logjam, and did it with support from lawmakers of both political parties. It was the kind of historic investment — following years of deferred needs — that previous presidents had tried and failed to achieve.

Unraveling Misinformation About Bipartisan Immigration Bill

Even before a bipartisan group of senators unveiled the text of a foreign aid and immigration overhaul bill on Feb. 4, it faced significant opposition from former President Donald Trump and other Republican leaders. We’ll explain what was in the legislation and the facts on two popular talking points.

how much government aid given to immigrants

Florida Video Shows Legal Migrant Workers, Not ‘Busloads of Illegals

Dozens of people stayed at a Florida hotel in January while employed as temporary farmworkers for a wholesale plant nursery. But a Facebook video and a tweet by State Rep. Anthony Sabatini falsely claimed they were “illegals” — sparking a protest outside the hotel. Attorneys for the nursery said all of them had visas to work in the U.S.

mccain slams trump

Trump is a piece of s***’ Meghan McCain slams Trump after mocking her father…again

Amy McGrath, Co-Founder of Operation Saving Democracy and Mara Gay, New York Times Editorial Board member join Ali Velshi in for Nicolle Wallace on Deadline White House to discuss Donald Trump’s insistence on rehashing his grudge with the late Senator from Arizona, stooping so low to insult the late Sen. John McCain for injuries he suffered while he was tortured as prisoner of war in Vietnam.

joe flacco

2024 Outlook: Potential Landing Spots for Joe Flacco

Flacco will look to keep playing in what will be his age-40 season, though it’s difficult to gauge what kind of opportunities he’ll garner in free agency. The veteran signal-caller is coming off an impressive late-season run with the Browns, in which he led the team to a 4-1 record across five starts, culminating in a wild-card round playoff exit to the Texans. Cleveland is likely to restore a healthy Deshaun Watson (shoulder) as its starter in 2024, but if the team has any concerns about Watson’s health, re-signing Flacco could be a priority. If the Browns aren’t interested, however, Flacco’s strong showing in 2023 ought to at least earn him a backup gig elsewhere in the league.