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Biden vs Trump | The Rematch

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Exploring Psychological Reflections

Explore the phenomenon of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS) and its implications on individuals deeply invested in Donald Trump’s persona and politics. Understand the cognitive and emotional tendencies associated with TDS, while emphasizing the importance of nuanced discourse and empathy in navigating political polarization.

Biden vs Trump | The Rematch

Trump Caused Chaos. Biden Built Bridges.

Explore the profound differences between the leadership of Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the context of the upcoming 2024 election. Discover how Trump’s chaos contrasts with Biden’s bridge-building approach, resonating with Americans who feel uncertain about casting their vote.

Biden vs Trump | The Rematch

Has Trump Beat The Justice System?

Delve into the contentious issue of whether Donald Trump has evaded justice despite mounting evidence of wrongdoing, and explore the potential consequences for democracy and the rule of law.

Dark Brandon

Preventing a cobalt crisis in Congo

Rebels in eastern Congo and the Congolese army have been fighting since the 1990s. The fighting escalated in 2022 as Rwanda-backed rebels, known as M23, invaded and took over several villages. The violence escalated further last summer when M23 moved closer to the area near Goma, one of the largest cities in the region. A war between Congo and Rwanda would not only be a humanitarian disaster, but it would upend the administration’s efforts to get into the cobalt market — a key component for electric vehicle batteries. Congo is home to about 70 percent of the world’s cobalt reserves, and China, one of Washington’s biggest trade competitors, is its main producer and is supporting M23 with drones.

how to find the truth | the smoking chair | fallacies of logic and reasoning | fake news

Unveiling the Truth: The Power of Objective Evidence and the Pitfalls of Fallacious Arguments

Unlock the secrets to discovering truth by demanding objective evidence and steering clear of fallacious arguments. Explore the power of critical thinking, verifiable sources, and cross-verification, while learning to recognize and avoid common fallacies. Embrace a mindset that values evidence over rhetoric for a more informed and rational approach to unraveling the complexities of the world.

Appeal to Belief Fallacy

Unraveling the Appeal to Belief Fallacy: Navigating the Perils of Popular Opinion

Dive into the intricacies of the Appeal to Belief fallacy, where the allure of popular opinion can cloud rational judgment. Explore real-world examples and understand the implications of prioritizing consensus over evidence. Uncover the importance of critical thinking in navigating the complexities of belief systems and fostering intellectual integrity.

biden's infrastructure accomplishments

Infrastructure Law Transforms American Airports with $25 Billion Investment | #BidenDidThat

Explore the transformative impact of Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s investment into America’s airports, including groundbreaking funding for major terminals. Discover how the Biden-Harris Administration is reshaping America’s air travel landscape, with the Airport Terminal Program and 70 projects in construction. From safety enhancements to economic growth, witness the comprehensive efforts underway to modernize and revitalize airport infrastructure nationwide.

The Bandwagon Fallacy: When the Popular Opinion Isn't Always Right

The Bandwagon Fallacy: When the Popular Opinion Isn’t Always Right

Explore the Bandwagon Fallacy: Uncover the pitfalls of relying on popularity as a measure of truth. Learn how this common logical error influences opinions, advertising, and even political discourse. Enhance your critical thinking skills to navigate a world where the number of believers doesn’t necessarily validate an argument.

Fact-Checks | Election Disinformation | Voter Fraud | Trump Lost

Trump Repeats Many Claims in Fox News Town Hall

In a Feb. 20 town hall in South Carolina that aired on Fox News, days before the state’s Republican primary, former President Donald Trump repeated several false and misleading claims we’ve fact-checked before.

Fallacies of Logic and Reasoning | Fake News Alerts | Critical Thinking Skills | Partisan For The People | @stowkelly

Unraveling the Circular Reasoning Fallacy: A Logical Loop of Deception

Learn about the Circular Reasoning Fallacy, a logical trap where the premise and conclusion of an argument are essentially the same, creating a self-referential loop devoid of meaningful evidence. Understand how to identify, avoid, and unravel this deceptive form of reasoning to foster critical thinking and logical analysis in discourse.

Fallacies of Logic and Reasoning | Fake News Alerts | Critical Thinking Skills | @benwhitephotography

Unveiling the Appeal to Ignorance Fallacy: A Critical Examination

Unveiling the Appeal to Ignorance Fallacy: Delve into the subtle yet potent adversary of sound reasoning. Learn how this fallacy exploits gaps in knowledge, perpetuates misinformation, and hampers critical thinking. Discover strategies to counter it and foster rational discourse.

Immigration | Voters Issues | @timmossholder

Unraveling Misinformation About Bipartisan Immigration Bill

Even before a bipartisan group of senators unveiled the text of a foreign aid and immigration overhaul bill on Feb. 4, it faced significant opposition from former President Donald Trump and other Republican leaders. We’ll explain what was in the legislation and the facts on two popular talking points.

Guns and Second Amendment | Voters Issues | @stngr

Students in Israel Don’t Carry Guns to Class, Contrary to Social Media Posts

Israel has established strict measures in response to armed attacks on its schoolchildren. But social media posts falsely claim there have been “no school shootings in Israel” and use a photo to misleadingly suggest students carry weapons to class. Only guards and other specific personnel — not students — can carry arms in Israeli schools.