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News -- November

Mic — Andrew Yang’s 2020 campaign, by the numbers
TheHill — EXCLUSIVE: 2020 Dem Andrew Yang releases tax returns
WJLA — Andrew Yang could be the underdog to watch in 2020
The Herald — Exclusive Andrew Yang interview: ‘I genuinely am just a human.’
Post and Courier — Pints & Politics: Andrew Yang
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Andrew Yang — Weekly Recap 11/24/19
The Herald — Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang rallies in Rock … 
March For Our Lives — Andrew Yang at the 2020 Gun Safety Forum
Biography — Andrew Yang
Jimmy Kimmel — Andrew Yang on Robots, Campaign Slogans & Giving Everyone $1,000
CNN — Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Talks Power of Sport
Wired — Andrew Yang Is Not Full of Shit
CNN — Are we still underrating Andrew Yang?
Daily Beast — Andrew Yang Explains His Major Beef With MSNBC
Business Insider — Elizabeth Warren says Andrew Yang-backed universal basic income among ‘options to consider’ to ensure American financial well-being
Forbes — Why Andrew Yang’s Democratic Debate Closing Statement Was A Masterclass
Huffpost — Andrew Yang Releases 8 Years Of Tax Returns
Andrew Yang — A New Way Forward
NBC New York — Everything Andrew Yang Said at the Democratic Debate
Daily Show — Getting To Know Dem: Andrew Yang
CNN — Yang: I’m focused on solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected
NYT — Andrew Yang’s Campaign Has a Lot of Money. Now What…
CBS News — For Andrew Yang, New Hampshire is a “homecoming” and a…
Business Insider — Andrew Yang locking down more supporters than other non…
Andrew Yang – Our Son
Andrew Yang – Paycheck
FOX 11 LA — The Issue Is: Andrew Yang & Tulsi Gabbard
Karen Hunter Show — The Andrew Yang Interview
Breakfast Club Power — Andrew Yang On Solving America’s Problems, December Debate
Zach and Matt Show — This Video Will Get Andrew Yang Elected
Karen Hunter Show — What is Andrew Yang’s Black Agenda?
Karen Hunter Show — Andrew Yang on Technology
Cliff Weitzman — Andrew Yang’s Silicon Valley Friend, Can Yang Win? UBI… 
Zach and Matt Show — Andrew Yang’s Amazing Speech at the California Democratic…
Business Insider — Andrew Yang tells tech at Sam Altman’s San Francisco…
Washington Examiner — Having outlasted senators and governors Andrew Yang…
Washington Post — The Technology 202: Andrew Yang wants to hold social…
The Verge — Andrew Yang wants to tax digital ads and launch a new…
HOT 97 — Andrew Yang On $1000 A Month Plan, Tulsi Gabbard…
USA Today — 2020 election: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang shares his views on current issues
CGTN America — Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang on the issues
PolitiFact — Fact-checking Andrew Yang on the history of universal basic …
Andrew Yang — Our Kids Are Not Alright | Andrew Yang In Iowa
LV Review-Journal — Andrew Yang Interview from RJ Politics Podcast
Andrew Yang — Not the First
New Hampshire Public Radio — Andrew Yang: 2020 Candidate Forum on New Hampshire
Zach and Matt Show — Pete Buttigieg Sounds Like Andrew Yang
Politico — Andrew Yang adds experience to his pirate-ship campaign …
MCall — Commentary: How to interpret Andrew Yang’s staying power …
Washington Post — Why Andrew Yang quit a high-paying New York law firm job to … 
Business Insider — Sam Altman is throwing a fundraiser for Andrew Yang in San …
Business Insider — One stat shows why Andrew Yang is ideal 2020 Democratic …
CBS News — Andrew Yang 2020: In South Carolina, Yang maximizes digital … 
Forbes — Joe Biden Will Come Around To Marijuana Legalization, Andrew Yang Predicts 
Business Insider — Andrew Yang wants you to make money off your data by making it your personal property 
CBS News — The “Freedom Dividend”: Inside Andrew Yang’s plan to give every American $1,000 

About Yang

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Age: 44 (born January 13, 1975)
Education: Brown University (BA, Economics), Columbia University (JD)
Achievements & Awards: Champions of Change (2012), Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (2015)
Career: lawyer, entrepreneur (Venture for America; GMAT Test Prep), philanthropist
Endorsements: Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Nicolas Cage, Tommy Chong, Marcellus Wiley, Ryan Higa, Andy Stern, Tony Hsieh, Rivers Cuomo, Sam Altman, Noah Centineo, Silicon Valley
Influencers: Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Jr., Milton Friedman, Thomas Paine



Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn: Just Give People Money (aka Universal Basic Income)
Ben Shapiro Show:
 The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 45 with Andrew Yang
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: Andrew Yang — Paying for a Universal Basic Income
CNN: April 14th Town Hall with Andrew Yang
DMRegister: Des Moines Town Hall with Andrew Yang
Equal Citizens: Restoring Democracy with Lawrence Lessig
Ezra Klein Show: Is Our Economy Totally Screwed? Andrew Yang and I debate
Freakonomics: Why Is This Man Running for President?
Fung Bros: How Andrew Yang Will Save America
Georgetown: Full Q&A with Andrew Yang
H3 Podcasts: Podcast #132 with Andrew Yang
Joe Rogan Experience: Joe Rogan Experience #1245 with Andrew Yang
Karen Hunter Show: The Andrew Yang Interview 
Las Vegas Town Hall: Andrew Yang’s Humanity First Tour
New Hampshire Public Radio — 2020 Candidate Forum with Andrew Yang
PBS: New Hampshire Town Hall with Andrew Yang
Sam Harris: #130 – Universal Basic Income
Slate Magazine: Free Money for Everyone? Presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to establish universal basic income
Smart People Podcast: Episode 135 — Andrew Yang
SXSW: Andrew Yang at SXSW
TEDx Georgetown: Fixing the Flow of Human Capital
The Daily Show: Democratic Presidential Andrew Yang
The Hill TV: Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang makes case for Universal Basic Income
The Portal: The Portal Episode #008: The Different Candidate the Media Wants You to Ignore
The Young Turks: This 2020 Presidential Candidate Makes A TON Of Sense
WGBH: Andrew Yang Shines in Boston Town Hall
WMUR: Politics & Eggs with Andrew Yang at St. Anselm College
Zach and Matt Show: Andrew Yang’s Washington Post Interview with Robert Costa
Zach and Matt Show: Climate Crisis Town Hall with Andrew Yang 
Zach and Matt Show: NBC Nightly News Interview on Healthcare with Andrew Yang


Economy & Jobs


Democracy & Governance

Criminal Justice Reform



Family / Social Cohesion

Foreign Policy