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New York appeals court reinstates Trump gag order in civil fraud trial

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An appeals court has reinstated the gag order against former President Trump in his New York civil fraud trial. MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin has details on the decision and how it limits Trump.

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Once again, Donald Trump finds himself restrained from commenting on Judge Arthur Engoron’s court proceedings, as a state appeals court panel reinstated a limited gag order in the former president’s New York civil fraud case on Thursday. The order, initially imposed by Engoron, had been temporarily lifted by an appeals judge while Trump sought to have it dismissed.

This move came in response to Trump’s social media posts targeting Engoron’s law clerk, portrayed by Trump and his legal team as a central figure in the ongoing $250 million fraud case jeopardizing his business empire. Engoron had already fined Trump twice for violating the original gag order, totaling a relatively modest $15,000.

Additionally, the gag order that extended to Trump’s lawyers, previously paused, is now reinstated. Trump’s legal team had referenced these gag orders in a mistrial motion, which Engoron denied earlier in the month.

During the period when the order was lifted, Trump took to Truth Social to express his grievances against Engoron and the clerk. However, the appeals court reinstated the gag order after learning of a significant number of threats directed at the clerk following Trump’s complaints. NBC News reported that Engoron informed the involved parties of the reinstated orders and expressed his intention to “rigorously” and “vigorously” enforce them.

In a separate development, Trump is also subject to a gag order in his federal prosecution in Washington. However, this order is currently on hold pending appeal in a case awaiting a decision.

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