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Against All Enemies Trailer

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Why would US military veterans take up arms against the country they swore an oath to protect? Through gripping personal perspectives from all sides of this ongoing crisis, Against All Enemies goes deep inside the violent extremist movement in America, alongside the Proud Boys, 3 Percenters, and with never-before-seen footage of the Oath Keepers. These groups, organized and led by highly trained military veterans, pose one of the greatest threats to the United States today. While most veterans are successful in their transition to civilian life, an increasingly radicalized element is drawn to the insurrectionist movement. We saw evidence of this during the January 6 Capitol riots, but the danger goes far beyond a single day. The film explores the historical roots of the insurrectionist cause, its conspiracy fueled draw for today’s veterans, and the top-cover coming from powerful politicians and highly decorated former military officers. Against All Enemies is a warning about an existential threat to democracy and a beacon for those hoping to combat it.

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Video: Trump STILL STEWING Over Jimmy’s Oscars Joke, He Spins “Bloodbath” Remarks & We Quiz MAGA Patriots

Jimmy’s son Billy had a list of things he was expecting for St. Patrick’s Day, the large orange leprechaun Donald Trump spent his weekend stewing over a joke Jimmy made about him at the Oscars, people all over are making “Isn’t it Past Your Jail Time?” merchandise, Trump’s lawyers told the court today that they can’t find anyone to put up the $454 million bond he needs to cover what he owes the state of New York, Donny made a stop in Dayton, Ohio where he made some disturbing remarks, his former Vice Poodle is not being a very good boy, and we sent a crew to a Trump rally in South Carolina to give those gathered a simple citizenship test.

Jimmy Kimmel | Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Shared False Sandy Hook Conspiracies & Trump Blames EVERYTHING on A.I.

Video: Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Shared False Sandy Hook Conspiracies & Trump Blames EVERYTHING on A.I.

Four years ago we shut down because of COVID, Guillermo texted Jimmy to warn him about how bad the wind was, a little girl named Dusty imitated Jimmy hosting the Oscars, Donald Trump was in court today for a hearing regarding stashing classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, the judge (who was appointed by Trump) refused to dismiss the case, Donald has been blaming every mistake he makes on A.I., Pamela Brown of CNN reports that quarterback Aaron Rodgers confronted her personally after the school shooting in Sandy Hook complaining that the mainstream media was covering up a false flag operation, Jimmy has an Aaron Rodgers conspiracy of his own, the House of Representatives passed a bill that if approved by the Senate would ban TikTok in America, and our Governor Gavin Newsom (Josh Meyers) is especially keen on Prop 14.

Jimmy Kimmel on Hosting the 2024 Oscars, Trump’s Review of Him & Guest Host Justin Timberlake?!

Video: Jimmy Kimmel on Hosting the 2024 Oscars, Trump’s Review of Him & Guest Host Justin Timberlake?!

Musical Guest Justin Timberlake comes out as “guest host” after assuming Jimmy would be too tired after hosting the Oscars, Jimmy recaps all of the moments from hosting the show including John Cena “streaking,” working with Messi the dog from Anatomy of a Fall, Transformers fans being angry about a joke from the monologue, Donald Trump’s review of Jimmy hosting the show, and Guillermo’s annual report from the red carpet.

Putin's Russia: A Country at War with Itself

Video: A Country at War with Itself | Putin’s Russia

Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has brought war back to Europe and is transforming Russia itself— dissent is crushed, propaganda is raging and fear is everywhere. Filmed over 12 months with unparalleled access, VICE News documents how this war is pushing the country from authoritarianism to dictatorship.

Eagle Pass Invasion

Video: Eagle Pass, TX Residents Sound Off on the Real “Invasion

Eagle Pass, Texas has become the epicenter of the national immigration debate, but who are the real “invaders” of this community? Michael Kosta talks to residents of Eagle Pass who have had it with the right-wing media, politicians, and fearmongering Trump supporters taking over their town and jacking up their hotel prices.

trump syphilis Trump’s Hands Stir Up Syphilis Speculation & MyPillow Mike Sells Organs After Getting Dropped by Fox

Trump’s Syphilis Hands & MyPillow Mike Sells Organs After Getting Dropped by Fox

Donald Trump dealing with syphilis hands, he has been going out of his way to convince us that his brain is just fine by bragging about the results of that cognitive test he took in 2020, Elise Stefanik is said to be a frontrunner for VP pick, Donny was busy in court yesterday trying to intimidate E. Jean Carroll, in Oklahoma a state representative named Justin Humphrey is cracking down on furries in the classroom, and we check in with MyPillow Mike Lindell who is no longer welcome on Fox News!